Otaku, Anime and Cosplay in Mumbai: Japan in India ★ ONLY in JAPAN #18 インドのオタク

Otaku, Anime and Cosplay in Mumbai: Japan in India ★ ONLY in JAPAN #18 インドのオタク

I’m in Akihabara The center of the OTAKU Kingdom and this seems like a fitting place to start this episode Japanese culture in India and help me out is KUSHAL, who just recently came to Japan from Banglore How you doing Hey,guys So what’s your impression of Akihabara? What can I say? Look at the poster there. ANIME girls all over the place People dressed like maids. What more can I ask for? So what we’re gonna do is take a look at OTAKU culture India is growing really rapidly Welcome to Mumbai The fifth biggest metropolitan area in
the world Leaping windows is the cafe that not
only caters to young coffee drinkers But also to a growing OTAKU fan base The real magic is in the basement Watch your head Hey,guys This is the place This is our kids section… consisting of stuff like Calvin and Hobbes Asterix and Tin Tin. This is wide range collection of the US comics and this is our independence section of Eceletic mix of comics that you’ve never really heard about before and this shelf is our real treasure Japanese MANGA They’ve got ONE PIECE and even DRAGON BALL Z and yes They’re in English If you’re a leaping windows library member you can relax here and read your favorite
MANGA or check it out and read it at home The collection is always expanding and I really want you guys to see The one which is my favorite and that is Fullmetal Alchemist I mean a read…. not a lot of MANGA but whatever I have read I think full
metal alchemist is one of the best MANGA ever written
because first, It’s written by a woman and second because I can’t believe it generalizes with any other genre because it’s got the
perfect amount of romance action and emotion and it’s got such deep round characters that I
absolutely love so yeah you guys should read it I was really stoked to see such an OTAKU movement here in India and to get a better idea of the growing
impact of Japanese culture here I sat down with Mac Mumbai ANIME Club for an exciting discussion MAC was established in 2010 , just to promote on MANGA and ANIME culture in India and Get the fans in the city and in the long run in the country together
for more ANIME related events and online competitions as well Let’s meet the members of Mac Cosplaying is a big part of their experience and they have their own take on this part of Japanese subculture Hey Lolita is not a costume This is not a costume It’s elegant The amusing thing is that every time we have an event We still find new people Who are interested in ANIME and who feel
that we were the only ones in the country knew about ANIME and you know I’ve been following MANGAculture So how do Indians break into Japanese ANIME? For the past 10 years I’ve been a huge VISUAL-KEI fan.. I’ll I stared out ANIME when I was 9 years old… I think it was DRAGONBALL Z and SAILOR MOON followed by..when I shifted to INDIA, I started watching ANIMAX on…in 2004 or something and that’s why …..I start learning about J-POP and bands like ARASHI and stuff….
eventually I sort of… evolved into VISUAL-KEI and started listening to bands like GAZETTE and
X JAPAN and of course MALICE MIZER , the best ever gothic band in Japan MAC attended a cool Japan event in Delhi recently where Indians interested in Japanese subculture converged from all over the country Such events are becoming more frequent Indians have their own original take on cosplay and the events have a local flare to them I ask MAC what was fueling the increased
interest in Japan Is it food or J-POP? What’s the biggest influence in India? food, food The food is the most biggest impact? I would say it’s a mixture of a lot of things because ANIME and MANGA have become the connection for a lot Indians to Japan It this language that there I’ll lot of Mac members who have started
learning Japanese because they don’t want to watch their favorite ANIME with subtitles and most of us do that. And, most of us picked up everyday words We know how to say good morning good afternoon & thank you Read normal sentence can have a normal colloquial conversation You grew up watching cartoon net and now you see CARD CAPTOR SAKURA, POKEMON You see all these shows, and you get curiosity you go on the net, you see on-line..you all see fashion from JAPAN you actually see that you’ve been watching Japanese cartoon, and a whole new world opens up for you, and you go into more. You see episodes on-line, you go into MANGA…which originates from… and then you know from there it becomes you know, a thing you are part of. And the brilliant thing about ANIME is they have everything for every age group. Its not, it’snot like you know American sitcom which are only meant for teens or adults… ANIME is something that you can watch Something everyone can watch. YEAH I think ANIME is still an insight into the Japanese culture Cosplaying is still new to India There aren’t shops selling ANIME costumes yet so cosplayers here improvise and create their own unique
Japanese-style Just say my entire costume has been stitched by me and hand embroiled Becuse the first thing is that it it not only expensive at times to get certain costumes but it’s difficult for many people to get what you want and and how you need your cosplay done Indians have this concept called JAGAR It’s basically putting all sorts of nick nacks Your mother may have something lying around and you put it together…and oh you have a pretty potpourri and it hardly cost you anything ANKUR is a specialist who makes every prop out of household items and Make just…phenomenal things But in 2012 with the first Cool Japan festival and MAC
became a part of it from there we were part of the subcultural festivals This year was a third year of it, and every year we’ve grown The goal has always been the same. To get more people together and have more Japanese stuff We just didn’t expect to grow so fast…to be honest…but…oh well, we’re not complaining I asked the Mac members where’s the
one place in Japan that they have to visit AKIHABARA!! Akihabara I’m not surprised On my last day in India I met up with
the distant cousin of mine who wanted to show me his MANGA artwork How deep has MANGA culture penetrated India??? Ganesh artwork is definitely influenced by Japan He is interested in the details and emotions in the art work Dragon Ball Z is his favorite The poses are super cool and bring out
his own emotions which is why teens and
India increasingly feel a connection with the Japanese MANGA style Wow! OTAKU in India and the place “Leaping Wndows” it’s pretty
cool Yeah It’s a different kinda job cafe compared to the ones in TOKYO though..it’s
more like just a regular cafe with MANGA Right But here (in JAPAN) It’s only FOR Manga Yeah, that’s right That’s definitely the main focus So I mean…the themes for MANGA & ANIME I think has become really popular in India Do you think that’s the catalyst or is
it the artwork or what is it?? Some people they really like the
art work and read the MANGA But a lot of people prefer the ANIME and the themes that are not seen in other TV shows are… anywhere else in India have become really
popular up to the point where even if the ANIME really sucks, they would still watch it just because it’s different So I guess in maybe 5 or 10 years time OTAKU population in India’s just going to explode Oh,yeah I definitely think it’s already started yeah as we’ve seen! So I guess we could see lots of
SUSHI bar on the corner in now Bangalore and Mumbai filled with OTAKU? Everyone’s praying for that. So is my brother for that matter. That’ll be cool! I guess we have it only in Japan in India then, right? yep. It’s gonna happen some day

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