My early (tmi) pregnancy symptoms… you’re welcome.

My early (tmi) pregnancy symptoms… you’re welcome.

18 thoughts on “My early (tmi) pregnancy symptoms… you’re welcome.

  1. I want to hear your early pregnancy symptoms!
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    Funny things about the 1st trimester:
    Taking charge of your fertility book
    Mindful pregnancy

  2. Honestly, fuck what everyone else is saying. You will be wonderful parents and I wish you the best for this crazy adventure you're about to start ♥

  3. SO glad I found your channel! My husband and I just started TTC, and you give me this boost of confidence!! You are HILARIOUS!!

  4. Sry but your boy not happy he must marry you first if he really love you.. True love is married

  5. Just found out I was pregnant with our 4 child. Lol! I wanted horseradish and mayo on everything!! I was like.. yeah I’m definitely pregnant…

  6. As a guy, we all know if she's knocked up, it's time to go knocking on another door. The naive single mom blonde is gonna flood her channel with hormone-fueled rant videos.

  7. People need to chill. Whatever a woman chooses to use as birth control is her choice. You can have a baby with your partner without getting married. You can live a long happy life in a committed loving relationship with your partner without getting married. Like, people, live your lives and don't force your own beliefs on other people.

  8. Well, I would have to say you are a brave girl to put. These vids put. Yep, people are mean. I’ve had two kids and was nauseous all the time. I can’t say I particularly had cravings but my nausea got worse when I smelled coffee and was a hardcore coffee drinker… it was the saddest part of my pregnancy.

  9. You just need to relax girl on the comments, have some chocolate cake with tahini
    And don't over load on all that info out there!

  10. I’ve been watching you for nearly 2 years now and I’m 28 and not interested in having kids. I love travel and that’s why I started watching you…having said all that, I am still watching because I enjoy your hustle and honest opinions. You are funny and I have enjoyed listening to your thoughts and experiences maybe it’s about travel or maybe it’s about your next stage of your life! Ignore the rude people!!!

    Okay question, when your kiddo is older will you take them on trips, adventures and to other states and countries? If so, where first? My mom took me all sorts of places starting when I was 12 and I LOVED IT. Hiking, road trips, museums and so much more. It shaped my life in such a good way. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Anyway!!! Can’t wait until your next video!

  11. You are soooo right about the symptoms of pregnancy and periods being the same, plus they are ever changing!!! I have PCOS and so in general my body is a bit messed up, but the cravings and the getting mad easily are some of the main side affects of my PCOS atm. It's crazy how our bodies are like "hmmm what's the best way to completely confused then *evil laugh*" lol

  12. Natural method doesn't mean you're 'asking for a it'. Pills fucked me up, I am 22 and used natural method for two years. I have no intention of being pregnant. Why are people so judgy?? Let them idiots hate!

  13. You need to look into BrainTap, they have a stress-free pregnancy series that coaches you how to coach yourself through your emotions/thoughts. VERY very cool stuff and joe dispenza on youtube! Just trying to help! so excited for you and your little growing family!

  14. Baby is deciding what you eat … call it cravings if you want but for the next months he or she will be deciding the menu. At least sounds like your baby has a diverse appetite. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful journey! 👍🏻

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