Men Try Pregnancy Bellies for an ENTIRE DAY

Men Try Pregnancy Bellies for an ENTIRE DAY

pregnancy that’s the thing yes and we tried it and that was not fun no I’m sorry to popular belief pregnancy is not fun what popular belief is that there might be a small minority of people so we were empty bellies but the belly and the weights and everything for a whole day whole day just to understand what it’s like and a huge thanks to you our patrons who made this all possible because you guys provided us a funding we were able to go out and rent these bellies that made these videos possible so huge thank you to our patrons it was a crazy day take a look are you ready to be pregnant camp I’ve never been ready to be pregnant either but it’s not possible for you know maybe my nipples are already tender is that a thing that’s a pregnancy thing isn’t it you know what is that supposed to represent the baby’s legs like in your ribs why just like push the baby around have them push of it Oh God step terrible and that looks pretty even to me all right although I feel like you’re checking a lot more fun of this with a bongo drum easy pregnant Oh have fun putting yours on yourself I’m pretty I can’t do it tickle me more that dang corset now just imagine having both your nostrils all the time what is that I have something to bring see totally get this yeah it wasn’t oh we better get ready for the day because right now we’re technically naked don’t look at me like a piece of meat watching a video baby tired you did it not being able to breathe it was not fun that’s lame the tool rocks just like putting pressure on your hips all the time that can’t be constant get it sometimes baby’s feet go up behind your ribs and are just there you just give it a little get your feet up my ribs you don’t want to be there other things are in there what you in the heart yeah I guess that’s impossible but still but have you got Bruce Lee brewing in your belly Briggs exactly have you strangled man tighten that you make sissy you wear like a corset like a Velcro of course and you can’t breathe there’s no good selling points thus far for pregnancy [Music] I’m tired Maury tired we haven’t even like we’re not even halfway through the day I just peed twice and both times not a lot came out I had the sensation that I needed to be a lot getting ready for the day was hard everything about it shaving your legs getting dressed both very difficult and you can see that if you check out the other videos I was just tired dude I felt like I put it on and I get instantly tired all the time tired but I also needed to pee a lot it did feel up but not a lot oh my gosh I can’t stop dropping crap oh man take the tip time okay like a waddle going up the stairs I’m saying you kind of keep the belly after I keep dropping that stuff yeah that’s weird cuz I be like breathe in before I dive down to get whatever I’m getting up I got scuba diving how do you get over the fact that you’re really hungry but you’re too tired to eat but you’re really hungry it’s a vicious cycle this is why they always wear flip-flops yes come on Jemima stop kicking me too – I’m just trying things oh no this is the worst I see I just never took my socks off I’m gonna wear these for weeks inject this thing with hormones – I really feel like I’m gonna cry totally admit to something right now I am cheating I’ve got the easiest sneakers I could I have in my arsenal to put on me to you because I don’t feel like women are tying up shoes wants to shoot when they’re not Sherlock that’s just a inefficient anyways in life in general oh my god constantly dropping why why does that happen I don’t drop things on a regular basis apparently until I’m pregnant needing to take in a deep breath before diving down to get it it’s scuba diving you look maybe I do drop things off but I don’t notice because it’s not typical to pick it up everything is difficult everything and I was too tired you said you were gonna cry it was just emotional pregnancy bad like get some hormones round of sad I’m happy I was mad because I wanted to sleep and I wanted to eat and you can’t do those things at the same time and that’s just ridiculous to me why is anything so tight like on the hallways are smaller now all of a sudden the sidewalk helps a lot side Waddell oh my gosh oh my gosh oh okay yeah I did that too oh I went in with the lake first and realized that was a mistake those little ball things are digging into my chest okay and I got close my door somehow your elbows in the way here I was in my room I do I can’t reach the door you kidding me I got Lydia I got my dear just reverse and then stop great idea how do you see through your blind spot I can barely turn around I feel like that kid off of malcolm in the middle’ that has a dick of breath between everything that he says I will say though the car seat is very comfortable except for the stabby ribs Iggy’s yeah and the seat belts not bugging my neck cuz my boobs hold it out of the way I’m not at the lane being pregnant makes you creative very creative you improvise yes fit fur for all of those who are going to be pregnant but are not yet you go into the car but first not with the leg you’ll regret it but first and then you swivel in while grabbing the door if you don’t reverse that’s true otherwise you just smarten up like we did you just do a quick reverse stop doors close no problem it was pretty tight in that you need space oh yeah you need me to room me to move with that belly do you buy a whole new car for your pregnancy you want those like cheerless because we’re experiencing what it is to pump gas goodness all the seatbelts on still that’s stupid who made these again some sick human being Wow PAC will get me some ice cream you get you some ice cream got pump the gas so lazy it actually feels nice to stand sittings ruff shit nothing weird going on here nothing weird couple prego bros guys the stinking to the way I can’t reach anything like I used to feel like I have a heightened sense of smell – what is that you can’t go in caboose first yeah see you just you get in caboose first oh gosh and then and then like you why not consider the pregnant women drive why don’t I have an oh crap handle what are we doing again food and sleep here we come you ready world’s such a good getaway song yeah made me forget so much the cranky didn’t bring the fact that I was wearing a freaking seatbelt you were experiencing so much pain that your mind was elsewhere yeah and it makes you lazy and you can’t do things like you used to nope no cuz I get to play but on the flip side it does give you superhuman abilities what you smell stuff miles way I feel the whole table there I’ll do the small boneless with parmesan garlic and spicy garlic it’s arrest oh I gotta go pee again Bill’s a heavier heavier hunger all the time I’m hungry right now yeah I was just thinking you’re hungry but then when you eat you just feel like garbage again anyway yeah gassy yeah all kinds of get heartburn it doesn’t even go down all the way just like sits there because everything’s just smashing your stomach and then again with the needing to be needing to pee we were already tired and then we ate it made us more tired yeah I’m still looking for the positives in this thing not a one well you do have that sweet cup holder true maybe even just like a little napkin den with popcorn do you want to go get your daily exercise or take a nap now and now for sex one of the napkins would put these big things on oh this is stupid why does everything suck when you’re pregnant they would get like oh okay oh yeah good nap on the bed oh God lucky for me this is our house and my wife actually has a pregnancy pillow oh oh oh oh hold on baby [Music] oh hey she got really comfortable did you really did I don’t feel like yours is on yes it is yours is on wrong of you’re so uncomfortable Oh use the leg as leverage oh oh that was a good nap you can’t get comfortable sleeping except for you well I found the sweet spot I know some of you you prop the belly up at the perfect height with another pillow I got super comfy was actually a really really good man I’m so jealous you had your pretty messy pillow that I didn’t know about giving up is difficult but also when you finally make that last eve to stand up your belly gets heavier yep every time yeah now we got to go to the park to get our exercise in it’s my turn to drive I should be easier you big baby oh yeah that was a lot easier it’s weird it’s been how the freedom is not far away but not so true why can’t we get out of the car that’s been the longest day about my gosh sacks my energy I made it we’re gonna do our 15-minute walk which is for 15 minutes 15 yes this is the 2015 it is I’m gonna take a 15 minute waddle waddle comes very natural when you have it when you just does this little bag of juice is just making you a sway sighs inside yeah you don’t want to fight it just going this is embarrassing Oh Harry this has made me burp and fart so much so much well and it’s not even that you do it all the time but you feel like you have to do it all the time yes annoy that to keep I don’t know what to do with my hands yeah because I don’t want to carry them on the side but if I put them on my belly it makes it all heavier I know I don’t know what to do without they’re bugging me ah they’re freaking 9 minutes left man 9 minutes it’s been like 12 at least we were this close to freedom from getting out of those dirty things but we didn’t want to do it oh my god also makes time slow down just gonna say that that was not 15 minutes I was like an eternity yeah and the waddle was extremely natural I think it’s just your body’s natural way to one balance itself while you’re trying to move yeah – you can’t like lift your legs normal cuz the bellies in the land your thighs don’t go the normal way they go weird ways and you gotta do a whole new center of gravity those water are never full of water and so it was sloshing around there yeah chasin but we did get a storm in and little sloshed you there I’m sorry hey bro some yoga you know whenever Oh like what bad click right here when did that happen also you look honey girls do this is my kind of yoga no you’re onto something you’re onto something here why am I so gassy because that baby pound just sitting on your gas Factory where does it give up but we can do this on the count of three I want to go to Netflix make it happen moving bodies why is it so much heavier every time I don’t think Cam’s experiencing the same pain as me these little hormonal Songer all I know is if I push too hard i legit feel like my ribs are gonna break this is so painful in certain spots you look good doing that prego yoga I love how slow you went down everything is so much slower and then you just stood by and watched while I did yoga a good tactic mass is a real thing man I told you sitting on your gas Factory finally the time has come yes so we’ve been waiting for ya oh really all day mad props to miss Lucas and Northridge high what no bridge haha do me do me oh my goodness hallelujah get this how much bail Crowe is me oh my gosh yeah never getting pregnant again oh dude it hurts so bad I’ll be right there dude how are you not feeling that bomb I was dude like a natural high rocket do not ma energize there was that thing go suck it alive out of it nothing tastes sweeter then freedom sweet freedom you can clearly see a difference in our movements in our at like everything our mood our energy of like right off the bat like it’s like all the energy was returned to me a little bleach giant parasite it is seriously when you undo those straps someone can take in that big deep breath oh I feel it again never again why be confined to that prison I guess we can say other than the portable table that you have attached to your belly I mean you do get a kid out of it probe it can be you can’t it ladies good job good two thumbs you’re fantastic you know what to do you love this hit that like hit that subscribe give us a comment we love hearing from you Twitter Instagram yes all the things all the things you guys are fun and we lie to you that’s what everyone’s stopped watching oh hi my friend

78 thoughts on “Men Try Pregnancy Bellies for an ENTIRE DAY

  1. One thing you've got to remember is that our bellies don't get huge all at once so our bodies have a gradual progression of things getting worse. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad. Now you need the birth stimulator. On your bellies so you can see what contractions feel like. If you guys thought it was bad using the TENS unit on your hand while you're trying to polish your toes wait till you have it on your belly. Love you guys it's a great way to start my Sunday every week.

  2. They were lucky because they didn't feel.real.vabies inside of them kicking their i sudes left and right, lol!!!

  3. I think your pain was genuine. Bless you guys for even consider to give it a try. Now I just hope you men all around world would appreciate woman and motherhood. Love them more please. I hade four babies. : ). I remember the pain vividly.

  4. This is such BS
    Men pandering to the dying buzzfeed audience

    Most women do not have issues with their growing bodies

    It’s their growing bodies adding to their overall laziness that is a problem

    I hiked every day being pregnant and met more women that made ME feel inadequate then anything.

    Like they were working full time
    Going to yoga at night
    Like awesome pregnant warriors

    And I was jealous

    Why does the modern entertainment industry make pregnancy look like a disability

    Oh yeah

    Because the media driven leftist propagandists want you to be pro abortion

    So they make pregnancy look like a disease

  5. I want you to try the bellies for 12 hours then the birth simulator for 3 hrs. Being nice with only 3 hrs my labour with my first was 36 hrs.

  6. Shit you guys got off easy they didn’t even hook you up to the electrodes to see what contractions feel like you got to try that next only then will you truly know what pregnancy is about

  7. lol kids are more difficult than the pregnancy .
    there is no upside to being pregnant.
    sure you feel a life growing in you but it makes it hard to sleep when you're being kicked and punched from the inside.
    then having to pee every few minutes while you're trying to sleep .
    glad I'll never have to go through that again ..ever.
    3 times was enough.

  8. I haven’t watched all of your videos (yet) so you may have done this already…. but now you need to hook up to the machines that simulate labor pains. That way you can experience that after being pregnant.

  9. Now it's time to do the delivery. Some goes threw delivery faster than others for my first delivery it took me 18 hours and for my second it took me Twenty One hours. Try that see if that gives you some kind of feeling if it's easy or hard LOL!

  10. I don't feel the need to put my husband through this…
    My husband massaged my back through 4 pregnancies. He also got fixed since he said it was the least he could do since I went through all the pain.
    I'm greatful to him cause he works so hard and unlike some men he goes to work even when he's sick and he doesn't complain. My heart goes to my wonderful man. Lol he even had craving while I was pregnant ^-^ for onions on everything ^-^

  11. I had a wonderful (and I gather, rare) asymptomatic pregnancy. No nausea, no back ache, no sore feet, no cravings, no wild hormones, no significant weight gain (11kgs, which I quickly lost). It was very pleasant for the most part.

    But i did get breathless at about 8 months as the baby got heavier and my boobs got embarrassingly huge, which gave me stretch marks there (but nowhere else).
    My sleeping was a little dusturbed. I hated not being able to sleep on my belly but also my son would hiccough for hours on end making it hard to sleep.

    But all in all, I loved being pregnant.

    But the birth is where I copped it. Nearly 30 hours, lol.

  12. I love that you had the guts to go out in public and that you made it the whole day. I think this should be required for every guy who has a pregnant girlfriend or wife. Blessings to you both.

  13. Wake up lean over the side of the bed and throw up in a bucket. Then precide to throw up every 45 minutes. Pee every time you cough, laugh or sneeze. Have a super human nose that would make a bloodhound jealous. But the smells make you sick. Feet swell up, you either are constipated or have diarrhea. Than the cravings hit, the only thing you won't throw up are the foods you crave. Those cravings can become so strong, you feel like crying and could easily kill Someone walking past you if they have what your craving. You can't see your feet for a few months. Mood swings from hades.

  14. I haven’t been pregnant for 30 years and had completely forgotten about how often I dropped things. 🤣🤣. I had a Camaro IROC. Someone parked so close I had to go in the passenger-side and crawl over the console. That was a sight I am sure 🤣🤣

  15. I can relate to all of this. It's less than 3 weeks until my duedate. Btw. It's 3 am and i can't sleep coz guess what? Sleeping isnt a thing u do anymore while pregnant

  16. You forgot the nausea, sore breast, craving random stupid things to the point that's all you wanna eat and everything else tastes like shit, peeing every five minutes, bloating to the point it hurts, feet swelling and hurting, tired all the time, growing pains, stretch marks, always feeling hungry, people always wanting to touch you, also the dirty looks in public, I've noticed since being pregnant I've been stared at by guys more 🙄, indigestion, feeling the baby move in weird spots and positions my baby likes to stay on one side of my stomach and feels weird lmao, emotions set on 1000, everything being more sensitive, if you have animals they are always up your ass, sometimes boobs leak, sleeping patterns all fucked up, doctors poking and prodding at you all the time …and the culture…omg especially if your doctor just man handles you, ain't fun 🤣🙄. Constant blood draws, oh and then labor dont get me started I haven't gone through that yet but I'm very nervous about that part.

  17. There should have be a way to add kicking and moving baby actions. I like to see u hold a glass on ur stomach lol

  18. I am pregnant lol and yep breathing can get hard. But we women don't complain that much lol (even though I sometimes do lol) but I actually enjoy pregnancy so far lol (had some issues but other than that I am good)

  19. Stop complaining, your feet weren’t swollen and you didn’t get a fit of vicious anger engulfing you. Or a headache. Or forgetfulness. Or…….! 😂🤣😂🤣

  20. I hate these pregnant bellies and contraction simulators. It still doesnt come close to actually being pregnant and actually giving birth…. i wish men cld feel their pelvis spreading apart, or what its like to have a C section….

  21. Word of warning to all those who try to use their bump as a little tray… if baby kicks just right whatever is resting on bump will go flying lol I know this as it happened to me … my son is heavily into football!!!! should have known. Now I have the joys of being a Grandmother and I wish more men would go through this as they might understand just a tad of what we go through. Nice one guys .

  22. When I was 7 months pregnant I had to give up driving. I am 5 ft. So when I put the seat back I couldn't reach the pedal.

  23. So, so funny.It’s a long time since I’ve been pregnant but I could still relate. It really cheered me up. Good for you boys, made an old lady smile!

  24. I have a one year old and two month don’t miss any of this. Soooooooo uncomfortable especially during the summer

  25. Its not that bad.. just the low energy, crabby to our poor husbands, and eating when u dont want to… Other than that, the pain at birth is bad, but it lasts only a few hours❤️❤️❤️

  26. I've never had a baby & never would but obviously being pregnant can't be that bad if some women keep having kids even after everything they went through. Kids are a blessing though.

  27. I love this! 😂 I feel like anyone who has a pregnant wife, gf, sister anything should wear one of these and just see where they are coming from 😂

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