National Caregivers Day: Paid Family Leave Statistics

You know we got some pictures of them, but
then somebody walked by and asked if I wanted to be in the shot. And so we got some pictures of all of us together. My daughter was having a third child, and
she does not have easy pregnancies. And even harder deliveries. So, she needed me to come out and help her
and be there for when she delivered also to help her afterwards. It was great, it was really nice to be able
to take the time off and go help a family member and still have that income. That helps out when you don’t have the time
off, to be able to use leave time. So that was really nice and special to be
there too. Before Paid Family Leave came into the picture
people struggled you know when they had a family member that was ill, because they couldn’t
take time off from work to care for them. Now there is this program that they can apply
for and see if they qualify to receive benefits up to six weeks to be away from their job
to care for a serious, for a loved one who has a serious health condition. You as a worker in the state of California
are paying, are contributing, to a fund for Paid Family Leave, so they employer is not
paying for it, the worker is paying for it. That’s the difference. The minimum that you can get per week right
now is 50 dollars, depending on your wages. And it can go up to one 1,252 dollars a week,
based on the wages that you have earned in the base period which is four quarters of
employment. Big sister Beth, she’ll be six. I wanted her to know that I would do what
I needed to do to come out and help her. So that she doesn’t have to worry about
what’s happening at home. She could just worry about herself and taking
care of herself and getting better so that she can be able to be there for her children
when I left.

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