Newborn Photography – How to Pose Older Newborn Babies

Newborn Photography – How to Pose Older Newborn Babies

hi everyone its Monica from my big
camera in this video we will be taking you behind the scenes to show you how to
pose an older baby in three sleeping newborn poses most photographers will
tell you that the ideal window to photograph newborns is within the first
two weeks but what if you have a client that contacts you after that window what
if the baby is a month old or two months old do you turn them away or take the
session we will show you exactly how we pose older babies safely and comfortably
and how we transition and soothe them so that you can hopefully feel more
confident going into your next newborn session with an older baby all right so
let’s jump into our studio okay so we’re actually using our daughter who just
turned six months old for this demo so she is definitely a lot bigger chunkier
more alert and more stiff then a younger baby normally would be but the
strategies that we will be using we use for newborn babies as well as older
newborns generally up to two months old depending on the baby before you even
set they’d be down on the beanbag I make sure everything is ready and I have baby
dressed and whatever I want for the first pose make sure baby is nice and
full and then you can get mom to get baby drowsy however I do recommend that
after baby’s fed that you take baby from mum and walk them yourself because
sometimes babies will get fussy and want a nurse again if a mom is rocking them
it also makes it easier to set the baby down and to sort of position them a
little bit in your arms beforehand once you have baby asleep you can try to
set them down for the first pose if the baby starts to squirm a bit as you try
to set them down gently bounce or walk them until they settle again we will be
starting off with the tushie up pose so I’m trying to set her down onto her
tummy she fussed a little bit but as soon as I put her down I made sure to
turn her head towards the light and tuck her hand under her face and set her face
down on top of her hand to calm her down I’m just gently stroking between her
eyes honestly it’s like a magical mute button as long as baby is a bit drowsy
it generally works like a charm and I’m just gently patting her back to settle
babies love the soothing vibration and will most likely settle now that I have
her settled I’m gonna pose her legs her legs are very stiff and chunky so
they’re a lot harder to try to position under her then with a younger baby but
basically I’m just folding her back foot over the one closer to the camera and
I’m bringing her knees forward and tucking them underneath her belly if she
stirs then I’ll just Pat her on the back to settle her again
she did move her hand out of position so I’m just patting her to settle her while
keeping my right hand on her bum and legs to keep them in position just
basically making small movements and I’m patting her to keep her settled since
older babies tend to wake easier you definitely want to keep movements very
small and do lots of extra soothing to keep them asleep don’t worry about
perfecting the pose right away you can always perfect it after you get a couple
of safety shots now I’m going to repose her head and her hand basically I’m just
trying to straighten out her fingers and flattening out of her hand as best as I
can then bring a close to her face and while holding it in place with my thumb
I’m using my index finger to gently lift her chin and with my other hand use it
to lift her head to bring her face forward
so her cheek rests on top of her hand you can see she woke up a little bit
when I did this so I’m just suiting her until she settles while holding her hand
in place her legs also popped out of position you can prevent this if you had
a spotter or even a parent you can just get them to put their hand on baby’s bum
to keep their legs in place while you pose their face and hands I’m now adding
a large posing beam under her head and hands to lift up her head and a smaller
one under her legs to lift up her bum with the older babies you should avoid
lifting their bum up too much since they’re not as flexible as newborns and
their backs don’t arch as much I’m also turning her bum toward the camera to try
to get her knee to touch her elbow as best as I can
she’s really stiff so she’s not really letting me been there too much which is
totally fine I don’t want her to be uncomfortable or to put any strain on
her body but ideally if he can get that knee up to the elbow that’s ideal you
can see that she always moves her legs above back into a more comfortable
position which again is totally fine for me it will still be a beautiful photo
one thing I wanted to mention that when you take on an older newborn
you need to manage the clients expectations just remind them that the
baby may not sleep the whole time or may not sleep at all and you may not be able
to get any newborn sleeping tight poses I try to keep it very simple to simple
newborn poses that older newborns can do tummy poses chin on arms side lying and
wrapped poses all usually work really great avoid super curly poses like taco
froggy and other similar poses because older babies are usually not as flexible
as newborns are and usually don’t like those types of poses if you think a baby
will do them that you can definitely attempt it but otherwise I would just
suggest sticking to easier poses back poses can work too but unless a baby is
swaddled babies tend to have a pretty strong startle reflex it may start a
little wake out of the pose if baby is alert and awake then you can definitely
do some photos of baby on its back it’s a good idea to be extra prepared with a
number of setups you can do with baby awake in case baby doesn’t want to sleep
it’s hard to tell from the angle of the filming camera but she’s posed
completely parallel to the camera so her face and bum are at the same focal
length and I’m shooting directly in front of her so full-length shot is the
main one that I want to get I will then try to go in for a couple of close-ups
and also some from above remember to always wear your camera strap when
shooting from above because you never want to risk your camera falling onto a
baby so not that I have my safety Shaw’s I’m gonna try to fix her hand and face
just like before get those fingers flat and then lift her face forward and onto
her hand then I’m gonna redo the same shots as before as you can probably tell
newborn photography requires a lot of time and patience but just take your
time and move slowly to keep they be settled I also wanted to mention that
although you can’t see it we have a white noise machine going and we keep
the room quite warm usually around 75 degrees Fahrenheit which we have found
to usually be the perfect temperature to keep baby sleeping without overheating
them babies love warmth and will generally sleep really well if they’re
nice and warm if you’re not able to heat up the whole room you can use a small
space heater but just be careful not to have the heater going directly on the
baby because you don’t want them over heating if baby starts to turn red or if
the back of their neck is sweaty then they are too warm and you need to cool
them down always keep baby comfortable and safe and just in case you’re
wondering my daughter’s cheeks are red because she’s teething really badly
right now so her cheeks are always super red she’s very comfortable without being
too warm or too cold here are the final shots these are all taken at F two point
eight ISO 100 and shutter speed one one sixtieth of a second if you’re
interested in our lighting setup for newborns bet you have a whole video on
it so I’ll link it up in the cards in case you’re interested in checking it
out so next pose that we will be
transitioning her into is sort of an angled tummy pose I don’t actually know
what this pose is called but it’s a really easy one to do right after the
tushie up pose I’m first going to remove the posing
being under her legs and then I’m gonna move her bum back to
Wars the backdrop so that her body is more angled towards the light my light
is positioned on the left side at a 45 degree angle towards the baby now just
adding a larger posing beam under her face and hand so that it’s higher than
the rest of her body I’m gonna try to move her face onto her
hand again and you can see that this woke her up a little bit so I’m just
gonna get her settled again and gently but firmly hold her in place so now I’m just tucking a wrap around
her body to get a bit of a different look this is a great way to avoid taking
off the diaper with an older baby I would suggest leaving the diaper on
unless they’re super CP because if they poop or pee they will probably wake up
very upset and may not fall back asleep so I usually stick to wraps that can
swap out in a simple diaper cover so for this pose I’m actually shooting
at a 45-degree angle basically right beside my light my camera is angled
right at her face so I could get all of her little features and hyper body more
blurred out in the background I also do some close-up shots and a couple of
shots from above now that I have my practice shots I’m
gonna perfect the pose by lifting her face onto her hand a little bit better
when doing this pose be mindful of their mouths being open a lot of babies like
to open their mouth when in this position which doesn’t look the greatest
in the photos such as gently close their mouths by lifting up their chin with
your finger also be careful not to stretch their neck too much this can
cause a baby to have trouble breathing so always be careful posing babies as
they are tiny humans that you need to be super gentle with if you notice the
baby’s body moving up and down too much when they breathe in and out then you
probably have their chin extended up too much and need to get them out of that
position right away okay so the next pose I will be
demonstrating is the side line pose you can either transition from the sidelines
to tishy up or tummy to the side line like I am doing here actually you
normally like to do the sideline pose after a rapt pose and then transition to
tushy up but since this is the first time they have attempted this pose with
my daughter since she was a newborn I decided to do it last
just in case she decided she was done with the session and now I completely
underestimated how heavy and baked she was and didn’t really do the best job
turning her so she started to bust a little bit with a younger baby shouldn’t
have any issues so just try to grab their bum and pee
with one hand and the top of their body with the other I had to do this
separately because of how long and big she was but once I got her flipped on to
her side I just try to settle her again while still holding her hands in place
I’m gonna stack her legs a feet on top of each other with my other hand I try
to stack her two hands on top of each other and hold them in place so she
doesn’t startle herself awake which might happen if you leave their hands
free once she settled I’m gonna lift her head
up just like before and lift it onto her hands while still holding her hands in
place if you hold them in position and gently rock them a bit baby will
generally settle into the position really well I’m just working on
straightening out those fingers while still gently rocking her to keep her
settled and hold her head and hands in place and while holding your head and hands in
place I’m gonna fix her feet and legs again if you have an assistant or a
parent that can hold their legs while you position the hands and face this
will be a lot easier you can avoid them moving out of position now I’m just
going to angle her face up towards the light a little bit in order to prevent her from startling
out of position I’m actually holding her arms while I put on the headband with my
other hat it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do but we’ll keep her settled
I like to use Jersey tie-back headbands are really easy to slip on and off and
are really soft on baby’s head I make a lot of my own tie backs and if you’re
interested in learning on how to make some I have a video tutorial on it and
I’ll link that up in the cards in case you’re interested I can’t get our fingers completely
straight but I’m gonna take my practice shots and then try again you here I’m just stretching out the blanket
it’s best to you stretchy fabrics for your backdrops of stretch them as much
as possible to get rid of any wrinkles because that will make editing so much
easier however if you do have a couple of wrinkles in your blanket our free
frequency separation action works great for removing the wrinkles and Photoshop
I’ll put the link to where you can download our free action set down in the
description box so now that I have my practice shots I’m
adding a wrap to cover her diaper cover and I’m gonna retake my shots the shots
I always aim to get her a full-body one at a 45 degree angle basically right
beside my light then some close-ups some from above and also one from the front
directly parallel to her body her head and upper body are so heavy so
it makes it hard to lift up her head enough I’m just adding another beam
underneath to lift it up a little bit more and then I’m going to try to
perfect the pose if you haven’t noticed I’m a bit of a perfectionist so you
really don’t need to do this if you don’t want to but I just try to make
sure the cheek doesn’t look too squished one other thing I wanted to mention is
that when starting out especially stick to just a couple of very basic neutral
colors for your backdrop cream white grey and a soft pink or pretty much all
you really need in the beginning those are also the most flattering colors for
baby’s skin tone and they won’t cause color casts on baby’s face they will
need to remove later in Photoshop plus it’s really easy to pretty much add any
color accessories that you would like since the backdrop is so neutral you
really don’t need much when you’re starting out even if you just start off
with a cream backdrop in a cream wrap you can easily use those for both boys
and girls and create some really beautiful organic photos that the
parents will love you and if you’re interested in learning how
to edit newborn baby’s skin in Photoshop I will link an editing video up in the
cards in case you wanted to check it out that’s it I hope you found this tutorial
helpful and that you feel more confident imposing newborns and older babies
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and if you’re interested in our free photoshop actions for editing newborns
and portraits I’ll leave the link for that down in the description bye for now
and remember keep creating

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