Hey welcome back! Today I’m going to be
sharing with you all of my newborn must-haves and how I scored a lot of
these used at way less than retail price. I’m going to go ahead and share
the price that I paid for these and be linking them down below at retail price
if you just want to just get it new and give you the comparison. So if you decide
to go out and do yard sales or try to find something on OfferUp or Facebook
Marketplace, you kind of have a range of what to offer them. You will definitely
get things the very cheapest at yard sales compared to thrift stores or any
other secondhand method of buying things used. Yard sales are the number one
cheapest way. As you can see right here, I have the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. I had
planned to just get a pack and play with an upper level and a lower level used,
but when I came across this, I had to buy it. You guys, it was a guy and I don’t
think he realized how much it was worth. This retails for roughly $185
and I got it for $5 in pristine condition. I honestly
think they only used this for a few weeks: it was in that great of condition. It’s
definitely not in that great of condition anymore, but the reason I know
this is because I had a pack and play in the past and (you can YouTube this) I
washed it in the bathtub with laundry detergent, baking soda and vinegar
and you let it soak in that hot water for a half hour, then flip it over and
let it soak for another half hour and usually the water will be very dirty.
The pack and play that I had done this with: I had to do two cycles of this
because the water was so dirty. This guy right here: I did this and the water was
sparkling clean. Not even the tiniest bit of filth in that water. It’s called a
co-sleeper because it comes with these anchors, or really just the one anchor
and it clips to the side: one side here and one side here and
then you’ve got this flat square right here and this is going to slide all the way
underneath your mattress, between your mattress and your box spring, or I don’t
think you even necessarily need a box-spring as long as you’ve got a
nice bed frame to mount it, but you slide it all the way underneath your mattress
and then pull it flat on the other side of your mattress and you can adjust
these straps, so that it’s nice and tight and this is right up against your bed,
right next to you. I didn’t use it as a co-sleeper like that. I had him just next
to me and then I decided that because my bed is up against the wall and
I didn’t want to crawl to get out of bed and go to the bathroom in
the middle of the night (I wanted to be able to have my space, I’m definitely the
kind of person who likes my space when I’m sleeping), I wound up moving him to
the foot of my bed. You can just unhook it from the sides right here. There’s
little clips right here and you can just unhook it and pull it completely off, but
you’ve also got storage pockets on both sides
and on the back right here. This is just completely empty. You
could buy yourself some little fabric boxes to put under there and put your
baby’s clothes in there, but as you can see, I’ve got it lowered
down here and when your baby starts to roll over (let’s take this out, I will
explain this to you in a moment), it’s not that deep, but
it’s safe for your baby until your baby starts to roll over. My son rolled over
from his stomach to his back at 4 weeks, so that was still okay because
I was putting him to sleep on his back, but when he started rolling at
two-and-a-half months from his back to his stomach, that was
when I lifted this up. Now this is not like those pack and plays that have the
double layer where you can have the top part and then as the baby gets
bigger you can move it down. It can fold up just like a pack and play, it travels
with you and it has the fabric like I said: you can wash it in the
bathtub and get it completely disinfected if you decide to buy it used.
You can find this on OfferUp. I guarantee you can find this for
much cheaper than buying it $185 retail if you do
want to go with a mini crib like this. This lasted my son up until 6 months
and then I went out and I actually bought a
brand new pack and play. I went on Amazon and got it; the
box was opened, but it was new. I think I paid $40 for it. So, it was kind of
expensive to me, but I want to have another baby and because I knew that, I
was like, “Okay I’m going to invest in a new one for this one” because it’s actually
really hard to find a pack and play in really mint condition because
they’re very used. Those things are used to the ground. People give their
babies food in it and it’s not impossible, but I’m just saying. There’s
also mesh sides here, so your baby can breathe if he or she does wind up
rolling and getting up against the side of the crib, it’s breathable. For the
mattress, it’s just a regular changing pad and it originally
had the little corners on it right here to where it was like domed and I
kept him in there like that because I liked this being low like
this (bed level so I can get him out easily), but after a couple months I
actually went ahead and took the changing pad… this looks super ghetto you
guys I know trust me, but it was in really good condition when I got it. I
got it for $1 at a yard sale and I got the changing pad cover
at a yard sale for $1 as well. I took
the straps and completely just ripped them off:
the straps when your baby is on the changing table and you have to
buckle them in case you have to walk away from the table (to keep them safe)
and then this was like a triangle piece. I didn’t know what I was
working with. I was just going to go out and buy a little pad for this and just cut
it down anyways, but I figured I wanted to open this up and see what was inside.
You’ve got a full rectangle thin pad and then you have two half triangles
(half of a square technically) and it just goes straight up
and I literally just pulled this foam pad completely
out and I was able to just rip off both of the triangle pieces. They were just
glued on to the rectangle and then I pretty much wrapped this up like you
would like a present: kind of folded in the sides, wrapped it up
and then just taped it. Completely waterproof mattress, nice and soft for $1. I
don’t like the way pack and play mattresses are kind of bumpy: I
wanted my son to have a nice smooth surface and it fit perfectly. Newborns
have this thing called the Moro reflex or Moreau?
I think it’s Moro reflex and what it is, is it’s a startle reflex: an
involuntary, arms up startle reflex when they feel like they’re falling. It sticks
with them for about 3 to 4 months on average. So, when they’re sleeping
they’re going to be going like this, so that’s why we swaddle our babies. There
are so many swaddles out there. You’ve got the muslin wraps,
you’ve got the velcro ones, the tank top ones, there’s the magic
one where they’re like this in like a magic suit? I was originally going to
use some muslins; I found a couple muslins
at yard sales and the research that I did showed that it could cause joint
problems and hip dysplasia because their legs aren’t moving freely and I was
thinking about the development and the risk that I would be putting my baby in.
My eight-year-old daughter has special needs because of her delays there was no
way that I wanted to even risk that with his development. His development
has been like my main priority since he’s been born. So I knew that I
had to swaddle him in some way because I didn’t want to put him on
his stomach like I did with her. I just had her sleep on her stomach and babies
sleeps so much easier in their stomach because they’re not flailing,
but I didn’t want to put him at risk for SIDS. With her I wasn’t very
educated on that, but it is not worth the risk you guys, put your babies on their
back and just use a swaddle. I bought the Swaddle Up. I don’t know why I was
able to find this package. I had held on to it in case it didn’t work for me
because I bought it from Target: if you buy something from Target you get like
three months, but I wanted to hold on to the box and I found it in my baby stuff.
Your baby is in the arms up position when he or she sleeps and this
is kind of like exercise pants, like yoga pants stretchy material. It’s not
too warm, it’s completely breathable and stretchable to your baby. If you can see: this has been cut off. I went to
go and transition my son when he was starting to get too big for this one
(instead of buying the medium). The small is 7 to 13
pounds and I decided I would just cut off the piece and then set it
aside and see if he was ready to transition (at about 3 months I did
this). He was not ready. I gave it a couple days and he was not ready to transition
yet. So, I just sewed it back on and I wound up getting the next size up, but
your baby is going to be able to be in arms up position and this really helps your
baby to self-soothe because I noticed that when he would suck on his hand, it
would calm him down and he could just take his little hand and suck on it
and if he woke up, he was learning to start to put
himself back to sleep. This took a very long time, don’t expect your baby to be
able to do this because my son is 8 months old and the other day he woke up
5 times in one night. His average is twice a night, but don’t compare your
baby to other babies. Some people say breast milk is
lighter, so they don’t sleep through the night and my doctor said that she has
plenty of breastfed babies that are sleeping through the night at like two
months. It’s just the baby: everybody is different and if this swaddle
doesn’t work for your baby, every baby has individual needs,
but this thing is what I went with and what I’m going to go with with my next
child. Also, as you see at the bottom it’s like a little sleep sack. It just zips up
and the great thing about this is his legs can move freely, by the way. So, if he
wants to move his legs, he has the ability to do that, he’s not locked in,
he’s got that joint mobility. The great thing about this is you keep your baby
in this in the middle of the night and you can just unzip him at the bottom,
pull his legs out, change his diaper,
zip him back up and he stays in the swaddle the whole time. When your baby
starts to get a little bit bigger, or you’re starting to think about
transitioning, there is the next size up. This is the medium: they make the medium
in that one without the removable arms, but I got this. This is $35 (that one is
$30), but I was lucky enough… I bought two of them because
I didn’t really have my diaper trick yet (that I’m going to share with you), but he was
always soaking through the swaddle and your baby can’t sleep without it. If
you’re going to go with that, your baby can’t sleep without it. So, I bought two
and I had a coupon around the time he was born: I got $15 off $50. This one
with the zipper is $35. Actually, it’s $35.99 so 36 about $40 for
the one swaddle. I went on OfferUp and I offered a girl less than her price. I
offered her $10 and she shipped it to me for $5. So, this was $15 and the arms
zip off when you’re ready and it has the same thing where at the bottom
you can zip it up and then have the legs out to change your baby’s diaper and
then you would have your baby like this once they’re ready to transition and
then when you feel that they have adjusted (just listen to your
intuition don’t rush your baby), when you feel that they’ve adjusted and they’re
good with the one arm off, you can take off the other one and turn it into
a little sleep sack and then from there I had found two sleep sacks that are
0 to 9 months that I moved my son into. I just put him in a onesie at
night and then this really… it’s very thick like wool flannel type sleep sack
and it’s long-sleeved and he’s got his arms free. It’s very loose,
it’s not tight up against him like this one. These are still tight up against them.
So, it’s like they have that comfort, that support. They feel almost like they’re
being held in that center right there, it grips them. If you’re a subscriber you
probably already know about this, but I have a red light in my room, so that when
I put my daughter to sleep at night, my son and I go into my room and I turn
on… I have a regular lamp that lights my whole room with the regular
yellow/white light and then a little desk lamp by my bed that has this
light bulb and this only goes on at night in between all the wakes and
then when we nurse to go to sleep. So right when this light goes on, he knows
okay we’re going to sleep now, this is going to be the start of nighttime and
then each time he wakes up, this is the light that
goes on. I do not turn on any white light, so that he knows it’s still nighttime. It’s a cooler light, so it doesn’t have
that blue light that wakes us up. There’s a 2-pack of those on Amazon for $7 I’ll
go ahead and link that (along with everything else) in the description box
below for you, as I always do. Keep that in mind when you’re watching
my videos: I link as many things and the best prices that I can find, in the
description box below for you guys: so you don’t have to hunt for the lowest
price. Another sleeping trick is white noise. Your baby already is used
to that sound anyways from being in the womb and it drowns out if
you’ve got other kids running around, or you don’t want to tiptoe around your
baby’s crib. Having white noise next to it helps so much.
I sleep with white noise anyways, so does my daughter. This is actually hers, it’s
the Marpac Dohm. I love these things. The one I have in my room, I’ve had
for 2 or 3 years now and there are no problems with it
whatsoever. That one I got refurbished, but this one I got on eBay used for
$25: they retail for $45 though. I have blackout curtains as well: in
my room and my daughter’s room and we also have them here in the kitchen. For
our bedrooms though, I didn’t want to pay… usually they’re sold separately. I got
the Mainstays brand at Walmart, but the 2-pack of the window
sized ones was more expensive than buying one really long one
like my kitchen length one. It’s 84 inches by around 42 inches.
What I did, is I bought one (both of our rooms I did this), I bought just one
full-length curtain and then I folded it in half and sat on it, so that I kept
that crease good and I just cut very carefully along the edge and then took a
lighter (very carefully because you don’t want it to go up in flames and you also
don’t want to have it be an uneven cut) just took a lighter and got all of
the little frays from the threads. The reason I was able to do this is the top
and bottom of the curtains have the little like loop for the curtain rod to
go through. I don’t know why they’ve got it on the
top and the bottom. I guess maybe it gives you two different choices because
they’re a little bit different, but I didn’t mind that. It was totally worth
saving the money and blackout curtains are a little bit more pricey. I could not
find them on the Walmart site. I’ll look again and if I can find it I will link
it below for you, but it’s probably best to just go into the store and check it
out. To this day, when I go into my room with my son for his nap time, we go over
to the white noise machine, we turn that on.
I don’t do the red light during the day, only at night, but during his naps we go
to the white noise machine, we turn that on, I turn on his monitor, I go over and I
close those curtains, and then I grab his little sleep sack, I set him on the bed,
put him in the sleep sack and all of these are cues preparing him: this is
going to be naptime, she’s doing all of the things that she does every time. It’s
a routine and babies like consistency. They like to know what’s going to happen
because they can’t communicate with you. So, all of those little cues that you
give them (this means that’s going to happen, this means that’s going to happen), they are
so important for your baby to feel like they have some control and some
understanding of this world around them. Now moving into the diapering portion of
this. My daughter suffered from diaper rash throughout her infancy. It was an
ongoing problem. I mean, it wasn’t horrible, but she was always red.
We tried every type of cream that there was, we tried baby powder, we even tried
the Burt’s Bees (all of the stuff with the zinc oxide): throw that out
the door. Don’t even bother using anything with
zinc oxide, the white pastes that are actually like white color. I can
happily say that because of the research I did, my son has never, not once in eight
months, had a diaper rash and the reason for that is I used this baby Aquaphor. I
have never had to use anything else and it is 14 ounces and $12.97 on Amazon. It’s
just this clear consistency. I put it in between his legs right there.
That’s where the diaper really irritates that skin. So, I put it in between both of
the cracks and outside where all those little wrinkles are and then
obviously from front to back on his crack. I
don’t do it on top of him anymore because I realized that that actually
isn’t necessary and then after I get it off my finger
(you don’t have all that nasty zinc oxide stuff on your finger and have
to waste more wipes), I just take his diaper and I wipe the rest of that
on the clean diaper and I’m good to go. I didn’t have to replace this
until he was 7 months old. I keep this in my daughter’s room on the changing table.
That’s what I use during the day and then at night I have a diaper caddy
right here, that I keep next to my bed where I have that little lamp with the
red light. I wanted to use that tub for my diaper bag and in the diaper
caddy, so I got these little dressing containers from the
Dollar Tree. It doesn’t close completely unless you pinch it, something about the
texture of the Aquaphor, but you have to just pinch it like that and then put the
lid on, keep pinching it and then it’ll pop on and it’s good, it’s solid. The
two times that I did not use this cream… okay, one time nothing happened, but the
second time (I think it was the second time that I did it because I haven’t
done it since that happened), he was a little bit red. He wasn’t full-blown rash
or anything, but he was a little bit red and that is the only time I’ve ever seen
him look a little bit red because I’ve used this at every other diaper change. I
put this cream on after that diaper and he was done: he was perfectly fine in a
couple hours, perfectly back to normal. That brings me
to the diaper caddy. I got this at the 99-cent store because they have
these at the Dollar Tree, but they have the colored ones and I liked the black
because my room is kind of a black theme. So, in here I have my GermX hand
sanitizer. They have these at the Dollar Tree, but they like to hide them behind
their crappy other green hand sanitizer. They like to hide them on the shelf
behind them, so that they can get rid of the other one. The other one I despise. It
smells like cheap plastic bottle vodka. It smells really disgusting, the
consistency is terrible. This stuff smells amazing and the consistency is
great. I also have this little flashlight I got at the 99-cent store: it’s an LED
flashlight. It’s really bright, I actually haven’t had to replace the
batteries either, but what I would do because when you change your baby’s
diaper in the middle of the night, you don’t
want to have the white light wake either of you up. I would just put this in my
mouth, click it, turn it on just click the button right there, put it in my mouth
and aim it down at his diaper area and keep it out of his face. That
way it didn’t wake us up. Also, I have a changing pad:
this was fifty cents at a yard sale, just a regular old
changing pad for when I would be changing him on my bed and then next to
that I have the diaper cream and then back here I have my diapers, wipes and
your baby is going to have… within the first days of life your baby is going to
have an explosive diaper. You’re going to open the diaper and it’s going to be pooing,
pooing, pooing with the diaper open. I have heard this story from countless
people and it happened to me with my daughter and with my son. So I
don’t know what it is, it’s like all of a sudden their bowels start moving and
they have a poo, you go to change them, and they just start going
once that diaper opens. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why it’s so
common for this to happen. So, beware those first couple days and make sure
you’ve got a clean diaper underneath the dirty diaper and
having these bags. They have these at the Dollar Tree. They’re scented (they don’t
smell bad), they’re scented bags, they’re called
Angel of Mine fresh baby powder fragrance. There’s 75 bags for a dollar and
they’ve got little handles like that and you just tie it up and when you have a
catastrophe like that, you don’t want to worry about folding up that diaper
that’s covered and disgusting. You want to be able to just grab the parts that
are clean and chuck it in somewhere and chuck in all those wipes in there:
somewhere where you can accumulate it all, tie it up and put it away. In my
diaper bag, I have the dog bags that you can get in the pets aisle because
those are cheaper, but these I have for the purpose of
diapers in my home, in case there is a blow-out situation like that. So, those are
always here in case of emergency. They’re also on my changing table in my
daughter’s room and then for my wipes, I always order
the Parent’s Choice Fragrance-Free ones. It’s a pack of 100 wipes and it’s got this to pull them out. I just ordered a 20 pack of these for $19.84 at With Walmart,
you get free shipping if you order $35 worth of things. So, when I have small
things that I typically get at Walmart, I just throw them on my shopping list and
I save them there as they’re starting to run out (but they’re not empty, I try to
get them ahead of time), but I just throw them on the shopping list right away and
then when I go to get my diapers or my wipes, they throw it over the $35 really
easily and then I get everything shipped for free and I don’t have to do any
shopping. I’m just the kind of person that my time is valuable and
I’m just not a fan of going into the store because they have all of the
things that you’re looking at, it’s wasting your time and you also are kind
of like ooh I want that, I want that, I want that. I don’t have to worry about
this because I go on, I am very strict about what I buy, I stick to the list and
it’s really great because it’s shipped to my house for free. The diapers that I use
are also the Parent’s Choice diapers. He’s in size 4 right now, but this is my
tip. Some people are going to tell you that these diapers leak, but what I do is he
is in size 4, but these are during the day. He is in size 5 at night because
I don’t have to change him in the middle of the night anymore, mostly because of
this, but also because he only wakes up a couple times. I put the size 5 diaper
on him right before we go to bed at night and I keep that on him until his
morning change and then I put him back into the size 4s because the
higher you get up in the sizes, the more expensive the diapers are going to be each.
They start out at like two cents each. I think you’re going to get as low as about
two cents each. You’re guaranteed that with like the size ones. In the earlier
days, your baby’s bowel movements are just going to be straight liquid and
you’re going to be having those… it’s called a
blowout in case you don’t know. If this is your first child, it’s
called a blowout. It’s where the liquid poo just kind of
goes up the back of the baby, all over the onesie, all over everything and by
learning kind of when your baby has a bowel movement, you can know when to put
on the bigger size. So put on the bigger size in the middle of the night. My son
would always have a bowel movement… the big one, you know, he had little ones
throughout the day, but the big one was always in the morning. So, when I
discovered the size up method, I would always put him in the
bigger diaper during that blowout time that he would
have and I completely solved that problem. You’re going to get newborn
diapers in the hospital. They’re probably going to give you two packs: I got two packs.
I’ve heard that that’s pretty much the standard, that you get two different
packs of newborn diapers, so don’t buy newborn diapers. If you have a preemie,
God forbid, yes you’re going to need to go get preemie or newborn diapers, but don’t
plan for that. Just plan to use the newborn diapers that you got in the
hospital and buy yourself size ones. Trade in your diapers now because you’re
not going to be wanting to do this once you have your baby. You’re going to be
overwhelmed with a newborn and you’re going to want to have your size ones on
hand, especially because like I said, those baby poos are just straight liquid.
They don’t have any food in their system hardening it up and it’s just, it’s
messy. So, you want to use the bigger diapers. With my daughter, I used the
Diaper Genie. We just had that in her room with her changing table right there
and we’d change it like once a week and you have to pay for the refillable bags
and it clamps it tight right there and keeps the air
inside, but her room still always smelled like diapers. Yes, I could have just taken
it out more often, but in my mind, I was like, “Okay, well I’m wasting the bags by
doing that” because every time you tie it, you’re wasting more of the bags. This
time I was like no way, I’m investing in one thing: a tiny trash can to go by my
bed. This guy right here, this little mini trash can right there. I paid
like $12.99 on for it. I couldn’t find it, I already looked for it,
but I couldn’t find it. They have one for like $17.99, but Target
has one for $15.99 and in Ross they always have them for like $12
there. It has this inner little trash can right
here and now you’re thinking, “Okay, well what about the bags?” If you are a
subscriber, you know that I’m a WinCo girl. I discovered WinCo like a year ago
and I’m never going back. It’s my favorite grocery store, it
really is. Their produce bags are legit actual plastic, they’re not like those
thin ones at Stater’s or Ralph’s. They’re real thick plastic and I’ve got
like a thousand of these because we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. So I’m
glad I figured this out before my son was born. I was actually really proud of
myself for this, but what I would do (what I do still), is I start at the top and I
do a little stretch (just a little one) and then I move down and turn it,
stretch, move down and turn it, stretch, down, stretch, down, stretch. I do this in
my bathroom trash cans as well because the bag doesn’t fit unless you do this.
All the way down and then I kind of let the air out, so I’ve got plenty of room
for all the diapers and you’ve got your trashcan, completely
compatible. Drop it in here like that, there you go right there.
I keep this right next to my bed. When I change him during the day (in my
daughter’s room on the changing table), I just walk the diaper over to this little
trash can. I take it out about every two days and the stink doesn’t fester up
because it’s constantly being taken out. However, moisture accumulates (it’s
pretty disgusting), but I’ve learned how to manage it. Moisture will accumulate
right here, you’ll have that condensation and like dripping, so I always take one
wipe when I go to take this out, I take one wipe and
wipe this whole thing right here: the sides, all of this, drop that in, take the
thing out, tie it up and then just take it out and start over again. All I’ve had
to pay for this was that original $12.99 for the trashcan. As far as newborn
apparel, all you’re really going to need is onesies and sleepers.
You’ve got the short-sleeved onesies, the long-sleeve onesies and the good thing
about these ones is the newborn ones always come with a little rollover to
protect them from scratching their face when you don’t quite feel brave
enough to cut those nails. Side tip: you can just bite their nails. While they’re
nursing, they’re preoccupied, you can just bite those nails off: they’re like paper
thin and then these are the sleepers. If you can prevent it, don’t get
sleepers with buttons: there is no point. You’re going to sit there in the middle of
the night and button, button, button and you’re going to be so fed up with these
that you’re just going to throw them to the side because you’re going to be over it. You
just unbutton it once, it zips all the way down, you can pull them right out of
there. Also, there are these nightgown ones to where you can just lift it up
above the baby (like elastic right here) and they have the
little mittens on them as well. I love Carter’s. Carter’s for pretty much
everything, but the Gerber short sleeve onesies: I have a lot of those right now
that I’m using with my son. One of the tips that I have learned, is that it is
best to always have a onesie (even if it’s just a short sleeve). So, if
you’ve got really thick jammies on him or her sorry I always say him
because my baby’s a boy, but if you’ve got the really thick jammies on, just put
him in a short sleeve onesie. It will hold the diaper in place. I have my son
in a onesie at all times because it really holds it and you are preventing
the diaper from moving around and then leaking or having a blowout in the back.
He would always be in the short sleeve onesies, so when he was on his tummy
time and everything, I knew that he could feel things with his arms and with his
legs and then whenever we would take off, I would throw him in a sleeper: only the
really thick one if it was really cold outside. They don’t need to be overheated,
it’s not good for them. I would just put him in usually the thinner one. Putting on a
sleeper is like putting on socks, pants and a jacket all in one and you just
throw that on over the onesie. Hang out at home in a onesie and then
have the sleeper for when you go out of the house. I got a lot of my baby clothes
for 10 cents, 50 cents each. I never paid more than 50 cents, that was just… I have
my rule. With clothes, I won’t pay more than $1. With kids clothes I won’t
pay more than 50 cents because especially with baby clothes, how
are you going to try to charge me $1 to $2 for baby clothes, when
obviously that’s probably had lots of dirty things on it. I mean yeah, babies
only use their clothes for so long, but it’s more exposed to spit-up and all
that stuff. So no, I’m not paying more than fifty cents max for baby clothes,
but if you go into a thrift store… like I said, thrift stores and if you go on
OfferUp or anything, it’s going to be more expensive, but you can get them used for
cheaper than retail. If you go to a thrift store, the onesies are about $1
to $2, usually about one $1.50 for the onesies and then the sleepers range
from $2 to $3. My number one thing honestly, of everything here my
number one thing is the Boppy and you’re going to hear this in pretty
much every newborn essential video, but I don’t care because it’s really important
to tell you about it. This is the Boppy right here. It is a nursing pillow, but it
has a million purposes. My son’s 8 months, I’m still breastfeeding and I
still use this every time we nurse (unless at night, I lay down to nurse him).
By the way, I’m going to do a video on how to nurse laying down because that’s
tough to learn at first. It has a little zipper back here and
it’s got a cover. I got this for $1 at a yard sale.
It came with a pink cover, so I went ahead and grabbed this boyish cover for
$1 at another yard sale a couple months later towards the end of
my pregnancy and I finally found a cover and I bleached the pillow and I bleached
the cover. This retails for $40 and then if you don’t really like the cover that
they’ve got, you can get a personalized cover. They have a lot on Etsy and
there’s a bunch of different types of covers out there. The cool thing about
these is that it grows with your child. So though I’m still
using it for breastfeeding, he can sit up straight in it. When
he first was learning to sit up, I could put this behind him. So if he tilted to
the side, he wouldn’t fall down, if he tilted back, it was protection from him
falling and hurting his head and also kind of gave him a little bit of
confidence in his sitting. On top of that, I am very against seats for the most
part. I mean I have a swing here that I’m going to cover, but I’m really against seats
because of my daughter’s developmental delays. We had her in the Bumbo, in chairs
and swings and she was always in something instead of being on the floor
learning and exploring and strengthening her body and her core and her back and
shoulders. She was never on tummy time, so originally from the get-go with my son,
the day after we got home from the hospital, he was on his tummy.
Every time… (sorry my cat is shaking the tripod), from the day after we got back
from the hospital, I had him on his stomach every time I laid him down. For
whatever reason I needed to lay him down, I would throw the blanket down
really quick and I would put him on his stomach. So yes, he was a newborn laying
on his stomach like, “What the heck do I do,” but I just turned his head to the
side and he just kicked it there. He developed the ability to push himself up
so fast. Okay, I’m completely off topic here sorry
you guys, but instead of using a chair (a seat or little
bouncer), I would use this. I would just sit him in there like that
and he would lay down in it if I didn’t want to put him on tummy
time, or just put a blanket over it and your baby can actually sleep in this:
it’s like a little sleep pillow. For burping your baby, there’s all different
types of burp cloths. Some people say to use the… what are they called?
The disposable diaper, not disposable diapers, the cloth diaper rags:
to buy a bunch of those. I considered that, but in the end, I already had some
of these. They are flannel receiving blankets. This is what I used with my
daughter and I got a couple of the other things that I found at yard sales:
the little strip rags. I call this the rag, this is what I call it.
My daughter’s dad and I just called this the rag when we had her and it
stuck with me, so I call a burp cloth a rag, it is what it is. It’s like
a full-blown blanket and it’s multi-purpose, so you throw this in your
diaper bag and you can use it as a blanket, you can use it as a changing mat,
or you can use it as a burp cloth and when your child throws up, you don’t have
to throw it out right away. I mean, you should definitely throw it out at the
end of the day, but if it’s a tiny little burp cloth, you’re going to be going through
them like crazy. Okay let me tell you something: my
daughter threw up like crazy. She had the worst colic and the worst spit-up. With
him, he would burp and then just swallow it. That’s what he does, he
doesn’t really spit up. Every so often there’s spit up, that’s normal. No matter
what, your baby’s going to spit up sometimes, but by comparison, he does not spit up
like at all, but when your baby spits up, I always have this with me. I carry it…
it’s next to me in my bed at night and then I bring it out here in the living
room with my Boppy to feed him during the day and whenever there’s spit up I
just grab it. It’s right there and say I wiped this all up, there’s a lot
more to work with (to get the big ones) and then I can just flip it
inside out, or flip it like that and it’s invisible until I’m done for the day and
I just throw it in the hamper. All of mine are the Carter’s brand. You can get
a 4-pack for around $10. It might be a little bit more expensive, but you can
find similar brands (it’s pretty much the same thing, it’s just not Carter’s) and
you can get like 5 or 6 for about the same price and I only have about 4 of
those. I paid 50 cents for each of them. I was not going to pay any more than that
because it’s not an actual blanket. I paid $1 for the actual blankets that I
found and I paid 50 cents for those. So if you go to a yard sale, don’t hesitate
to offer them a lower price than what they ask for. I’m not big on pacifiers
(I mean I breast feed, so my son has me anyways, that’s his preference), but in the
beginning, especially in the car when your baby is just whaling and
there’s nothing you can do, being able to reach back behind
you and put a pacifier in their mouth to comfort them (because pulling over is the
last thing you want to do, you want to just get straight home) it’s very
convenient because it soothes them momentarily and I started out with the
Soothie: I actually brought that with me to the hospital. He was good with the
Soothie. He liked it, but he could never keep the thing in his mouth. Yes,
over time they get more used to it and they learn to keep it in their mouth,
but it wasn’t worth it to me. I tried using it for weeks and I was
over it. So I had a few of them. I had the Nuk brand, I had a couple other ones,
none of them worked. This Dollar Tree pacifier… you guys, it’s a Dollar Tree
pacifier. This was his favorite thing. He was able to use this, I think we stopped
using it at about 4 or 5 months. I just noticed that he wasn’t using it
anymore, so I don’t know, I just stopped using it. It just got to the
point where I didn’t use it anymore and now I’ve actually tried to see if
he’ll take it and he won’t, he just chews on it. It’s just a full squishy nub and I
think that this was the most similar to the Soothie to him: even though it’s
plastic and more squishy. He just preferred this to the half
domed ones, but it comes like this, it has the cover, it clicks right in
there. At the Dollar Tree, just get yourself one of these just in case and
after he was born and I saw that this was the thing that he took, I went and I
got myself a second one at the Dollar Tree: one of these for when he
was in his crib and one in my diaper bag, just in case while we were out. Now if
you’re a new mother, or if you haven’t done this in a long time, you probably
are not really going to be able to relate to this, but when you have a
newborn, you’re going to have moments. You are going to love that baby to death, I am
not saying anything against that, but you’re going to have moments where you are
at your brink. You have lost it, your moments from losing it
and that baby is fed, their diaper is changed,
they’ve been snuggled, all of their needs have been met and you are certain of
that, but they are still screaming that loud
newborn cry and you don’t know what to do. There is a reason. They don’t just cry
for no reason, there is a reason, but you feel like you’ve done everything and
nothing is working: you’re swaying them, you’re bouncing them, nothing is working.
That is the time that I would use the swing. I like to avoid seats at all costs,
but if I could not get him to sleep, if I could not get him to be calm (and because
I’m a single mother, I didn’t have anybody to pass him off to), if I needed
to just escape (even though he was crying), just set him down and escape, that was
where the swing came in handy. It’s just a floor swing, so if I absolutely needed
to, I could move it out into the living room. I could move it around the house
instead of those big bulky ones. If you like to travel a lot, you
can bring this with you. It’s really lightweight and easy to carry with you.
Unfortunately, they do not sell this one anymore. It’s the Fisher Price Ocean
Wonders floor swing: it has music and five different speeds on this side and
then this side has the vibration and it also has a little lock down here to where you
could lock it and keep it as a seat if you wanted to feed your child
or whatever and then it has a five-point harness for safety and then the little
mobile up here. The reason I’m showing you this (even though they don’t sell it
anymore) is because this is kind of an idea of what you might want to look for.
It has everything in it: it’s a chair, it’s the vibration, it’s the swing, it has
music. It’s really got everything all in one, but when you go to
look for a swing, you could even look up this same one on eBay or OfferUp. Just
try to look for something that’s kind of like an all-in-one, so you’re saving
yourself the money of having all of these different pieces all over your
house, taking up space and cluttering up everything. Most of the time, when he was
just overly tired and I threw him in there and gave him the pacifier (I’d
have him in his swaddle still), he would knock out pretty well and then if I
could absolutely still not get him to be quiet, I would turn on the vibration as
well. I tried to keep the stimulus factor at a low unless I had to increase it, so
I wouldn’t use the music unless I had to. I would just use the swing nice and slow,
but you can always speed it up faster if necessary, but by keeping that stimulus
setpoint at a low, you can always go up from there, instead of them always
expecting all of it. This particular swing was only $5 at a yard sale. You can
easily find a similar swing on OfferUp for about the same price if you want to
go with used. Also, something I just realized I forgot to mention with
the Boppy, is it works really well for tummy time with your baby because you
want to have your baby on tummy time on a blanket. You can also do tummy time
with the baby sitting on you. I’m going to do a video on this in the future, but
with you laying on the ground with baby sitting on you and then
have the baby like this on the Boppy on the ground, with their arms up like that
and it’s used really well for tummy time because by constantly mixing it up, you
keep your baby from getting bored and the Boppy is also a lot easier on them.
It’s an easier form of tummy time, but it still helps them get in that time each
day. Another thing if your baby is losing it and they just want to be close to you,
but you’ve got things to do, is getting yourself a carrier. This was
my number one thing for going to the grocery store. I personally didn’t like
ever having my son in a car seat because with his development, I
didn’t want him just sitting in a seat all the time. I mostly just had him
always on me and then I used this carrier: it’s the Baby Björn carrier. You
just put it like this and then you click it, you’re going to click this one right
into there and then you’ve got these little newborn tabs (I’ll show you that
in a minute). You’re going to slide… let’s see here, you’ve got baby right here,
put baby in there. You can have baby’s arms in, or like that and then
just slide that right down in there, no big deal and then you have these little
tabs right there, click, click. I guess we’re doing arms out right now:
this is what I’ve been doing with my son for a while, like that
and then when you have a younger baby, you’re going to do these little tabs, so
that you’re preventing them from being at risk of sliding out. One there, see if I can find this other one right there, there you go. I always kind
of tuck this little… you can adjust these to be comfortable for you and then I
just take this and I put it under here. Tuck it under there, so it’s not hanging
down and then right there and then as your baby gets a little bit older, you
can flip this down and just kind of have it like that and you can even turn your
baby outwards eventually. Now there’s a lot of controversy with these types of
carriers because they’re called “crotch danglers.” This one in particular though (I
mean, my son’s pretty big and he still goes in this), it keeps them in the seated
position, so they’re not just hanging by their crotch with their legs
down. He’s always got his knees bent and up like this. Unfortunately, the minimum
weight for this is 8 pounds, so with my son (I actually got this at a thrift
store for $6, it retails for $80), but because of the weight requirement (my
son was born at 7 lbs. 3 oz), I tried the Moby. I got this for $3 (it’s
the Moby Wrap), I got it for $3 at a yard sale. This retails at $45 and it’s a huge,
gigantic wrap. This is folded in half, so keep that in mind:
huge, gigantic wrap. He hated this thing. I’m going to show you right now how to wrap,
but he hated it. So what I did is (I’m not recommending that you do this, but I did
this with my son), I put one of these at the bottom of the Baby Björn
carrier, so it kind of lifted him up a little bit because that’s
what the problem is. When a baby’s smaller, they can’t
really breathe. They could get pressed up against your chest and not be able to breathe, so
I put one of these under his butt in there. Kind of folded up like that, so
that it pulled him up higher on me, so he had plenty of space to breathe and his
arms weren’t locked up there. With the Moby, this is what you’re going to do.
You’re going to fold it in half completely this way, right? This is how insanely
thick that width is. You’re going to fold it in half,
you’re going to put it on your stomach. Pretty much put the tag where your
bellybutton is and you’re going to crisscross these in the back. This is
going to be going over your shoulder where the open part is right here. So as you
can see, that’s the open part right there, this is the folded crease and then you
want it crisscrossed right there. I don’t know if mine’s tangled, but try not to
have it tangled and then you are going to crisscross it again here, shove it
down here through this, tighten everything up and then you go
around the back and then tie it in the front, or you can just tie it in the back
if it’s more comfortable that way, but I always brought it around the
front like so. Then for the newborn hold, you’re going to get the piece of fabric
that’s underneath here. So this one’s on top, you want to get the fabric that’s
underneath here and then you’re going to grab this fabric right here and keep
this one right here and kind of bring your baby down underneath
this and in through that little fold and then you’ve got this part here and
then that part there and then slide your baby down. This is the newborn
hold, make sure your baby can actually… turn their head there buddy.
Like that and over and then bring this completely up. So, you’ve got a lot of
support, baby’s nice and close to you. You can always adjust this to make it tighter
and then pull everything through and then just tie this tighter. The original
tie doesn’t have to be perfect, you can always just retighten, pull everything
and make it nice and tight and then you’ve got your baby in there just like
that, wrapped up nice and warm and close to your body. Now Anakin, my son, hated
this carrier, he absolutely hated it. I’m holding on to it for my next baby just
in case, but I’m also going to show you after your baby gets a little bit older,
how to do that position as well. This is how you take your baby out of here like
that. Okay, forget that. All right, so your crisscross is
here still, now your baby’s a little bit older. So for this, you’re baby just goes
straight down like so. One leg here, one leg here, make sure you’ve got enough butt
support here. Wrap it all the way around baby’s booty.
Their legs are obviously they’re going to be longer than this
little baby (this is my daughter’s baby doll, her name is Harlow) and then pull that right there, to cover
like so, just like this. When baby gets a little bit older… just like that
and then you can really wear this. You can use this carrier up until
they’re like toddlers, but personally I like to hold my baby everywhere we go. If
I need to do something that I know I’m going to need my hands, I throw him in the
carrier, but I try to keep him out of it as much as possible because I do
worry a little bit about him hanging. Even though the Bjorn is designed really
well for that specific purpose, I still prefer to have him free in my arms. If
you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
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going and picking her up and because she has special needs she requires constant
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