Miz and Maryse decide to move back to Hollywood: Miz & Mrs., Aug. 27, 2019

Miz and Maryse decide to move back to Hollywood: Miz & Mrs., Aug. 27, 2019

Monroe, this so weird?>>This is weird.>>Do you think they’re watching,
you guys?>>No. Look at the old house, look at that. Look how amazing it looks.>>Isn’t it weird? We wanted to get out. We were like, let’s sell it,
let’s sell it. And then now you sell it and you’re like.>>It’s Monroe’s first house.>>Monroe’s first city.>>Good memories?>>Very.>>My God.>>Right, to the right!>>It’s too small!>>Yeah! I love this place. I’ll miss it but
I’m excited for the next step.>>Yeah, I am too.>>You okay? You miss LA?>>Hell no. Do you miss it?>>I love Hollywood. There’s just a feeling that I get,
when Ifly into Los Angeles and I’m there. It’s the feeling of home.>>That’s absolutely that crazy
you’re saying that because that’s how exactly how
I felt this whole time.>>What?
>>But it’s-,
>>Seeing the house make you want to go back? I’m all for it. If you want to move back to Los Angeles we’ll move back to Los Angeles.>>Yes.>>When it comes down to it it’s all
about happiness, what makes you happy. And to be honest living
in LA makes me happy.>>Can we fly this time you think?>>No, I’m not going over logistics.>>I’m not crying.>>You’re crying, happy tears.

35 thoughts on “Miz and Maryse decide to move back to Hollywood: Miz & Mrs., Aug. 27, 2019

  1. Absolutely love this show❤🙏, And big congrats to maryse and miz on their 2nd baby👶❤💯!!! SEASON 2- 2020❗❗❗❗

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  3. Well People of Austin, Texas you finally have your answer as to why Miz and Maryse left Texas and went back to L.A.

  4. OMG, all that work and money in moving to Texas and now they decided to go back to California? This is sooo stupid.

  5. I wonder if the new family found a pair of Mayrse's worn panties a then brewed them to make one hell of a strong tea?

  6. What a shame! The Undertaker and Michelle McCool didn't pay a visit to Castle MarMiz in Austin. That would have been fun.

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