No Abortions For Raped Military Women

No Abortions For Raped Military Women

nuisances six show that one-in-three
women in the military are sexually assaulted uh… and last week the senate decided that they
would not boats on legislation that would basically uh… unmanned current
legislation uh… that says that women in the
military who get raped and get pregnant cannot have their abortions funded by the federal government davis at the site when i read about on
that issue we’re gonna let it go and of course that is a sneaky way of
not addressing the issue uh… without having to worry about me
type of name recognition linked to that kind of uh… legislation so i think
this is a disgusting story and concerned women for america which is a very conservative group is bragging about this there’s extremely
happy and excited about this even though this would only cover abortions berwyn in the military who had been raped and
got pregnant as a result of that right you think that life begins at conception
so your guests all abortion and you think even if you get raped you
shit you should stop by terry that at k tutor i don’t agree with a it’s really is
upsetting to a lot of people in the country including us but i get your position here’s what i need you did not get i need you to not below so if you have at military service firms that rate i need to know not rub it in their face
like kaha why did you get your which discredit
we’re often we stop this either because they needed to ed at the was hideous person in the world and then ironically for the slow pace concerned women for america would you care to be the least concerned
about women’s rights in this country of anyone they claim that women deserve better
than simply being given abortion as a cure all i don’t think people again as a at
abortion as a cure all but if you’re right maybe you don’t want to have that
baby maybe you should make that decision for yourself without having another uh… organization get involved in art
one more thing circuit because look it’s it’s hard for guys understand
this but uh… you know i i i always troubled by some
of the positions of of all the people in the stories to get a better sense of
late if i was a woman and i cannot rate and that’s sort of a bitch is it’s advocate his for this stuff is inside of okay it’s not even if they get or you
know it’s its anticipated says i don’t think the side of the
that’s inside of me mother are going to come and tell me you can’t
take it out you need to have the rapist kit you need to care for the rest of your
life the not of and shopping for the record or a state
it’s a good thing that the countries of water like somebody came and told me that and with admissions we have words and then we might have
other things but here’s what they’re not going to do that i can tell me what to
do with my body birthday on the phone your stupid ass waters of your stupid
morality which is a even in your mythical book but i also support your
risk i got a lot of thought that the say about that that’s really interesting
apocalyptic zeus and god damn pegasus say about it on the twelfth bought what
you think some mythical creatures said about it you tell me to have my
requested because you know your recently got creature that that cancer viable anti-tank read the bible it doesn’t say
they’ll have an abortion it harris says it isn’t starting at line was probably the
biggest line about the bible in history in fact there are two passengers that by
abortion to be perfectly acceptable if i need to be one of the solutions but
you’re right you don’t you people are good tax i start of the segment by saying i
understand where there is coming from but perhaps that was a little bit of an
overstate by the way if you’re a government
employee and you wish to get an abortion that abortion will be funded with your government issued health
insurance so i i find it interesting that these members of senate are
comfortable with that but they’re not comfortable with finding
the abortions of these military women in the military
who got raped and are pregnant as a result of that these are people who are
actually risking their lives for the country but we don’t have enough respect
at least give them the same coverage that you get is a government employee and women for america really concert

100 thoughts on “No Abortions For Raped Military Women

  1. Awesome rant by Cenk. I'd be wanting to put some U.S. army issue bullets through the skulls of these cunts that forced a rape baby to term.
    Hideous morality.

  2. @HiddenFacedMatt There is no dispute, the difference in the amount of women getting raped by men, and men getting raped by women is gigantic.

    The two top comments on a video about the further erosion of women's reproductive rights are by Men's Right's activists. I'm unsurprised.

  3. @czar3578 they arent talking about irresponsible women or teens, they are talking about military women who have reported being raped. not to mention… the life impact of the whole pregnancy process affecting home life/work etc. bad enough they have to live with the knowledge that they were raped.

  4. @BorgKing001 Women have been in the US military (in support roles) since 1775.

    Civilians / soldiers, men / women, allies / enemies have all been getting raped by men in militaries since the dawn of war. That wouldn't stop if we took women out of the military. We can try to prevent it as much as possible, and things are getting a little on that front.
    I like how you put "raped" in quotes, by the way. You're odious.

  5. @HiddenFacedMatt No doubt, what you described is terrible. I'm just not sure where TYT displayed a double standard or what it had to do with this video.

  6. @angeleyescu I would try to join the Navy or Air Force if I where you. They both have a much lower assault rate than the Army (and better quality of life, also).

  7. @penguinworm The business of killing should be left to men. If you really want to help you can mend our wounds and uniforms, just stay out of our way. The last thing we need on the battlefield is a sexual distraction or some woman looking for a tampon during battle.

  8. @HiddenFacedMatt Let me get this straight. Your justification for a poorly conceived widely affecting law is to cite another poorly conceived obscurely affecting law? Did you think before you cocked up this reverse morality example? Let me help you: say it out loud before you type it in. And this equal excuse is fucking nonsense! Men do not have the situation in which the culmination of an event turns into a life marking said event and must carry that life/event for 9 months.

  9. @TheFloralDiaries

    yes, but at the same time they cover for their government employees. Shouldn't it be either we don't cover anyone or cover for everyone? I mean if you're putting your life on the line serving your country why can't you get yours covered like somebody who works in a government building at Washington D.C.

    The point is not that they tell you you can't have an abortion, is that they do whatever possible to make it harder for you to and decrease the chances of it ever happening

  10. Hey cool, you have a hot line? Can I have his number then? I mean, just to fact check all the christian bullshit that's not in the book 🙂

  11. The problem with the notion that life starts at conception is that an involuntary abortion becomes involuntary manslaughter and birth control pills become first degree murder, as do planned abortion.
    As if America doesn't have enough of its population behind bars already.
    Being a rational individual in America must be horrible.

  12. thor didnt care…he only cared about the true warriors…and if you are not strong enough to get born. he would not care 😛

  13. The only consequence of denying women abortion is increased incidence of infanticide, abandonment, and abuse.

  14. Yeah seriously why is the sexual assaulting so big in the army or military….is there any hard consequences for that like seriously, I' against abortion but for "raped people"then that's fine. Other types of women with their situations should make the right decisions.

  15. Correct. No abortions. Thank your mom she didn't abort/murder you. The reasons to terminate a pregnancy are simple – mom would die if we didn't kill and remove the child. That is the only reason. I do believe in miracles and healing as the Word states but not all do – let mom live to fight another day. I am For-life. I don't fit into your little box halcyon!! An innocent child deserves to live – even by mistake of mom or rape from some ass. I am for protecting life – war is protecting lif

  16. Gee you would make a woman carry a rapists baby to term. How that woman would hate you. Think f it was your child that got raped and you made her carry the baby to term. Do you realize how much she would hate you for the rest of her life?

  17. Imagine it's your daughter that was raped. What would your thoughts on it be then? If you made her carry it to term can you even imagine how much she would hate you for that? Think first then post.

  18. Two wrongs don't make a right. I am not for the next things I will be mentioning to you. I am not for rape. Military tactics to rape women has been done for centuries to demoralize the other side among other things. You left out the practice of forced marriages. Forced Intermixing races when the Jews were removed and mixed with the Babylonians. In Africa some these still takes place where fighting is over religion. To be CLEAR, I am NOT for any of this. What I am for is the life of the unb

  19. Soni – kill all the sperm you want – they have never turned into a child. They have no spirit. Let's talk logically. Egg and sperm or conception is life and for all who don't believe this – leave alone and do nothing and in 40ish weeks you will have a baby every time. This isn't an argument. Argue that you believe the woman should have choice at whatever stages you do t think life is a big deal but don't argue he/she baby isn't life. That isn't science. If we found what you call a "blob" o

  20. Trumpet – judgement will not happen during the life of us. The laws of sowing reaping and sin have nothing to do with final judgement. In fact I would encourage the Gospel to be preached. It is the good news that brings to salvation. I encourage each of you who does not believe that Jesus is the Son of God to understand that Christians are the most dysfunctional family but the promises towards us are incredible. Our perfection isn't even from us – it is from the Work that Jesus did for us.

  21. What you wrote makes no logical sense at all. So you're stating tht it is you personally that is anti-abortion, not your religious beliefs, yet you give no credible reason for your beliefs except that the baby is half the woman's. That's true but if she was raped of course she wouldn't want it! It's not like it's fully hers, it' HALF the rapists whichever way you look at it. You are pursuing this "glass half full" argument, but having 50% DNA of a rapist, a criminal who VIOLATED you is enough.

  22. I always say to Republicans who are pro-life, you go personally and adopt an unwanted or uncared for child and THEN I'll take you even half way serious. Don't give this "we are concerned for human life" BS. You are cncerned with controlling your women, and if not, I want to see how many FULLY FORMED lives you are concerned about. Ah, but wait, isn't it you that wants to kill these ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE to fund your munitions corporations? Thought so.

  23. Your right you are entitled to think any fact-less, idiotic, nonsense you want, but you are not entitled to your own facts, sorry jackass. Thank God abortion is still legal in the United States so that we have less people like you.

  24. Killing a baby is legal. Doesn't make it right.. I have no religion and I know that. I'm a science guy. Morning after pill as one stated is still killing.,. I think most have been at least truthful here thus far. Once conceived, we are dealing with a person. If left alone, In 40ish weeks a baby will be born. Why people argue over that it isn't a baby because it is a different stage is less than educated. Let's just say as a people we are OK with killing the kid at whatever stage he/she

  25. You are already smarter with understanding more than many who debate this subject. The debate should not be whether he/she is life as people do. It is even without religion defined as life. So we disagree on what the baby can interpret from its environment. Our instruments just don't pick up all I would like. At 6 days electrical impulses are picked up by our instruments which wasn't picked up for weeks prior. It isn't unreasonable to assume it starts even earlier. Just an example. Not that

  26. The second to last statement was actually between you and I. Sum it up. The extremes on both side of it isn't a baby or the religious "your going to hell" I don't believe have helped either side. Religion helps nothing. Denying life helps nothing. God bless,

  27. and religion a.k.a. "faith" have been dehumanizing others since 200 years before I was born, so I don't feel bad about about giving it back to the people of the church whose "churches" have been probably more responsible for racism, murder, division, and misogyny than anything known to the entire human race. Sorry.

  28. Oh, by the way. There are also a lot of good Christians who are one of those horrible "liberals" your whining about as well.

  29. This is just wrong. Whether your religious or not, give these poor women the option. It takes a very strong person to go threw this, and have some sort of normallity come back. As a millitary woman, talk to your family, your pastor(reverand or father) talk over the options before making a decision. But please, once a decision has been made… respect the person. Give these women the right to choose, after all they do for us… why cant we have some consideration for them?

  30. To all of you who say she should just do as the government says, I have one question…..If it was you who was raped, how would you feel? Im not asking what you would do…but how would you feel knowing you have no choice?

  31. I wouldn't want a baby if it was from someone who I wasn't intimate with or dating. I would not have that baby!

  32. Cannot have their abortion funded is a bit different from cant allow them to have an abortion. I guess that's because there's no way to distinguish rape from consensual sex. Again, just a guess.

  33. I dont agree with abortion..I think that people must respect lives including of unborn babies..
    Lives dont belong to us,They belong to God..If you were raped and dont want to have your baby you can give your baby up for adoption when you give birth..Its better than to kill your baby..

  34. I dont agree with abortion.Nobody denies that rape is an act of cruelty.I know the woman who was raped will suffer emotionally,physically the situation of taking 9 months in her womb for this baby.But that baby is not hers.It is God`s.The baby belongs to Him.That child already has a soul since he is in mother`s womb,from the moment of conception is alive and has a soul.He is a helpless baby,has the right to be born.Your rights ends where starts the others rights.Don`t be like animals,

  35. like the rapers.Many tests in life will come and will pass away.This test will make you be stronger in the future .You`ll be able to handle with other problems. And not everything is solved killing.what kind of world we live in.What kind of world we are building.They can give the baby up for adoption.If a person practices an abortion will feel forever the fault to kill a defenseless baby.Maybe that child may come to discover the cure for cancer. AIDS, become a great writer,artist,painter,

  36. important politician, a man of peace, who knows .
    He could save your life in the future, or others lives..
    Many women who abort become infertile too ..
    You should watch videos of unborn babies fetuses aborted and after giving your opinion if killing is the solution.

  37. God is upon all the things good and bads..He has purposes for everybody and for those innocent unborn babies too.Your rights end where begin the others rights and If you`re a believer, we`re not God to decide who lives and who doesnt .Dont be selfish.It`s not the solution to kill innocent babies to solve the problems.

  38. It`s a problem if you or some people think or act so irrational.. It`s not necessary to be a believer to know if you`re doing wrong or not;if you`re killing people or not..I see that your so selfish and ,Wow you are really evil just like Hitler was.

  39. Who likes killing babies in the sense that the victim was raped and did not deserve to conceive a child that she probably did not want <——THIS GUY 😀

  40. That's messed up so if you work for the government you can have a abortion but if your FIGHTING for USA you cannt have a abortion. I like to see them be out there my brothers is a marine its not easy. And its not like they did it with there husband and want a abortion it because they were RAPED.

  41. well i am the result of a rape way back my mom decided not to murder me as yous can tell by the fact im typeing ive enjoyed my life so far and made lots of great friends i love my mom but hate the nuses at the time that wanted to have me aborted btw i found this out 1 night when my mother was very drunk and that rare so go kill babies that have never done a thing to hurt anyone. truth

  42. i dont agree with abortions and im pro life, but sadly its true. ive been a military brat my whole life and going to basic the army next week and sexual assault in the military is a major problem. especially in the marines and army. its a male dominated profession so its easy for a women to fall victim to sexual assault. now they have a zero tolerance on sexual assault.

  43. what a dumb statement, the people who enforce this have been in a variety of war and combat situations since Vietnam and maybe even Korea. Before these generals became generals, they were Captains, lieutenants even enlisted soldiers. its not like they are clueless government officials givinig unsympathetic orders

  44. I think an even greater issue of concern here is how many military women are being asaulted. 1 in 3 is horrifying!

  45. If God didn't allow anything bad to happen and everything was great by our current standards, then the new stuff that would be bad would be stuff that's currently great. Sorry if it's hard to understand this is a complicated idea to explain, it would probably be easier with a graph :p

  46. Start by being intelligent keep religion completely out of the topic it has nothing to do with abortion whatsoever oh woman should have the right to choose and I agree even more so in the case of rape

  47. I'm very tired and I didn't understand anything you said. lmao sorry do you think you could explain your thoughts more?

  48. Well I made it in microsoft paint and I had to do it in under ten minutes so it's very basic but I think it still gets my point across. Idk how I can send it to you though :/

  49. It is ironic as hell that Cenk, a man who in so many videos criticizes different religions for a lack of scientific evidence, acts as if it is not a proven scientific fact that life begins at conception. Does the baby just appear out of thin air at birth? I thought you believed in science buddy. You need to be philosophically consistent in your arguments instead of picking and choosing to suit your liberal agenda.

  50. LOVE THY FAGGOT, BUT FUCK THE UNBORN BABIES….oh wait I'm sure the liberals really care deeply about the kids that died in Sandy Hook and that's why they want our guns. It's not like the Jewess Feinstein tries this shit every time there is a mass shooting. OH NO! This is a very specific effort to take away guns from citizens to honor the dead children and to prevent further tragedies. If logic says anything it is that handguns can't kill anyone like "assault rifles" can. Every murder…

  51. in the USA is attributed to assault rifles so we must ban them.(that was sarcasm for all of you liberal dumb asses) Liberals are so fucking stupid and hypocritical. We "respect" the 2nd Ammendment. We just want to take away the guns you could realistically use to defend yourselves against government tyranny. Ya know? The whole fucking reason there is a 2nd Ammendment at all. Fuck the 4000 babies that die every day from abortions, but we really want to honor and remember the 20 that died in…

  52. Connecticut so let us have your guns. All of those babies were the result of rapes anyways. (more sarcasm) Or all of the 4000 women that aborted were going to die if they didn't! They are the true victims here.

  53. This has a very simple solution: Go up to Republicans in front of a camera and ask them whether they would legally ban a female service-member who was raped by an insurgent in Iraq from having an abortion and would support having her forced to raise the resulting child in the United States (after all, the child is a citizen too). If they choose "life" just eviscerate them on this and if they say that they would support abortion, you can break their purism on abortion and tar them with the right.

  54. The gov't should pay for the abortion that's so unfair but no matter what just let women do what they want and if someone is raped and wants to keep it no one should stop it just like no one should stop a girl who wants the abortion

  55. What's interesting is she doesn't describe the senate as the democratic senate. Also, when an abortion occurs, an innocent life is terminated. So why should an innocent baby die? What about the rights of a female baby? Its not difficult to understand. Its not even a kid yet? What about adoption? Abortion is the law and people who believe otherwise have pay. The bible says plenty to say about murder.

  56. you could at least show some respect towards what people believe. and btw the guy that you replied you is a troll trying to make christians look bad

  57. So if a woman isn't a innocent virgin, she therefore is bringing the rape on herself? Gotcha. Never have a daughter dude. Also false rape, molestation, and domestic violence claims are RARE. The average victims doesn't even come forward cause of people like you who will shame them and blame them for what happen instead of holding the abuser accountable for their actions

  58. Here's the thing when it comes to the military. The second you sign the paper, you have no rights. You sign away your civilian "tittle" you're now government property and property has no rights.

  59. This is exactly what all the men said would happen if women were allowed to join the military.  It was a mistake then and it is still a mistake now.  Quit bitching…..You wanted this. And your statistics are insane. 

  60. The government is spineless for not addressing the issue of no abortions for raped military women. She is already going through enough trauma, why make her suffer even more. 

  61. This is news to me. Officially women in the Air Force can get an abortion if they are pregnant because of rape provided they are willing to report the guy who did the rape and go through the complete legal investigation. Now, that stance is changing a bit. Women can now do a limited report in which their rapist is not charged, and still get the abortion. Note, I'm only talking about the Air Force official stance, not the other branches. I cannot speak to specifics. I'm talking the official stance here, and not from personal experience with rape victims. We have to go through annual training on this subject, and there are very specific protocols to be followed. If this is not what is happening, then I have been lied to.

  62. Why'd you want to create such a fuked-up situation as someone being forced to raise their rapist's kid? The kid might also turn out psychopatic, or, say they don't, but the mother might not be able to give it the love & acceptance a child deserves; She'd be re-traumatized all the time and the kid will be miserable.

    Not saying a woman couldn't * chose * to do this if she felt up to it/still wanted the kid & raise them right, but, this is fucked up.
    A ball of cells with no brain has no consciousness; all you do is prevent suffering.

  63. R Turner: False accusations are absolutely evil. Under no circumstances should an innocent person be imprisoned: that is a human tragedy. I cannot be partial to either gender because I am the type to love both genders of my kids. That being said, the government needs to take a balanced approach. No abused individual should ever be denied the opportunity to obtain no matter the reason or circumstances. We should not be giving incentive for false accusations but also NOT making it impossible for TRUR victims to come forward. No one is less important, no one is inferior. Both men and women's opinions matter because both depend on each other. Equal value and dignity. Different roles. Mothers and father's of humanity.

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