– Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I wanted to film you
our Newborn Essentials. Our baby is now seven weeks
old, and these are all products that we have been loving
over the past seven weeks and that we wouldn’t want to live without. But the first one I wanted to show you is the Sleepyhead Deluxe. This is something new. We have three children and
these were never a thing when I had my first two children. When I was looking at
products for this third baby that we’ve just had, everyone was just raving about these and talking about how they
couldn’t live without them. I was really dubious
about buying this product because it is on the expensive side. It was 150 pounds and I bought
it in this chevron pattern and I’ve also got a second cover
for it which was 55 pounds. I also bought the white
one because I thought, well, if there’s spit-up
or sick or mess on it, I will want to change it immediately. So it was quite an investment for me, and I was a bit like, oh
is it really worth it? But, it is. I love it. With my first son and second son, I used to actually roll
up a blanket or a towel and put it around them so there
was something on their head to feel like they were still in the womb. But this basically feels like
you’re still in the womb, there’s soft sides all around you. It’s really snug all the way around, and he just sleeps so well in it. You can take it downstairs so they can snooze downstairs near you when they’re really new, you can have it in your bed
so they can co-sleep with you, you can take it away with you. I don’t know if it’s
because of this product or just because I’m a third time mom, but our third baby has
slept through the night much sooner than my other children. And I don’t know if it’s this or not, but I would really recommend it. The next thing that you will need a lot of is muslin blankets, and I have loved the
muslin swaddle blankets. They’re absolutely huge. These ones are from Aiden & Anais. They make the best muslins. Again, slightly more expensive, but they only get softer
when you wash them. They will last through three children or however many children you have. It’s amazing how much a muslin can do. You can lay them on it, you can wipe their spit away with it, you can cover up when
you’re breastfeeding, you can cover them so that they
have some shade in the pram. They’re just amazing, I
always have one on me, and I love the Aden & Anais ones the best. The next product that I wouldn’t want to live without is our Snooze Pod. This is basically like a little crib that goes on the side of your bed so that you can co-sleep sort of safely. It attaches to your
bed and there is a mesh between you so that you
can always see your baby. Or you can even pull it down like I do and the Sleepyhead fits
perfectly inside it. Love having our baby so close to me and I can always see him, hear him. It’s also bigger than a Moses Basket, so they can be in this to up to six months which is the recommended that you should have them in your room with you. And it’s just so so nice. I’ve loved it. We’ve bought it in the color called putty. You can also rock this crib and you can also take the top of it off, so you could bring it downstairs with you or into another room if you wanted them to nap near you, again. And then you can carry it back up and put it next to your bed again. The next product I
wanted to tell you about is our Doona car seat. Now I have done a whole
in-depth product review on this, so I will link that down below. But it is basically a
car seat that the wheels are always attached to, they just click underneath the car seat and then when you want them to come down, you just click a button
and they come down. We also bought the Isofix
Base that goes with it. So it’s so easy, it just
clicks onto that base. It’s great for doing a school run. It’s great for doing little trips. You do still need a full on
pram for like full days out. But for little journeys,
this has been incredible. The next product is Water Wipes. I have mentioned these in so many videos. They were in my hospital bag videos and my evening routine
videos, I just love them. They’re just 99% water
and 1% fruit extract. They’re very pure and
safe for newborn skin. I find that they stay wet right
until the end of the pack. They are really nice like
wet-ness, if that makes sense, and I just love them on a newborn baby. The next thing I’d really
recommend that you have is a lightweight bouncer. We have had the same bouncer through all three of our children. I think this is better to have than one of those fancy swings or rockers, or things that shakes back and forth. If it’s lightweight you can move it from room to room with you. I even take it to the shower
with me and sit in happily and I can see him while I have a shower. So we love having a lightweight bouncer. The next thing is my nursing pillow. I got this one on Amazon. This is brilliant because
not only can you use it to breastfeed or to feed your baby, it’s great to put behind you when you’re just sat on the couch. I also really like to sit our
baby in it so he can sit in it and he’s not flat on his
back if he’s a bit windy. It’s a good position for him
to kind of get the wind out. He can look around and we
can chat to each other. I also know that when he’s
five or six months old and he starts to sit up, I can sit him in the middle of this and not worry about him
falling back onto his head. We use this for multiple things
and it’s been so so useful. The next product that’s been
essential for me this time is our baby sling, I
have used it non-stop. And I love just the fabric baby slings. This one is called the Wuti
Wrap and it’s from We Made Me. It’s a really nice mesh, and it’s just really soft and breathable, so you basically just
wrap it all around you. It’s simple to learn how
from YouTube tutorials. And also they send you instructions
with the slings as well. But it’s super super soft and the baby is right next to your skin. I think my baby loves
just being right next to his food source as well,
because I am breastfeeding. I have found this amazing
to have hands-free just to put my makeup on, to make dinner, to go to playgroups with my other children and them be happy. As soon as I stick him in this thing, he has a sleep and it’s like
his favorite place to be, so I would not want to have a newborn without having a sling. The next thing that I’ve
loved is our bath support. We got this from Kiddicare and it’s gone through all
three of our children, so it’s obviously really
hard wearing as well. It was so cheap, it was like 10 pounds, and the best thing about it
is you can take the fabric off and just wash it in the
machine really simply and then put it back on
so it never gets dirty. I love that it just goes in our big bath or it also fits in our sink so I can bath the baby in either of those and easily drain the bathwater away, rather than having a separate baby bath that you have to clean and
get rid of all the water. This is so so easy and it
dries really really quickly. So we have loved having this. I don’t even know what brand it is. But I don’t think it matters, if you just look for a baby
bath support like this, we found it really really simple. The next thing we’ve loved
is our Angelcare Monitor. Basically Angelcare Monitors have a pad that go under your baby’s mattress and it monitors your baby’s movement. So if your baby doesn’t
move or breathe or anything for 20 seconds an alarm will go off. And I’ve really loved
having it for peace of mind. I know it’s really not for everybody and you have to install it correctly because there have been
horror stories in the past of babies getting caught up in the cord. They now make the product differently so that you can’t get the
cord wrapped around you. There are things to make the cord safe. But I love it because
I am an anxious mother. I am the type of person who
will wake up every 10 minutes to check their baby is breathing. So, for me, it’s just peace of mind. If I could have this until
our children were 18 years old and going out drinking, I would love to have it
under their bed even then, I just love it. So we have the one that is a
video monitor one, as well, because I also like to be able to see him. I really like having
the video one, as well, for when he’s older because it’s nice to be able to see if
he’s crying for a reason, like his arm is stuck through the crib or if he’s kind of just crying it out and kind of going off to sleep or not, so I love having the video one. But that does make it
a lot more expensive. It was 150 pounds with the
video one but it does video, sound, and the breathing monitor as well. And I know I’m probably gonna use it for a good three or four years
because that’s what I’m like. But you can get it just with the sound and breathing thing as well,
which is a lot cheaper, but I’ve really loved having this monitor. I also really recommend
getting some sort of mobile for your baby’s crib. We got this one from Mommas and Poppas. I just thought it was really cute and kind of went with
the decor in his room. But it doesn’t really
matter what mobile you get. I just find that even
newborns love to lay somewhere and look at something. Especially now that he’s
six or seven weeks old. It’s nice that I can lay
him in there and turn it on and quickly run around and do something. And he’s happy, he’s
looking at it, he’s smiling, he’s following the things
around with his eyes. I just love having something
that I can put him under and know that he’s getting
some kind of stimulation while I can like run around and hoover or, you know, choose
his clothes for the day. Another product I’ve really
loved having is our Snoozeshade. It is basically just a big black cover that you can put over the buggy
when your baby is sleeping. It’s completely breathable
and it’s also SPF, so it’s better than putting a blanket over which can stop the air from getting in, or a muslin which isn’t necessarily SPF. This would be great if
we had a summer baby, or especially when we go on holiday, I always have this with me. I also just wanted to
mention our changing mats. The changing mats that we’ve bought have really high sides on them. I got one from John Lewis and
I got one from Anison as well. Obviously you should never leave a baby on a changing table on it’s own, but it’s just nice to
have that added security of the high sides so
that they can’t kind of fall off or roll over
or anything like that. The last product I wanted to
mention is our baby blanket. And I know that’s a
really really obvious one. Obviously you need baby blankets and cellular blankets are good, but these ones we’ve had three times now. They are from John Lewis, if
you just search pram blankets you will see them come up. They come in a really cute design and they’re only 16 pounds. I have washed these
about five million times and they’re so so soft,
they’ve kept their color. And I just really really love them, so I wanted to mention John
Lewis pram blankets as well. So I think that that is it for this video. Those are all the essentials that I wanted to share with you. I could literally talk about
baby products all day long. But those are our top ones. Let me know in the comments what yours are and don’t forget to subscribe
to my channel for more videos, and thank you so much for watching! I will see you soon, bye!


  1. No offence I love your videos, but all this stuff is so expensive and It feels like you flaunting the fact you have money, most us are on a budget and just 2 of those items on this list is the total amount I have to buy for everything for my new baby. Just wondered if you know how much more privileged you are than most of the UK mum's watching your videos. It feels like your setting incredibly high standards of baby stuff that most uk mum's do not need, but feel like they need to just be a mum. I work hard for the little money I have… i will never have or want all those materialistic things.

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    I would love you to make a video about products you regret buying (for all stages). I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary
    products that claim to be must haves, and I really trust your judgment 🙂

  5. Please be aware the Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod or any other baby nest posses a risk of of suffocation due to SIDS. Please do not endorse products that are all hype and have not passed any safety standards. Youtube is blowing up with hype for baby nests including the DocaToc. Buyer be ware. Below is a recent article of a baby that died in one such a baby sleeping bed.

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  8. I love your channel but the first product bumpers are a HUGE! SIDS/SUDSI risk! I recommend not using that first product and NOT putting an infant face down to sleep. Always on their back to sleep. As a mother, baby nurse, I had to say something. I love the car seat.

  9. My baby boy sleeps in his cacoon it’s by red castle and it’s called a cacoon I think it’s brilliant and much safer than anything with padding around the sides you can buy fitted sheets and a sleeping bag to go over the top great for colic too

  10. Great video and product recommendations, thanks! Can I ask, are you getting any free products or money from any of these manufacturers? Just a good thing for me to take into account if you are. Congratulations.

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    Out of topic question: where do you buy clothes ? You have a great taste!

  14. I ordered the John Lewis blanket and bath support! I hope the bath support fits in my sink. I prefer to bathe her there first

  15. I just wear my babies so I don’t need all these extra contraptions. I usually have one bouncer that can move from room to room with me but that is it. I use carriers the rest of the time to keep baby close while I do pretty much anything. I love that carrier!

  16. Thanks for the wonderful series! I have watched every one of them, even though I am WELL past being a mum! I was a nanny for years before I had my first little bundle of joy, and there was very little on the market for newborns, let alone one who arrived six weeks early! We had to roll up all the sleeves on the "preemie" sleepers and I had to knit and sew most of her clothes myself!
    We had trouble conceiving the next one, so our second baby arrived in time for his sister's 19th birthday! He was overdue, so he went right into 3 months size. I was amazed at how much choice there was in the baby market!
    I wish someone had made such wonderful videos about all the new baby products and some of the not so great ones too!
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    By the time I had my second baby, I learned about the wonders of "Bag Balm" , Crescent shaped nursing pillows, and a baby sling which allowed me to do "hands free nursing"! What a difference those 20 years had made. I also have had the wonderful experience of helping my daughter with her 2 beautiful babies (now teenagers!) I would definitely love to see you do videos on essentials for mum, during the different stages, I'm amazed that with 3 busy little boys you can even find the time to make any videos at all! Thanks for helping new parents make well informed choices, and for keeping us grandparents aware of the best gift choices!

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    We got the Fisher Price piano kick and play

  23. Very surprised you put him on the tummy to sleep! That's a no no where I live. Crib deaths here (Norway) have actually gone done by 92% (!) after every mother was told to only let their babies sleep on their back (until they are able to turn around themselves).

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    One question around sleepyhead. Did you ever find it’s hard to wean little Jackson off it when he got too big for it?

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