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Sometimes you take a picture, and then you go to look at it. Damn. I’m ugly as hell. Or you zoom in,
and notice something, like this woman over here. She was just taking a picture
of her and her daughter by the ocean, and if you look closer, What the hell is the
family behind her doing? They’re shoving their
baby inside the cannon. Yikes. But also, me as a parent. I mean what,
it’s not a functioning cannon. It ain’t gonna cannonball the kid out. Actually, you don’t know that. They just wanted some
cute baby pictures or whatever. This girl, trying to act
all seductive on webcam, and then we got this
over here in the background. What the hell? Oh, and somebody else on the floor. Is this a hostage situation? That kid look like he knocked out. This person look
like they being held up. What is going on here? Over here, we got these two lovely ladies. They didn’t even know
Voldemort was in the background. Voldemort before he was famous. She taking selfie,
and it said Lana on the back. But, what’s Lana backwards? This guy, trying to act all gangster, and we got his pregnant
baby mama in the back, trying to take the pic. Oh look, just a cute little
selfie at the sunglasses store, and we got this dude caught, literally exposed. As you can see, exhibit A, he got his head
all up in that booty. Excuse me, ma’am.
Booty Patrol over here. Yo booty it stank. Use some wet wipes next time. He just looking out for you. Damn. She thicc. Tyler over here,
he trying to take a selfie, but Tyler, who? All I see a thicc bitch. He tried to take a selfie, it focused on the horse’s butt. This guy took a selfie, and then realized
that him in 20 years is right behind him, like same shirt and everything. This here was proof time travel exists. His future self is
just looking out for him in the background of his selfies. This traffic ugh. There is so much wrong with this pic. First of all, she is driving. As you can see in the
reflection of her glasses, Hello, traffic? Nah bitch, this freeway empty. I want to know who was driving
because she ain’t in a Tesla. She has her coffee in one hand. She’s holding up her phone, taking a pic with the other hand, making her duck face. But who’s steering the car? Here we got this girl taking
this cute mirror selfie. What is that? Guys, it’s not funny. How that mirror gonna
do her like that, man. That mirror is just jealous. Man bitch, stop trying to be cute. You ugly. I’m gonna show everybody
what you really look like. We got Ashley over here,
trying to take a cute bathroom selfie. Man, her cuteness
must be so distracting that she just posted
this pic without realizing you could see her on the toilet. Like you didn’t see that
when you posted it to Facebook? You on the toilet, thinking, I look hella cute. Let me snap a pic real quick. We love toilet selfies. Take a pic of me. I can’t flex forever. If you look closely, his Mom or Grandma
is taking this pic. That’s my big boy. That’s what happen
when you eat your spinach. She’s so proud of him. Just another girl taking a selfie. [Bleep] open the door. You left me outside,
you threw the ball and then you went inside
to take this selfie. How could you do Cooper like that? He’s coming for you. Y’all humans and your selfies. I am sick of this. He’s had enough, Ashley. Oh look just a Dad and his baby, and the dog, the family dog taking a nice
poop on top of the baby’s head. This dude just chilling. New haircut, new sweater, who this? And then, if you look behind him,
we got somebody manhandling their, well, it doesn’t even look like a baby, their toddler, throw their– about to literally throw their, tired of your— Hey, let’s take a selfie. Oh sh– There was a spider. This big, on the bed with them. Hey, mind if I photobomb? Hey, make sure you tag me
on Instagram, @BlackWidowXX69. Comment below.
What would you do? You were just chilling on your bed, and that spider just gonna
crawl up right next to you. This has actually happened to me, not with a spider,
but a f****** scorpion. And the worst part is he touched me. I was laying in bed,
and then I feel something crawl up my leg. I pull off my blanket,
and I see a f****** scorpion. I have never screamed so loud in my life. I felt violated. These guys decided to
bust out a selfie stick, take a group selfie
after the big game. They made sure they got the
whole team including this guy, who’s still in the shower. I mean at least he got
himself cleaned up for the pic. No. This girl got a
text from her boyfriend. Send me a pic. And she sent him a pic. I guess, you don’t need a boyfriend. Oh my boyfriend, he’s so sweet. He’s just trying to take candid
pics of me getting into the shower. He can’t leave me alone. Can’t keep his hands off me. He’s just obsessed with me. Wait! This is a lie Ashley. Where is your boyfriend? You a liar. This is straight up embarrassing. Like girl, you should
have checked the background. All you gotta do is look up a little. Makes you wonder what else she fakes. This guy thought
he was looking all cute, decided to take a selfie. He has no pants on. Makes you wonder,
why you got a jacket on? Top half looking
like you ready to go out, bottom half looking
like you ready to go to the toilet. When you see it. She’s gonna have to change
that toilet paper roll soon. It’s almost finished. I hope she has more. No, we got this dude
hiding in her shower. Imagine you walking
to your bathroom right now, somebody hiding in your shower. Yikes. I am not going to my bathroom
without somebody checking it now. This girl is trying to take a selfie, and we got her daughter
in the background flicking her off, giving her the finger. What? Angela, she tired of your sh– So happy with my new hair. Yeah. I’m so distracted by
your gorgeous new haircut, that I’m gonna
completely ignore the fact that your boyfriend is
naked taking a pic of you. I had this on my refrigerator
for six years before I noticed it. Oh, well. This girl trying to be cute,
taking dressing room selfies, and then we got her mom, sneaking into
the corner of the door, You better not send that to any boys. I’m watching you. We got these two girls taking a selfie. Oh my God, look at us kissing. We’re like so cute. And then her brother, I don’t know if
he’s opening the door, or closing the door, probably closing, but congratulations for forever humiliating him. These dudes took
a selfie on the train, and then looked at the pic after, and we got this couple in the back. Obviously, they’re just sleeping. Guys, come on. Me and my boyfriend do this
on the plane all the time. I always sleep on him in weird positions. Sometimes, my head is on his leg, and it looks like that. Some people, they just got to do
what they gotta do to get comfy, okay. Ashley, will you marry me? Hold on. This guy over here trying to
propose in the middle of the forest? And if you look, you see
some guy in the background, who just got done doing his business, or he’s flashing them. I think he’s flashing them. Imagine taking your wedding pic, and then some dude
just parkours over you guys, and then photographer ends up
focusing on the parkour guy. This day is supposed to be about me. And bae caught me sleeping. Yeah, bae. Bae thought you were all cute. Girl, tweetus deletus. We got this dude,
holding this worm. It’s really big, you know. The woman in the background, she’s like, oh my God. It really is Big. She never seen
something so big before. This poor kid. He’s just standing there,
posing for his prom pic, and you see his dad
in the background. No wonder he’s not smiling. I wouldn’t be smiling either. Like, seriously, why, Dad? I hate when my girlfriend
takes pics of me sleeping. We’ve got another one of these. You should probably
hook up with the shower girl, since y’all love attention so much. Went to take a selfie with the dogs. They don’t care about you, Ashley. Let them go on with their business. What do we have here? Just another mother
judging her daughter’s life. Look at these kids,
always up to their no good things. Nah, this Dad,
he totally did this on purpose. He saw her taking that pic. He was like, I see myself in the mirror. I’mma show the boys
what you don’t show them. His milkshake brings
all the boys to the yard. Damn kids. So this is what
y’all do in sleepovers? What is going on here? Mommy, I’m so thirsty,
I’m gonna drink from the sink. My baby, he’s so thirsty — So I know when I
post this on Instagram, all the other boys,
they’re gonna be thirsty too. Go give your kid a bottle. What the hell? Paris Hilton just wanted to
take a cute pic with a kangaroo. Wait, is that actually Paris Hilton? We got some freaky kangaroos,
you know, doing their business. Should probably check your background before you post selfies. But anyways, that’s all for today.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment below if any of this
has ever happened to you, or which one was your favorite, or which one was the worst. And make sure you hit
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  1. on the first photo the baby was being shoved into a cannon my name is cannon but spelled I different way

  2. When she said “they just wanted some cute baby pictures or whatever” I was like “Bretman rock who?”

  3. One time I TOOKED a picture of me and I sent it to my friend and he said "what's up with that dude in the background?"
    Then when I saw….I was shocked. It was a homeless man Watching me picturing. I will not take a picture in the middle of nowhere again…

  4. Wait is the shirt saying lana or Jana (p.s) my name is lana and my sister’s name is Jana oof😶😶😶😶😯😯😯😯😐😑😐

  5. Wouldn't do nothing with a scorpion I will take my blanket for the Scorpion and and then kill this cup camp in the fire before that scoping comes for me and then kill me, nope I'm not have it to day xd lol

  6. OMG IF I SAW THAT SPIDER I WOULD STRAIGHT UP MOVE OUT AND LIVE ON THE STREETS!!!!!!… Can anyone relate…?… Actually id probably burn it down… Reasonable…right???….now ima go an die

  7. When a spider wanders into a room during sleep over


    ME:awwww so cute (picks up spider keeps it with my all night

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