My Mom and I Got Pregnant…At the Same Time! #animated #story

My Mom and I Got Pregnant…At the Same Time! #animated #story

Hi I’m Emily I have a crazy but true
story to tell you. It’s about becoming a mother but it’s also about becoming a
sister. It all happened a couple years ago when
I was a junior in high school. That’s the year I met Joshua. He transferred to our school when his family moved here and I had a crush on him the minute I met him.
I mean can you blame me? He was cute funny smart and so sweet! I’m normally
shy but I got up the nerve and asked him out. I was so excited when he said yes! We
found out we had a ton of things in common: We like the same bands, the same
foods even the same shows on Netflix. So we started dating and Netflix nights
together became our new favorite hobby. I felt like I was the luckiest girl on Earth.
All our friends at school thought we were the perfect couple and I thought
I was living the perfect love story with the perfect guy. And to top it all off, my
mom really liked Joshua too, so she didn’t even mind me spending a lot of
time with him. She was even okay when I stayed out late if she knew I was with
him. I know right, pretty amazing!
But mom and I have always been more like sisters than mother and daughter anyway.
She had me when she was just 19 so she’s pretty young. My dad left us when I was just a
baby so my mom took care of me all by herself pretty much my whole life.
Then when I was 13 she met Christopher. He’s an amazing guy and he and mom make a great couple and he just fits right in as part of the family.
I do think though that mom was kind of glad when I started spending more time
away from the house just so that she could have more time alone with
Christopher. Now imagine how lucky I felt when one day my mom asked if I would
mind staying at home alone, while she and Christopher went away for a couple of
days. Are you kidding me? Of course that was okay! That’s every teens dream to
have the whole house for an entire weekend. Josh and I hung out with friends all day and each night we got to spend laying in bed together watching Netflix.
It was awesome!
A couple weeks later though I started getting headaches and
started to feel nauseous. I thought I had some virus, then I noticed that my period was late but I didn’t really think too much more
about it…But when Joshua made a comment about my boobs getting bigger it hit me…
Okay Emily, calm down, I told myself but I couldn’t calm down I was scared! I went
and got a pregnancy test and yep you got it… I was pregnant.
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,
a baby at 17?! What was I going to do?
That was not supposed to be happening! I felt like my world was falling apart
and my future was slipping through my fingers. And I felt like I couldn’t tell
anybody… Think, think! What was I going to do?! Then I made up my mind: whatever
happens, I’m going to keep the baby So I sent Josh the scariest text ever:
“We need to talk…”
Poor Josh, at first he was afraid that I was going to break up with
him. When I dropped the bomb he was shocked even terrified but after a while
he promised he would stand by my side. I was so relieved. We cried and cried and
then decided we had to tell our parents everything. So one night my mom was
cleaning up after dinner. I came into the kitchen and sat down.
“Mom…” I started
gathering all the courage I had “there’s something I need to tell you” and then I
said it: “I’m pregnant.” She looked at me without a word and
started to cry. First, I didn’t understand… Was she happy? Was she angry? Disappointed?
Say something for God’s sake! While I sat there waiting for her to say something I
started to really take a good look at her. She looked fuller somehow, heavier…
And then I thought about the super healthy food she’d been preparing for
herself…I looked at her again and she said “This is insane!” and she burst into
tears all over again. Oh my God… Then she hugged me so tightly I didn’t know
whether she was happy for me or whether she wanted to strangle me?
But then she breathed deeply and looked at me with a huge warm smile. By then,
I knew exactly what she was about to tell me… “I’m pregnant too, honey.” she said.
A million thoughts flew through my head! This is crazy I couldn’t say a
word I was just standing there sobbing trying to smile but I couldn’t.
I had no idea she wanted another baby. I felt jealous and then I was disappointed that she she’d been keeping it from me! How is she going to help me with my baby if she’s gonna have her own?
I mean everyone knows it’s an unwritten rule that your
mom helps you when you have your first baby, right? How is she going to be a good grandma if she’s got her own child, my sister, to take care of?
Seriously mom, how could you get pregnant now?! But then I realized I was being unfair to her and I felt ashamed of myself. I still felt confused but I started to
look at our shared pregnancies as a blessing. I wiped away my tears and
hugged her saying “You know what mom… …I’m really glad I’m going to be going
through this with you!”
And you know what? It turns out that she wanted to tell me
all along about her pregnancy and she was just waiting for the perfect time to tell me.
Two pregnant women living under the same roof…can you imagine?
It was exhausting for the guys but for us it was a real bonding
experience. There were times when it turned explosive, especially towards the
end when we were both huge. But despite the occasional flare-ups
it was amazing to be able to support each other and to be there for each
other through each stage of our pregnancies. We went to the same doctor,
we scheduled our appointments together we even went for our ultrasounds
together. And the funniest thing is that we even craved the same things:
ice cream, pizza and Nutella!
We laughed so hard when my mom turned to me and said
“Well honey, at least we’re gonna get fat together!” Our delivery dates finally
arrived and guess what? We had our babies the same week! My daughter Sarah was born
two days before my sister Taylor, which means she’s older than her aunt!
Crazy right?
That was two years ago. My daughter and my sister are both two years old now
and they look like twins. They are absolutely gorgeous. I moved in with Josh
and he’s a wonderful dad I’m so glad to have him
my side and that both of our families are so supportive. My mom is an amazing
young grandmother and she helps me as much as she can. And I help her out too.
We take turns taking care of the girls so that she can spend time with
Christopher and I can spend time with Joshua. All in all, I couldn’t be happier
with how things have worked out in the end. It turns out that being pregnant at
the same time as your mom can be a good thing. And you? How would you feel if you
found out that your mom was pregnant at the same time as you were? And what do
you think she would say about it? Thanks for listening to my story!

100 thoughts on “My Mom and I Got Pregnant…At the Same Time! #animated #story

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  2. I see comments on how she shouldnt have been pregnant at 17. But things happen. I got pregnant at 15 with my daughter who's now 3. I know if you were to think of your own child (future or present) getting pregnant at a young age you wouldnt want to continue thinking about it. But shes a teenager. And most teens have sex. A number of things could happen resulting in pregnancy, forgetting to take your birth control, broken condom, or being drunk. A lot of teens drink. Things happen. As long as they are responsible parents. Also I have a Similar story just I was pregnant with my sister instead lol my niece and son are 7 months old 12 days apart.

  3. This How Close I Wanna Be With My Daughter . I Don’t Want Her To Be A Teen Mom Like Me But I Want Her To Be Able To Talk To Me About Everything 😍

  4. Imagine if you had a dream having a boyfriend or a girlfriend meeting and having fun together well Linzey green is cute,funny,kind and handsome I don’t want to tell this who this comment is it from please like

  5. If I was pregnant at 16 or 17 or anything really younger my mom probably would be angry than supportive because she was pregnant when she was 16 too my dad on the other hand………

  6. If me and my Mom were pregnant at the same time I would be happy but if she found out I was pregnant she would be very disappointed in me

  7. If my mom was preggo at the same time as me I’d be like”this is cool but why do you want more bc ima have a little one plusI already have 10 sisters and 2 brother like dude you have 13 frickin kids and now u want 14” (my sibling are true I have 12 siblings)

  8. Her at the end : And you how do you think you would feel if you found out your mom was pregnant at the same time you were. And what do you think she'd say?.

    Me: I'm 23 and I'm still scared to tell my mom I'm going outside for the day.

    My mom would be upset at first but God warms her heart. So she would be good within a week.

  9. The funny thing is this would be impossible for me, because of how old my mother had me 42. I didnt realize until I older that when I kept asking for another sibling and my mother told me it was impossible that it wad actually true lol.

  10. 6:43 – both of our families are so supportive ??? Well idk about you , but I’ve never seen Josh’s family before

  11. Well back in 2005 my sister was born in September and my niece was born January 2006 a day before my 5th birthday , my older sister was 2 months pregnant and my mom 6 and my sister was a lot bigger than my mom was. So nothing would surprise me.

  12. When Joshua was in the car it lokked like he was wearing a bra does it also look like that to?

    Or is it just me? 😂😅

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