Modern Afghanistan Women before 1992 Mujaheddin and Taliban

Modern Afghanistan Women before 1992 Mujaheddin and Taliban

while in power in Afghanistan the
Taliban became notorious internationally for their discrimination
against women Afghan women were forced to wear the burqa at all times women and girls were
systematically discriminated against in marginalized their human rights and early violated the but that was not always the case with
Afghan women from the 19th century in through the
20th century the rulers Afghanistan consistently attempted to lessen woman’s
restrictions in the country among them was king Amanullah who ruled from 1919 to 1929 in made some other more noteworthy changes
in an attempt to modernize the country King Amanulla promoted freedom for
women in the public sphere in order to lessen
the controlled the patriarchal families had over women he stressed the importance for young
girls and women to receive an education students from elementary and middle
schools emulated their counterparts in the European countries learning about
nature trails camping and public safety ok along with encouraging families to send
their daughters to school he promoted the unveiling of women and
persuaded them to adopt a more western style address in 1921 he created a law that abolished
forced marriage child marriage bride price and put
restrictions on polygamy a common practice among
households in Afghanistan modern social reform for Afghan women
begin when Queen Soraya made rapid reforms to improve women’s lives in
their position in the family in 1946 Queen humara created the women
society which was the first ever women’s Institute in Afghanistan in 1959 she supported the call by the
Prime Minister Mohammed out common for women to voluntary removal of veil by
removing her own guard veil one particularly interesting segment in
the history of Afghan women is during the nineteen sixty the government oversight on various
rural development programmes were female nurses were sent jeeps to remote areas
and villages to inoculate residents from diseases such as cholera in 1964 woman helped to draft
Afghanistan’s third Constitution which gave women the right to vote and
open the doors have elected office to women throughout most to the 1960s in nineteen
seventies women saw increased participation in
politics Ricky Habib Applebee KR massamilla
smarty warda and doctor and he to Richie’s that were
elected as members of parliament subsequent to adoption the third Constitution while human malek
your salad chicken is Isaac gordy he were appointed as senators it was not unusual for men and women to
casually mingling movie theaters in on university campuses on coming to power in April 1978 the PDPA government begin to implement
serious reforms favoring women such as eliminating the bride price educating women and bring them from the
burqa during this time it made significant advances towards
modernisation more women were able to hold jobs as
scientists teachers doctors in civil servants and
have a considerable amount a freedom with significant educational
opportunities the form childcare centres in their
workplaces to make it easier for women to work maternity lead was extended to 3 months
from six weeks and they were still getting their salary the Afghan government also begin mass
literacy campaigns and provided free medical care the band Brian Price and forced marriage
among others and a minimum age for marriage
was raised among other advances in both matrimonial and
women’s rights they also stressed the importance of
education in Afghanistan the government stressed
education for both women and men they also set up literacy programs in
the country during communist rule the PDPA
government reform the education system education was stressed for both sexes
and widespread literacy programs were set up play 1988 women made up forty percent
above the doctors and sixty percent of the teachers at Kabul
University 440,000 female students were enrolled in different educational institutions and eighty
thousand more in literacy programs the majority have women however lived in
poverty and were excluded from these
opportunities in 1977 the revolutionary association of
the women of Afghanistan runner was founded by me the cash
marquee mall in Kabul which launched a bilingual magazine title woman’s message p.m. is an in 1981 organized events in
the city of Campbell for several years to mark International Women’s Day by the late nineteen eighties women made
up forty percent of the country’s doctors women doctors were in high demand
especially in rural areas where women were still strictly secluded
and barred from consulting male doctors sixty percent at the instructors at
Kabul University in 65 percent above the student body were women family courts in some cases presided
over by female judges had replaced the mall Sharia Courts the
number I’m working women increase 54 by 1987 they were an estimated two
hundred forty five thousand women working in fields ranging from
construction printing in food processing to radio and
TV journalism and especially teaching with a made up seventy percent of the

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  1. In 1920, King Amanulla had initiated many reform to modernize the Afganistan. Women of Afganistan were very forward with compare to other countries of South Asia at that time. Unfortunately, Taliban pushed back Afganistan into the medieval era. Today Afganistan is considered as the most dangerous country to travel.

  2. Once Afghanistan was the most progressive nation of South Asia. Modernization of Afghanistan begun in 1920 by King Amanulla. From 1920-1980 was the golden era of Afghanistan. Russian support to overthrew Jahir Shah in a coup led by Dawood and later US support Taliban backed by Pakistan ruin this beautiful country. Unfortunately, US backing to Islamic fundamentalists in the name of to stop Russian influence in the past was the most unfortunate policy mistakes adopted by US. And, US is paying now for this mistake.

  3. In Fact a real sad video. A country divided by the war of two other nations and then got under control of a radical, political Islam. I'm afraid to see, that we might get the same situation in the midst of Europe due to increase of Islamic tendencies and terrorism. Anyone who denies and says that this won't happen should take a deeper look to the pictures made in Afghanistan and Iran in the 60s and 70s. Formerly two modern countries under the control of a invasive state religion.

  4. women were forced to wear burqa. it is a symbol of oppression. now in North America we have women wanting to wearing the burqa. sad

  5. A non-Afghan Non-Muslim narrator explaining about the plight of Afghan woman? That's like having a foot problem and going to a dentist instead of a pediatrician smh

  6. Afghanistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia etc used to be beautiful places to live and visit the only reason why so my death is because none of these places didn't put up a fight.

  7. Afghans are tough as nails theirs a reason we survived for thousands of years, we'll make a come back no doubt
    Fuck the USA bunch of drug addicts went to war for opium

  8. America created Taliban, infact usa is the real father of all kind of terrorism, bombing innocenting Afghans, Iraqis, Supporting Israeli army to kill Palestinians, usa is killing innocent people in Africa, American civil war, discrimination against black people. Is the true history of Usa. and us is blaming others for terrorism shame on usa. Sorry for my bad English.

  9. If this video isn't proof under constitutional laws men and women are equal and under sharia law the only ones who have rights are men then nothing is.

  10. Humm, Sad that our Shadow government controlled media in the US would never show us this side of a beautiful Afghanistan. Especially when they armed and trained the Taliban to defeat the Soviet union's expansion into Afghanistan in the 90's…

  11. Afghanistan's Kemal Atatürk!
    This must tell even you Blockheads, something about the ISLAM that your governments are forcing on all WESTERN countries!
    Australia could re-adopt the WHITES ONLY doctrine of the 60's and cleanse it's shores, in order that WE have a HOMELAND and are not totally destroyed?

  12. I think it is the Saudi capital that supported war mongers in the country. For the backwardness of Afghanistan Saudi Wahhabis are to be blaimed.

  13. Fucking, Ghandi removed the British without a single bullet shot! Wow!!! Wow! Wow! 60 thousand Talibans do not equal 1 Ghandi!! Pheeew!!

  14. soviet destroyed Afghanistan…and now i just read "bad Taliban". silly people.

    and Afghanistan was always conservative, but you just see some picture which was not so bright like you victims describe.
    you are all propaganda victim and don't know Afghanistan history.

  15. Afganistan will flourish again, India will support as much as it can . Love from 1.3 billion Indians to brother Afganistan

  16. I toured Afghanistan in 1973. I don't recall seeing any women wearing western dress. In fact, I seldom saw any women.

  17. Usa and israil are the cancer of this whole wide world. Not the religions. People who have brain have already got what im in fact saying.

  18. The Zion screwed the happiness of all women .All Islamic countries were beautiful ,but the Wahhabis made hell of all.

  19. Donot blame the Talibans or the Isis, bcz they are not doing anything their own. Rather they follow the original or the extrem or the true or the Quranic & Shariia Style of real Islam… Only Islam is to be blamed…

  20. Well, we see in Afganistan today the result of US interference in establishing the Muhajadin there which morphed into Al Qaeda and the other Wahabi Jihadis. Same cause and result in Libya, Iraq, Yemen and currently at work for the same result in Syria and Iran helped now by UK, France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Turkey. Shame on all of them.

  21. Women looked disgusting ! Throw a bedsheet over there heads ! I’m a Afghan man, when I see women’s legs, I can’t control myself !

  22. You showing before soviet union and USA. the USA AND soviet union is the responsible for this war and now you can see what is the condition of Afghanistan.

  23. The Taliban are bandits and criminals who own expensive cars, watches, and homes. Taliban don't want Afghanistan to be peaceful, they are servants of Pakistan.

  24. unfortunately Saudi Arabia Sunni Wahhabi Muslims fanatics destroyed Afghanistan and other similar countries since become rich from OIL and enforcing their old barbaric sharia law and Islamic madrasa that teaches only the quran!! and enforces the partial violent bad parts of Sharia and Quran on people by punishing womens and any other religions including good muslim people… unfortunately Afghanistan and other similar countries will never become safe and educated country as long as they have Sharia Law and Muslim fanatics running the country… good luck

  25. I am a Hindu from India,but I support Taliban family code,as this devil westerners always trying to make whole world like them

  26. Before America coming in Afghanistan. pakistan and Afghanistan were like brother and brother, sister and sister, wife and husbands. These two countries have same people like pashtuns. I wish it can happen again but it is distroye by india. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜 zardari

  27. A free, liberal, secular and democratic nation could never turn into a fundamentalist state just because of letting Islamism take hold you intolerant shitlord!!

    If you ever needed to know why Islam is a threat to civilized people…Look upon this, turned into a barbaric patriarchal hellhole, some of those women might still remember what life was like before the Taliban came to "free" them. And stupid cunts in the west go around wearing hijabs to demonstrate "tolerance"

  28. afghanistan was islamic before and after
    the only thing problem we have is taliban
    and taliban is US !

  29. Long live emarat taliban ❤️❤️ my favorite personality is mullah Muhammad omar great leader of taliban 💕💕

  30. with islam in this country you will never have normalacy. Islam is cancer. Does buddhism do this to women?

  31. Adopting western ways isn't developing it's copying something that isn't adapted to your society culture and religion third world country need to modernise without loosing their culture and religion

  32. This is what happens when the USA meddles with a country and F*ckistan (Pakistan) takes advantage of that country.
    Sad but true. Pakistan is a terrorist country because they are spoiling the peace of South Asia.

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