– Hey guys. How’s it hangin’? I am opening mail that you
have sent to my P.O. box today because, well, I almost have no choice. The post office called
me and they were like, bitch, pick up your shit. It’s crowding our space. It’s crowding our hub. It’s crowding our store. It’s crowding our (speaking gibberish) and I was like, what? I don’t know what that means, but I went and picked up all this stuff, brought it back to my place, and now it’s crowding my (speaking gibberish) so there’s a lot of it ’cause, well I’m adored. Right, I’m gonna stop trolling you guys and just start opening this stuff ’cause I’m pretty excited about it, but before we open anything, here is a quick message from our sponsor. Today’s video is sponsored by Lively. Lively sells lingerie inspired by activewear and swimwear
for women of all sizes, combining the best elements
of high style and comfort. Personally, when I’m looking for bras, the most important thing is comfort. For me, I want to feel as if
I am not even wearing a bra, as if I don’t even have boobs, and I can confirm from the bras that I have tried so far from Lively that they are extremely comfortable and they’re inexpensive. All of the bras go from $35 and under. There are more than 50 types of bras that you can find on the web site including bras, bralettes,
maternity, busty, and active, and the sizes range from 32A to 44DDD, and it’s the same price for all sizes. (distorted screaming) This is actually personally
my favorite one that I got, and it’s in this light pink color. I recommend that if you
get any bras from Lively, you get it in a light
pink color, it’s so cute. If you want to join this community
of smart and strong women who have great taste in bras, click the link down below and get $10 off your first Lively order. Now back to the video. (grunting) (ripping) (ominous music) What the? This package is from
P&G Consumer Relations. So I got the Charmin Roll Extender. Provides extra room so
Mega or Super Mega Rolls can fit most standard holders. Is this the girl you take me for? Is this what you’re gonna send me out of all of your P&G products? You’re gonna send me a Mega Roll, Super Mega Roll roll extender? Is that what you think of me? I don’t even know what that
would entail, that I poop a lot. Anyways, here is my new
toilet paper holder. Gee, thanks. I can’t wait to try it out. What the? Why, why, why, why, why, why? You already know that this
is gonna be the thumbnail ’cause it looks like a dildo. This next package is from Olivia Blake. (scoffs) Olivia Blake? Two first names? (ripping) There better be two gifts in here, one from each of your names. Oh, okay, she’s cool, she’s cool. She said she likes my cat. Ooh, and she has a YouTube channel called Liv’s Cute Critters. Aah, Moo, there’s a toy for you in here! I don’t know what the (meow) this is. It looks like a toy that’s
been used and abused. You like it, Moo? (bell ringing) Do you like it? Do you like this? (high-pitched laughing) Look, she’s sniffing your cat scent because it’s all over this toy. Ooh, I think she likes it. Thank you to Olivia and her critters for their hand-me-downs. Do you have anything to say to Olivia? I love you too, Olivia. Thanks for all the support. So nice of you to say. (ripping) (foghorn blowing) Maybe You Touched Your
Genitals hand sanitizer, the number one after-genital
contact hand sanitizer. Are you (static) kidding me? So this is just hand sanitizer
that’s trying to be funny. Is it if I touch my
genitals or if someone else touches their genitals
and I shake their hand? Did anyone leave a note in here, no. It’s probably someone who came
to my VidCon meet and greet, and they’re like, this is for you because I touched my genitals. This next package is
sent from House Party. I don’t even know what that means. It kind of feels like a bracelet. Am I getting invited to a house party? I probably won’t come. We hope this bracelet will be a reminder that someones cares about you. Share the love with your friends. This is definitely promotional. I’m like, what’s House Party? And now we’re all gonna
look up, what’s House Party. Face to face social network, group video chat to help
you and your friends be together when you’re not together. (burps) Okay, I have a rate for this kind of shit. I kinda don’t hate this bracelet. It’s kind of cute in its own ugly way. Don’t you guys think that
it’s cute in its own ugly way? Oh, are you (neighing) serious? This is from P&G, again. It feels like another toilet paper roll. Does that not look like it’s
another toilet paper holder? I don’t need two. I didn’t even need one. (ripping) Oh my, it is. It’s another, it’s a, are you serious? Watch like, six of the
packages just be this. (laughing) I don’t need this! Guys, I’m gonna put
together a box of stuff that I don’t want or need
and I’m gonna give it to one of you guys
after this video’s over, so just leave a comment down below and it’ll enter you to win, and you have to be subscribed. This package is from Ashley Millady. That is such a funny last name. Ashley, milady. If someone’s yelling at you, it just still sounds nice. Ashley Millady! Ashley Millady! I don’t know. All right, let’s open it. #SelfMadeBeauty. There’s a bunch of nail polishes
in here from Sally Hansen. It’s their Extreme Wear
Pride Nail Color collection. Nice. ♪ Everybody gather round ♪ Well, if Troy can tell his
secret, then I can tell mine. I bake! What? I love to bake strudels,
scones, and even apple pandowdy. ♪ Not another sound ♪ Someday, I hope to make
the perfect creme brulee. ♪ No, no, no ♪ ♪ Stick to the stuff you know ♪ ♪ If you wanna be cool ♪ ♪ Follow one simple rule ♪ ♪ Don’t mess with the flow, no no ♪ ♪ Stick to the stat,
stick to the status quo ♪ I don’t know what that was, but I pretty much wasted
everyone’s time involved. It’s like the opposite of
what they should be singing, but anyways, I hope you enjoyed
the performance, and bow, (cheering) and then, what is this? Is this a bracelet? Whoa, whoa. Look how beautiful these bracelets are. Thank you. (ripping) This is a book, and it’s called How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety, and Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers that
Threaten Their Nine Lives. Moo’s looking at me, she’s like are you gonna read to me now? Is it even legal for my cat to own a gun? Is it? It probably (neighing)
is, in the United States. At this point in time,
the legality of cats owning guns is a gray area. Is this for real? How do I tell if my cat’s possessed? What is this? I heard Satan uses music to
turn cats against the Lord. Is this true? Uh, uh. What do I do if my cat has
chosen to be a ho-mew-sexual? I can’t believe this is a real book. It says to pray, direct your
anger toward the sin of gayness eating away at your
cat’s soul like cancer. What is this book? There’s a whole chapter on how to talk to your cat about drugs, like catnip. My cat wants to get a smartphone. What should I do? Should I let my cat play
games over the Internet? I’ve heard they can be addicting. Can I protect my cat
against cybercriminals? What, what is this? I feel like I just did catnip. This next package is from
Aundrea Bunten from Tennessee. (plastic rippling) (bubbles popping) I have two little pink boxes here. Oh, one of these is for Jenn. Let’s open the one that’s for me. (clattering) This is just a black mug. I feel like it has
superpowers or something. There’s gotta be more. I can see that there are
really subtle letters on here. I think that you’re supposed
to fill it up with hot water and then it says something. (microwave beeping) Wait, there’s just a
spoon sitting on my chair, and I’m not sure which
package it came out of, but there is a portable spoon
that says Moonlove on it. I don’t know who sent this. Maybe it came with the mug,
since everything went flying. This is pretty cool. A portable spoon? Wait, did I already break it? I don’t know how to, hello? Hello, hello, hello? Oh, I got it, I got it. All right, you ready? (water pouring) Ow, just got some on my toe. Is it working? Oh my god, there it goes. What the (neighing)? It says, Na Na Bitch,
@ayydubs, @jennxpenn. If you don’t know, it’s an
inside joke from another video. Oh my god, and there’s a
photo of us on the back! (tape tearing) (laughing) Trump toilet brush. Make your toilet great again. Oh my. (laughing) This is so funny, what the (neighing)? I’m definitely gonna use this,
like as soon as possible. Thumbnail! (camera clicking) Oh no. I saw your last unboxing
video where you said you have way too many socks so of course I knew that meant you needed more. I already own all of these. That’s how you know you have
way too much of something, when someone buys it for you and you already, you’ve got ’em all. This will definitely be
in the package of gifts going to the winner. I’m sorry, Alexandra. You got me some bomb-ass socks, and you know it’s a good gift ’cause I already own them, but yeah, I don’t need them. This next package is from You Goat Mail. (tape ripping) It’s a goat. It’s a (bleating) goat. (laughing) I love it. That is so funny. It’s just, it’s literally a goat. You Goat Mail, it is goat, it’s goat. I’m not speaking English. Hi. (pan flute music) (envelope rustling) (gasping) Moo, it’s you! It’s you, Moo! I need to put them on immediately. She’s staring at my feet
like she knows it’s her. You’re either intelligent
or I’m crazy, or both. There’s one package left, and it is big. (tape ripping) Sleep & Glow. Anti-aging pillow, prevents
signs of skin aging, special anatomically correct shape prevents sleep wrinkles and
minimizes skin distortion, helps reduce morning puffiness, designed in collaboration
with cosmetologists and orthopedists, orthopedists,
orthropedists, orthopedists. I don’t really care much about aging. I mean, I do, but I don’t
’cause it’s inevitable. What I care about is comfort, so if this is a comfortable pillow, that’d be pretty dope. Ooh, it’s soft. (lullaby music) It feels pretty comfortable. I think I might love it. (snoring) Thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure you thumbs up, and comment below and subscribe. I upload videos every. You have one thing you have to do. One thing you have to say. Every Thursday. See you next Thursday. (electronic music)


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