One light setup for low key body details using a speedlight

One light setup for low key body details using a speedlight

[Music] how’s it going i michael said i would like to show you a very quick and easy setup for shooting body parts of your model how you focus on single parts of her body probably you focus just on her back or you focus just on her buttocks probably her back with her buttocks it really depends but you can zoom in on whatever she likes you have why would you do that well it’s a good icebreaker i mean that is a very artistic photos which in a lot of cases don’t include her face or if you like you can include parts of her face just her lips or something but in any case she is not recognizable the only thing you see is parts of her body and you concentrate on those parts that your model likes best on her spot which make her a proud of her own body this is a perfect icebreaker before you go into another shoot another thing which is also an icebreaker is effect that we will shoot these body parts with her simply standing in front of an umbrella traditionally what escapes are body parts are usually shot with a model laying down but having her simply standing in front of the light is less intimate than having her laying down and so that is also part of of a warm up which might lead to another kind of shoot there’s an advantage of her having her standing in front of the light because a lot of times you will see that for this sort of shoots the model got oily skin or a lot of water drops on her skin to make it more make it looking more fresh and more interesting viola when she’s laying than she is typically laying on a big piece of studio paper and if you’ve got oily skin then this piece of paper is absolutely ruined and it costs quite something if she is standing then she can just stand on the floor or we have a piece of fabric laying underneath her and and that’s it nothing is ruined now so that would be another advantage you can if she’s standing there you can also go completely abstract and make photos which really don’t identify her you can you can shoot parts of her leg or just her belly button and it’s getting you know you get really artistic nice photos and the way that you get angles in these photos and they are not straight honest you simply turn your camera and instead of turning your model having your lane laying down or in some angle you just turn your camera and that’s it and you produce wonderful abstract photos that’s one thing without standing and not laying and that is you know in this examples you see a lot of water and oil and if you want to have this big water drops now the big drops then this doesn’t work standing this is what’s only if your model is laying down because how Isis drops run run down on her body you get the drops by applying a lot of oil on her skin probably first apply a bit of water then a lot of oil and then spray water on top of it now this is the way you get others drops but what that’s working mostly lane however for the standing one let’s have a quick look at the lighting diagram it’s so easy it’s pretty much not worth mentioning but however let’s go through it you’ve got the black background in the gun in the background of course you’ve got the speed light shooting alongside of the background just in parallel it’s on 1/4 of its power going through a big shoot through umbrella you’ve got the camera which is in a 90 degrees angle such shooting – what’s a backdrop and right in the middle of this 90 degrees angle you’ve got your model and she is looking down into the empty space between camera and umbrella however you will probably turn her and and direct her to gap Sun side and this is also this much easier when she’s standing than it would be if she would be laying on the floor now finding the right angle she’s just standing there it’s so easy so do this shoot first now before you continue with with with body scapes where she’s laying on the floor or before you continue with with other sets and do it first because it’s a fantastic icebreaker and it produces very artistic photos which will usually make your model proud very proud and it’s a stuff which might even end up as a form of artwork in the rooms of her or the rooms of your client already that’s it for today I hope you’ve got fun with it and you try it out I hope I see you back next time and until then I wish you good light [Music]

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  1. Love your lessons! Great sense of humor and always delighted to see what you and Emily create.

    Now, where can I get one of those coin bikinis? I love the way it accents the curves!

  2. I dont know what I'm doing wrong but I dont get the same results. Canon t3i with pop up camera flash to trigger remote 430ex flash unit. Camera flash set to lowest power and still use a deflector in front so that only the remote flash gets light. According to these settings in the video. at f/11 shutter 1/200 & iso 200 I'm getting a pretty bright image with the background showing up. If I stop down to f29 with shutter 1/200 & iso 200 do I get anything close, and it's still not enough contrast

  3. Great video! Artistic, sexy, tasteful and informative.

    The only thing I wish is that you had posted the camera settings for each of the (awesome) shots that you took…unless of course the entire shoot was done at 1/200 f11.

    Either way, well done!

  4. How much ambient is there? Does the background show up if the flash doesn't fire? Turn the ISO down to 100, move the subject and light away from the background, move the umbrella closer to the subject and turn the flash power down a bit. Those should all help to knock the background down.

    I've also found that when using a shoot-through umbrella in a small room, you get a lot of spill from the walls and ceiling – this might be a factor too?

  5. Hi, These pictures look great but, you have a lot of light in the room and the photographer has an on camera flash as well as the speedlight with umbrella. Were these the actual photo's taken while shooting the video or did you do that without the lights on or with lower ambient light to get such a great picture?

  6. With ISO200 and camera at 1/200s and f/11 he most definitely killed the ambient light in the room, i.e. if a photo is taken with these settings no light will be registered. As for the speed-light on the camera – it is in commander mode and does not contribute to the exposure.

  7. With ISO200 and camera at 1/200s and f/11 he most definitely killed the ambient light in the room, i.e. if a photo is taken with these settings no light will be registered. As for the speed-light on the camera – it is in commander mode and does not contribute to the exposure.

  8. So the camera won't pick up the ambient light in the picture because of the setting? What about the background showing up in the picture? Thanks by the way!

  9. If you are a DSLR and squint your eyes, this will act like the aperture (~f/11) and will limit the amount of light registered by the retina (sensor). If you turn off the lights in the room for a very short time (shutter speed), everything will go dark and you will see nothing. Keep the lights off longer, and your eyes will adapt and you will start seeing stuff (long exposure). As for the backdrop, you do not see it in the shots, because it is used to not reflect the light from the speedlights.

  10. Did you do any post photoshop editing of these pictures or did they come out of the camera like this? If so what were you settings, ISO and SS?

  11. A very very very nice video and excellent tips!!! I do love the B/W shots.
    With warm greetings from The Netherlands, Dennis

  12. Is it just my imagination or are you controlling that flash with your camera flash? Is that a simple slave unit (where your camera flash would be a fill flash) or is it one of those fancy ones where your camera flash programs the remote flash to trigger (so that there is no fill flash)? I'm poor so trying to do this with a camera without a hot shoe.

  13. Very impressive, this type of photography has eluded me for a long time, someone I follow in Flickr has done this sort of work for many years, great great photographs, and makes this very sensual indeed.

  14. you are the best…ill try this at home today and let you know how it went, is there a way i can inbox you any trials?

  15. I've always said: You don't need to spend mounds of cash to produce great shots. A good camera  and lens yes BUT lighting (you can be as creative as you like) This video PROVES my point

  16. I'm trying to buy one of your books on your site but it doesn't seem to recognise the request. Is your site down?

  17. Great tutorial! I really appreciate all the settings being shown both for camera as well as speed light. That was very helpful. THANKS!

  18. Was there any post-processing done to these images?  I'm sure there was, but for the majority of the image, did they look remotely close to the final image inside the camera?

  19. Hey Michael, great tutorial.
    What kind of background do you use? Seems like a felt fabric?
    You're using umbrella but how come I don't see flare on the right side of the frame? I'm surprised from looking at the photo result that you used an umbrella and not a gridded soft box, because the light seems quite isolated on your models and umbrella spreads light everywhere.
    Thank you.

  20. Hello @Good Light! Clips  I am very interested in photography.  I have recently purchased a few things for a home studio like backdrops and lighting kits.  I was wondering if you could assist me with some tips for a good lens for portraits with a Nikon D5000 as well as a good flash or two?  Thank you so much and keep up the great informational videos, they help and inspire a lot!

  21. Super Video! Hat uns Spaß gemacht und recht gut funktioniert denke ich.


  22. Michael, did you use your flash on camera or just one with umbrella? cause its looks like it fires… @Good Light! Clips 

  23. I'm new to photography and I can't afford a speedlight right now, however I received the Westcott 2-lite uLITE umbrellas as a gift. If I use one of those will it still work? Or do I need a speedlight specifically so I can control the amount of power coming out?

  24. Hey nice Tutorial, but there is for me one big question: were did you get the goldcoin Bikini??? I searched and searched but nothing. Thanks man

  25. "make her more interesting" .. just you can clearly tell "make her more sexy" at the end: this is the goal. Be clear without be vulgar and keeping the artistic meaning, it's a must 😉

  26. Is it possible to reflect the light from the ceiling for the bodyscapes ? not to get such kind of high quality but at the same time something artistic ?

  27. Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it. I am new to photography and learning by watching your videos. I tried to use your guidelines and took some photos. Will like your expert opinion on what mistakes I did. Can I contact you on any email.

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  29. I'm going to get my first Boudoir / Nude Shooting – and this helps a lot. I'm a little nervous, but I think the pics will turn out great.

  30. Michael, thank you for the advice on angles and light setup. Working with a new model who is naturally beautiful without makeup. Great skin tone. She is a fitness competitor, so I want to accentuate her definition on both bodyscaping and nudes. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!

  31. Thanks very much Michael for your awesome videos as they are very inspiring, i love that golden bikini where can i get one of those and what is it called ?

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