Meghan Markle WARNING: How ‘off-message Duchess could get into trouble’ – Today News US

Meghan Markle WARNING: How ‘off-message Duchess could get into trouble’  – Today News US

 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the royal baby, with the arrival expected to be as early as April The 37-year-old has hit headlines for her decisions to break with a number of royal traditions, including hiring a traditional birthing partner, called a doula, and continuing to wear non-maternity clothes with shorter hemlines Podcast “Royals”, from Australian magazine New Idea, hears from royal commentators Zoe Burrell and Angela Mollard, who wonder whether the Duchess’ rule-breaking may land her in trouble    Kate Middleton pregnancy: William and Kate to have FOURTH child? Meghan Markle defended by European royalty as family feud continues  In their latest episode, “Is Meghan Markle about to make a mistake?”, they react to the news that she wrote messages of support to sex workers during her visit to Bristol this month, which was criticised by her former friend, Piers Morgan   The hosts react positively to her unusual way of showing support but they wonder if the Duchess could put a foot wrong  Ms Mollard said: “I do think there is a chance, going forward, that Meghan could make a mistake  “She is a bit off-message, she comes up with different ideas.  “She executes things from her point of view, which isn’t necessarily a royal point of view  “I think she’s really relevant and purposeful but i think there’s a likelihood at some stage she will put a foot wrong in a way that may have ramifications – hopefully not too bad! “I love her off-message behaviour and her way of executing things but I do think that at some point it will get her into trouble ” Ms Mollard also drew comparison with the Duchess and her royal rule-breaking mother-in-law, Princess Diana  She said: “As we know Princess Diana, all those years ago, she did things her own way too!” Most memorably, the late Princess of Wales changed the way that royals interacted with the public and charity causes worldwide, including the campaigns for AIDS and landmines   Ms Mollard concluded: “The public will move with you if your ideas are genuine and authentic ”

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