Panasonic GH5 Is Still Fantastic – Backyard Vlogwalk

Panasonic GH5 Is Still Fantastic – Backyard Vlogwalk

hey Peter Gregg Miami Florida welcome to
the Christmas room sit back relax you are about to watch a Peter Gregg video
something warm human and wonderful happens when you watch Peter Gregg hi
guys I was listening to some of my older videos and almost every single time I go
hi guys right after the intro I found that interesting so I thought
I’d mention it now I put the camera on and honestly I was going to do a video
on the settings for the focus system for the a7 r3 but you know it dawned on me
that I have an opportunity here that I have not taken and maybe I should take
it and that is while the a7 r3 is here and it’s not going to be here much
longer I think I’m gonna have to send it back this week cuz time will be up you
know for me to be playing around with that camera and then I have to return it
so while this has been going on I’ve been shooting almost everything with the
Sony a7r3 the mark 3 Sony doesn’t like that so I figured I’d throw that in for
added stuffs but you know what’s off the tripod is this the gh 5 so I figured you
know I’ve never really gone through the gh 5 for people to think know exactly
what I’m thinking and maybe there’s some people that are still shopping and they
would like to have a little bit of a heads up on what’s going on so before I
get into that this is 4k 30p one sixtieth of a second I moved it up from
F 1.4 to F 1.8 so this is F 1.8 so that the tree again you know I
never remember to turn this one light on so we’ll do it right now
and when my face is facing towards the camera we are supposed to be in face
detection on the a7r Mark 3 and while I’m have the freedom to walk around the
room which I don’t have with some of the
other cameras I want to say hi to jingles I’ll let you guys know he just
ate he ate well this is about the eighth of the seventh or eighth day where he
has not vomited so we’re into new territory here since Christmas he’s been
vomiting every other day and hardly eats and we’ve gone all the way down to 7
pounds were back up to eight and a half pounds and I just did a video on the
food that I’m cooking for him on the other channel Peter Gregg 4k you’re on a
link to that I’ll put a link down in the description and it’s a long video but I
did do it with this at a7r Mark 3 so you can watch it for that sake or if you
want to see what the Jingle Bells’ loaf is all about because I made Jingle
Bells’ loaf it’s a meat loaf made just for him
and he had a nice healthy piece tonight right Jingle Bells yes he did so with
that in mind or out of the way oh I didn’t finish one sixtieth of a second F
1.8 is oh 1000 we are color balanced with a better white balance which is my
white balance tool this one does not have the the protective covering taken
off of it and if you do buy one of these they’re all shipped out by the way so if
you’re expecting it they’re on their way I try to ship everything out next day
remember to take the peeling off peel off the protective covering because that
interferes with your white balance anyway we are white balanced with a
better white balance so that’s what we got going on now here’s the GH5 now
this is an opportunity that I wanted to take to talk about the GH5 because
since the got here it got put on that tripod and the tripod used to be in that
corner for the you guys that remember and I moved it over so I’m kind of more
Center eyes with the tree and it’s been used for the production the whole time
you know I’ve got this is the 12 to 35 lens it’s on here it’s a zoom lens it’s
one of my favorite lenses and the other lenses that I have that
are excellent is the 25 millimeter 1.4 and the 25 millimeter 1.2 the 1.4 is a
like Panasonic lens the 1.2 is a on Olympus lens and they both work very
very well on the Panasonic GH4 so let’s talk about the GH5 a little bit all
right how about something from a little bit different point of view
I have not went around to look at what different people say but for my own
experience the GH5 seems to be taken by the market as a camera that’s focused
for video and it very well seems to be it looks like Panasonic took whatever
they had available for video and pretty much ran with it
you need focus peaking you got it you need zebras you’ve got it you want 30P
in 422 – you got it you got 60 P in 422 – you got it you want all I you
got it I mean there’s very little that they’ve taken away from us we don’t have
raw so what’s what good is the camera without raw
seriously why would you buy a camera that doesn’t have RAW in it alright I’m
joking ok don’t get all worked up it’s like it’s got so much in it pertaining
to video you know so but a lot of it also leads over both ways into stills
for instance we’ve got some of the best image stabilization on the market not
only one but two dual ibis in here image in the image stabilization in the body
and image stabilization in the lens now this lens is image stabilized the 50
millimeter 1.2 from Olympus is not the 42.5mm from Panasonic the Leica
one I believe is so you can get dual ibis with that one dual image
stabilization and dual image stabilization with this one so those are
unique but the image stabilization even if you use a lens like the 25 millimeter
the 1.2 or the 1.4 that I have image stabilization on this so good it
is so good it’s amazing so let’s go through a few of the things number one
this camera as good as editor’s is a video camera okay good
you think it’s good I think it’s good that’s how good it is as a stills camera
what we thought that stills was just added in like an extra sprinkling of
magic fairy dust pixie dust as they say you know know this camera I would love
to shoot weddings I haven’t shot weddings in quite a few years but since
the 70s and the 80s that’s what I do I shoot portraits events and weddings and
some product photography along the way and that’s my background video only came
along since 2002 2001 little by little it started to inch its way in
but it’s the pictures when I pick up a camera first thing I do is measure it
how would this do in a wedding and you know something
this camera is absolutely awesome it focuses very very well in low light
lower than you think let’s let’s put it this way here you got a Canon 80D okay
now this is my nephew’s camera alright so this is a Canon 80D and you have a
GH5 now are you were to say to me Peter which camera would you prefer to shoot a
wedding with now you’d think I would say the 80D but it would be the GH5 all
right that’s how good this is the weakness of this camera is the low super
low light not just low light don’t just think that low light any kind of low
light is no good that’s not true this does well in low
light it’s the super low light that we’ve got a little bit of problems that
can creep in with noise and that’s when people start looking elsewhere however
it’s got a sister or a brother called the GH5s that’s the same camera is this
camera a few steps newer because it came out just recently and it has instead of
20 megapixels it’s got 10 mega pixels round it out okay and what that does is
let’s see the size of a of a pixel an individual pixel is the size of the tip
of this pen okay well the end of the pixel in the 10 megabyte
camera would be that size so they’re like huge pixels and more pixels means
less noise I mean let’s cut out the middleman and just say the bigger the
pixel the less the noise the smaller the pixel the more the noise now where that
changes over is an area a lot of people don’t understand and that’s by the power
of how many megabytes it has it creates what I call a power file
doesn’t that sound very powerful like where’s your guns man okay it’s like
I’ve got power file in here alright so a let’s say the d800 from Nikon when they
came out with a 36 megapixel camera that was a big deal
honest to god because it up to then 24 megapixels was the biggie okay and then
they came out with the d800 36 megabytes and you know the noise was quite a bit
more however because you had so many of them your picture that you’re taking
every picture was like that size and when you printed it or did anything with
it you reduced it so much that it became a power file because every little bit of
inconsistency every little negative aspect of it started to get reduced like
if you took something to a Xerox copier like if I took this piece of paper come
on Peter I need a piece of paper okay this is a song I’m practicing alright
now if there’s a mark on this paper right here let’s put one in here and
then when I go practice I’m gonna go like why did I put that mark in there
okay that’s an oops that’s an artifact that’s a noise that’s something all
right now if I took this and I reduce this piece of paper to this size that
mark would get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until it becomes of
no consequence so that’s the power file alright so that’s the difference between
GH5 and a GH5s it has bigger pixels so instead of taking a tiny
megapixel sensor and making it 40 and then we have that same reduction they
went the other way they gave us a bigger pixel so the images that come out of
here are absolutely incredible it get it’s hard to take a bad picture with the
GH5 so we all we all overlook it because we think Oh GH5 point you got
it you must be doing a lot of video right oh and what do you use for your
stills oh I use a Canon or a Nikon or something to that effect but did you
ever bother to think that your this camera will take great pictures no that
doesn’t normally happen and that is a shame because this is amazing ok now
let’s get into little bitty things the sony AR a7r that we’ve got there it has
a dial that you can turn okay that’s the PASM dial and this one has it – alright
this one you push it down and it’ll lock it won’t turn ok
and this Canon it doesn’t turn unless you hold it down now if I hold the
centre button down it’ll turn the Sony is the same way
what I like is for this one I can have it in the lock position so I don’t screw
up or I can leave it in the open position and it won’t turn so I it’s my
choice is what I’m trying to say so it’s little things like that consistently
through the camera that make it interesting for instance to pull this
articulating screen out which means it turns all the way around there’s a
fingernail thing at the top that will grab there’s another one on the side
that’ll grab there’s another one on the bottom that’ll grab so no matter how I
go to take this and turn it and pull it it’s always available and easy to do on
the Canon there’s no finger thing on the top I can pull all day long
there’s no finger thing on the bottom there’s one on the side with a little
indentation so you got a X the spot you got to hit it right then
you can pull it out and yes you do get an articulating screen which is very
important something that Sony seems to be so
surprised that anybody would even think of wanting an articulating screen Sony
where have you been putting your head go take a shower wash your hair okay get
back out in the public and realize that we want an articulating screen because
it’s important okay so it’s got something like that that’s built in over
here you’ve got your battery now you’ve got a spring up door here but when you
push it back down it doesn’t lock so that’s a negative what other little
things do we have on this camera let’s see we got battery in here yeah we got
battery you know there’s a lot of talk about what would make a good vlogging
camera you know what I think I’d like to do now that this is not on the tripod I
think I’d like to take the the gorilla pod okay I think I’d like to put it in
to the bottom of the gh 5 and I think I’d like to go take a little walk around
the backyard let’s see how the image stabilization does let’s see how it is
in you know outdoors and keeping track of my face because the battery is
working in here okay so I put it on the gorilla pod and I’m gonna tighten it up
let’s face it the right direction tighten it up okay a little bit tighter
there we go so let’s open this up here let’s turn the camera on let’s set it to
shutter priority mode shutter priority mode I want to use the speed of 60 I’m
gonna move the eye is Oh over to automatic let it handle that and we’re
ready to go all right let’s go take a walk just the regular walk around my
backyard we’ll take Jingles out we’ll go see the
dogs of the neighbor dogs and I’m gonna hold this up like this
and I’m gonna walk and let’s see how the stabilization does and how the camera
focuses because I’m I have it on continuous focus for face detection and
let’s go check it out and I’ll be back and you go along with me all right
let’s go hey welcome to the backyard let’s make sure we are at the widest so
this is the 12 to what 12 to 35mm lens I’ve got it on the Joby tripod I added a
rode stereo Pro mic Pro on here and I’m gonna look at you but I also want to
watch where I’m walking because I don’t want to wind up flat on my butt so it’s
a little bit windy the time is quarter to 7:00 in the evening so the Sun is
setting but we still got some sunlight so let’s see exactly how the camera is
going to handle that I’ve got the image stabilization on and gotta put my
glasses on so I can see where I’m walking and try to keep this Center eyes
let me make a little bit of an adjustment on here because okay that’s
much more comfortable all right so now I’m walking image stabilization is
taking care of everything I’m holding it with my left hand which is my weaker
hand I could feel a little moisture in the air like maybe we might get a little
bit of rain I don’t know I’ve got it on face detection full-time continuous
focus on so that’s being handled by the camera
I got image stabilization on both on the lens that I turn it on the Lynch yes
it’s on that would be nothing to do all this and not have the image
stabilization on so now we’re going around we’re gonna come over here and
see if Rex and Jax are gonna come out and play
we definitely got jingle bells right Jingles is out here with us so this is
what it feels like walking around let me turn the camera around here we go
we got Rex and we got jingles and there they are so the cameras handing all of
us right now image table is on image stabilization is on auto focus is on Rex
is a beauty of course Jingle Bells is a beauty too – and there we go so and where’s Jax Jax
you out here? he’s a big boy let me see if i zoom in on these guys what will
happen there we go I can stay with it and I got a feeling
we’re gonna see some dogs getting ready to pee so let’s get back to Peter slow
you slowly bring you guys around and put the camera back out at arm’s length how
about the weight the weight is a little on the heavy side this is not the same
as maybe a small camera like the g7x mark 2 however it’s not too bad I’m
walking I’m chewing gum and where do they call it patting your head and
rubbing your stomach at the same time so this is what this looks like out not
overcast the cat look the sky is pretty clear so the light is a little bit
specular other than that this is what the camera looks like all right should
we go back inside should we get another look at jingles playing all the way over
there that’ll give me the opportunity to zoom in with the lens
and let’s see what they’re doing Jingles wants to play Jingles you coming over
where are you there you are up that’s the one guy now the other guy’s gonna
have to remark the territory so based on that you’ve got your highlight of your
day you got to see two dogs peeing so I flipped the LCD screen around I come
back around and there I be how are you doing there I be alright let’s go back
inside and see put this back there we got a little flare for you I’m gonna
step into the sunlight a little bit try not to hit anything like the walls you
coming in jingles alright so that’s what this looks like as a vlogging camera I’ve done this before
just for my own testing and I gotta say the box I could see the LCD the box is
just staying right smack on my face I mean it’s not missing my face not even
for an inch so as long as it obeys itself
yes our screening needs to be repaired I know yeah we can you can send money to
care of Peter Gregg screening repair so that’s our pool because we are in South
Florida of course Miami which means you’ve got a
pool in your backyard jingles took off and he went down the side there this is
image stabilization with the camera the camera is wobbling a little bit but I
don’t see it so we’re gonna have a plane now right
we’re gonna have a plane decide to fly overhead they waived they said hi to
everybody that’s out of town jingles come on let’s go we’re gonna go inside
all right let’s go back I’m going to switch back to the Sony and continue
inside okay we’re walking back into the Christmas room and this is what I did
outside I turned it off already by the way I turned it off as we were coming in
and you saw it I haven’t processed it yet but you saw
it so this is a superb camera better than superb I mean they named the Nikon
the D850 is the camera of the year but honestly this camera covers all your
bases as best as possible the only camera that’s actually threatening this
camera right now is the new a7 just the a7 the a7 3 and that’s because it’s
going to do everything that this can do oh by the way I did put the the rode mic
on it which I pulled off as I was coming in and I set it down so the rode mic
this is the rode stereo mic so that’s not the speakers from the camera that
you hear it’s actually the road the little rode stereo Pro it’s called
ok so that was what it looked like it did a great job it’s not the lightest
camera but it’s not is not anywhere near as heavy as is canon oh if I had to
carry the Canon out the Canon doesn’t have image stability image stabilization
as the right words so that’s what we’ve done with this camera Jingles do you – he
went out with me got tired I’m coming over here just to show off on the on the
Sony with the face detection and maybe the next video I will show you the
settings that I set for the Sony so that’s about it this camera is a super
super super thumbs up magnificent stills camera you can actually buy a
grip so it’ll actually look like a mini 1DX Mark II or a Nikon D5 you aim it and
it’ll have extra batteries and stuff like that this particular camera you can
buy if you’re going to do a lot of studio work like I do you can buy an
external battery that plugs into the wall which I did have for the GH4 and
anyway I use the regular battery on this one
so that’s the story of the GH5 high on video you guys pretty much know
everything that’s going on I wanted to accentuate the fact that the GH5 is a
superb camera it’s a superb wedding camera and if you add the twin so if you
get into really super low light super low light not just regular low light all
right you’ve got a pair of twins you’ve got your backup camera they’re both
identical that one this one has image stabilization the other one doesn’t but
if you put this lens on it it’ll have it or you put an F 1.4 like the 25
millimeter 1.4 or the 25 millimeter 1.2 and you got yourself killer combination
so the purpose of this video was to sing the praises of the GH5 not only from
the video point of view which everybody and his uncle does but also from the
stills so you know that in the in the video we’ve had less than expectations
for the focus right so what do I think of the expectations for the focus on the
stills well the focus on the stills is absolutely superb I don’t have the beef
on and I don’t want to take up your time here to turn it on but it just locked in
that dark corner let’s see the grandfather’s clock area is always super
dark locked on okay we’re over the piano is a super dark locked on on the tree of
course locked on and jingle bells locked on you know what just a few weeks ago
like two weeks after Christmas I did a maternity session
and I grabbed this camera to do it that was kind of like an emergency maternity
session so how about if I do a video showing you the pictures that I took
from this camera with the what lenses that I use I use the 75 millimeter
olympus 1.8 lens which is wow talk about knock-your-socks-off you know how many
people go out and for Canon and Nikon they buy the 200 millimeter you know f
2.8 lens or the f2 lens because it just blurs out the background the same thing
happens with the 75 millimeter olympus lens it’s phenomenal it’s a 1.8 it
becomes a 150 so it’s very close to that 200 and is that lens and I used the
forty two point five millimeter F one point two lens with the image
stabilization the Panasonic version not the 45 millimeter which is the olympus
version sharpest attack sharpest attack so they came from up north and i was at
the wedding and I helped shoot no I actually did the wedding so they said
that she’s pregnant and she’s due in two weeks and nobody thought about doing a
maternity session so as you could you please pretty pretty please I said of
course come on over so we went out in the backyard the front yard by the
swimming pool we did a few by the Christmas tree here done about a half an
hour we had a beautiful reunion time see a bride is somebody that stays with you
for life so take good care of your brides guys if you’re a wedding
photographer you are starting a relationship that’s gonna go from the
beginning of their married life through their children their children’s lives
through the children’s seniors to when their parents get older and they want
portraits make that relationship and make it stick it’s wonderful all right
and this is a camera that can do it from outdoor barbecues all the way to
just a stills camera for portraits portraits where you do paw-tography that’s the pic that’s what a
photographer that shoots a lot of pause is a pawtography
it’s it’s a excellent all-around camera this is probably not going to get
updated for a couple of years this is their base engine and solution for a few
years so thumbs up on the gh 5 and I’m hoping to get a GH5s in here from
Panasonic or a G9 or both we’ll see what happens and let’s play around with that
meantime this is Peter Gregg Miami Florida thank you for watching thank you
for subscribing thank you for your comments take care bye bye
wish you have just watched another Peter Gregg video something warm human and
wonderful happens when you watch Peter Gregg thank you for watching description
of all equipment used in this video plus any notes Peter took while filming are
always placed in the description box show more box or down arrow thingy next
to the title on mobile apps duly noted

39 thoughts on “Panasonic GH5 Is Still Fantastic – Backyard Vlogwalk

  1. I have the GH5, but in this video, the AF wasn't as in focus as the footage from the A7RIII, which appeared flawless. I own both Sony and Panasonic and don't regret buying the Panasonic because of it's record time, but the AF and weight really disappoints on the Panasonic. If the record time on the new A7III was unlimited, I'd sell the GH5 for it. The Sony video AF is amazing.

  2. I just bought a GH5s to pair with my GH5. The dual native ISO is so useful. I hope any new cameras come with dual native ISO and IBIS. Of course, they would wipe the floor with all the competition if it had good AF. I don't' plan to take Photos with the GH5s. I bought both for video. I was surprised how well it worked for photos though. Its really fast and the AF is right on.

  3. I need some really great advice right now, I have a Canon 5D4 + 24-70 f/2.8 which I bought for paid wedding assignments & short film making jobs. Due to some reasons I have left the photography job and the gear is sitting in my almirah collecting dust. I don't think I need that expensive gear now and is only blocking money. But still I have a lot of passion for photography and want to make drama short films.

    I need advice on should I sell my current gear and buy a relatively cheaper gear like sony or fuji mirrorless?

  4. how frustrating is seeing always such a horrible continous autofocus. I want the gh5, but I think I cant handle with that big issue. Will have to wait till Canon brings 4k to dslr's

  5. That Sony looks great today 😉 You should take it out for a walk around the yard as well, compare it to the GH5.

  6. Would you say the flesh tones on the GH5 are much better than the GH3, I have a GH3 and am not that happy with the skin tone rendition.

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  8. @PeterGregg When you do weddings (or in the past, when you did them), do you shoot alone or with an assistant? I'd love to see a video about how you shoot weddings.

  9. For a vlog video i choose the lighter g85 with 4k also its the little brother of the gh5 nice on a gorilla pot the gh5 is more a film camera for stills the g9 is the master.

  10. … Still no need for an articulating screen at my A7RIII. It’s no need of us, it’s your need. The focus of the GH5 was really bad outside. It's the same like with the older Sonys…

  11. Love my Gh5 and the photos it takes. I have a whole range of Canon bodies and L lenses. Nobody notices which photos are taken with the GH5. Maybe if I printed posters, but for small prints and online it is great and much lighter to carry around.

  12. Great video,… Mr. Peter.. could you tell something about Canon T5i?.. I know it's cheaper camera.. but would be nice to hear from you the opinion.. I have that camera.. and i do not see much difference in video quality with 80D..

  13. I refuse to shoot RAW (not really, just like to piss off certain obnoxious people on the web).
    Peter, do you think the upgrade from the GH4 is worth it, or as Sony just made the GH5 a bit irrelevant? For some strange reason, I was never a big fan of the Panasonic, bought the GH4 a while back because of the ridiculous price I paid for it along with a ton of accessories. Guess we all have our quirks.
    What was that Pentax lens you kept referring to? I'm assuming it will play well with the Metabones Speed adapter on the GH4.
    Strangest thing, I always assumed you were based in Tampa. Must be because I have a friend from there,

  14. Nice haircut! Styling! The gh5 works pretty well for me now using 179 degree shutter it doesn't hunt as much. Also using those settings for the AF from that nice viewer. I hope jingles gets well! God bless!

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    It's about time someone gave a great review of the GH5 for photos. You've nailed it. It's brilliant. Thanks for creating another great review.

  18. I agree about the GH5 and low light… I've had my GH5 for about 6 months now, and I've been pleasantly surprised by its performance in low light. I also agree that it is a much more capable stills camera than most people realize. For my needs, it is a fantastic hybrid camera.

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  20. Why does the GH5 change exposures so abruptly? In auto mode, the exposure adjustments are very noticeable. I had the same issue indoors with a GH3. Indtead of a gradual shift, it slams into each new exp. setting.

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