Maternity Photo Shoot – HOW TO POSE, photo tips. REAL TALK 🤯

Maternity Photo Shoot – HOW TO POSE, photo tips. REAL TALK 🤯

in this video I’m going to share with you some photo tips also some post tips and also some great ideas so you can get an amazing results in your seconds being pregnant it’s a such a blessing so I always get very excited to photograph my clients through this journey so through my experience I collected this tips but I know they’re gonna be so helpful for you if you’re excited to hear this lips don’t forget to hit the like button so I know I can make more videos like so now let’s start touch your belly house if there’s any moment in time that you should be giving a lot of attention to your belly it’s now and this pose it’s a classic and it’s a classic because it works when you put your hands on your belly you do a couple effects and the first one it’s that you accentuate your curves let’s say pinpoint these things that we’re actually proud of we want to make them shine if you put your hands on your belly you give shape to whatever you’re wearing so you really shows that you’re pregnant that you’re going through this moment also this gesture it is very common in mom so it makes you look very maternal very sweet there are a lot of plus on this so your first go to pose should definitely be touching your belly give some face to your belly this apply in different situations the first one you should be checking a little bit your background so actually your belly have a clean space in the background and it’s able to really show also when you’re taking photos with your partner or a friend or whatever the case is if you have a little bit and give them it to do it in every photo but at least get one or two that you have a little bit of a separation so the belly actually has their own space so you can really see the silhouette or also you can get very close to the person but kind of given the back to the person so the belly its able to really show and shine frame it this technique can we use it through photography and it’s one of those things that it gives like Jin a sequel to your photos we we as photographers we’re trying to frame things because it first you give the message and you pinpoint whatever you really want and the person to see but also if statically so attractive so when you see it you’re like I don’t really know why I like this but I love it include your kids most of the pregnancy photos that we see all the time it’s very common that it’s just the woman and the belly but even though those shots are definitely definitely necessary it’s also amazing that if this is not your first kid you have kids you can include them in the photo it’s always a great idea to make the whole family be part of this amazing moment so taking a photo all together it can be really really good I will suggest that it doesn’t really need to be just you smiling in front of the camera like hey my kids have a belly yeah a lot of things going on not necessarily but I will suggest you to open your mind and try to make it also more artistic don’t be afraid to go straight to the details and it could be just your belly and your kid hugging your belly I think this is such a great shot if you think having detailed shots it’s beautiful let me know in the comments and by the way if you are enjoying this video so far don’t forget subscribe I share photo tips and a great pose that it’s maybe a little bit more editorial in a way it’s to pose like your back hurts a lot of it and what this does is that it shows again the beginning of your belly and it makes it look a little bit more focus even though that it’s not necessarily the whole focus so in this case I show you an example so it’s more clear I feel like this is a little bit difficult to describe but it does make you look very stylish very bow so maybe it’s not this like very romantic concept but it’s a little bit more fashionable so now here’s some ideas that can also help you to get great photos a lot a lot of the success that you can have in your photos it’s super related we do prefer it with the pre-production that you actually do that you’re actually making your photos because it gives you an idea it’s if super easy to shoot you know a little bit more what to do so here a couple ideas that you can do so here’s some ideas play with the shadows this it’s not normally the kind of idea that you might have of the photo because you really want your face to show but I feel like lighting can be so beautiful and it’s like painting light and then I get super romantic so you can actually play a little bit more with your shape so if you put yourself against the light you will generate a shadow and then we can really see the shape of your belly it can look so romantic it doesn’t look cheesy it looks very artistic and if you add the touch of black and white it could be beautiful don’t say all that because you see all this very repetitive photos on the internet you kinda need to be like oh yeah I can only wait wear this color and this kind of clothes really you find your own style and do you feel like you wanna be kind of like a hippie mama more like a modern mom or whatever the feel that you have in mind embrace it there’s a lot of accessories that you can add very slightly like one or two things to your photo that can really show your personal style and things that you actually enjoy so don’t forget to add that personal touch in your photos a really represent your own style show some skin it’s okay to show some skin it really again depends on your style some some people really like to show a lot of skin and they go all the way but other people really prefer to keep it very conservative but there’s also Nidalee so you can just with little details I can give a lot of rhythm to your photo like pulling a little bit your shirt down so it gives you kind of a curve that makes you have some movement also makes you look a little bit less swollen on your on your face so all these little details can really add a lot at the end of the photo start playing they’re also a very classic kind of photos that they definitely work and adding kits props can also help you and find this more artistic and to photograph your belly so this idea I think it’s just amazing that it’s you can just play with words and you can even write it on your belly or use props with letters that give a message that you are excited or you if the final name you write a final name I mean there’s so many things it really depends on what you like but I think that using text your photo can be very very very very cool flowers baths all these elements are a very very trendy right now when it’s related to maternity photos and I think if you dare easier into this it could be very artistic and very editorial look which one of this steps did they I have changed a little bit the way that you were thinking about maternity photos if you have any other ideas let me know in the comments I would love to hear from you I would really encourage you to go and check out the description box of this video because I’m gonna leave you some really cool information so courses some ideas and a lot of things that I share on my blog that of course is related with photography that can really really change the way that you photograph so don’t forget to go to the description box and check it out if you are not part of the family yet it’s the moment is the moment when you hear that button subscribe and you become part of the family you will make me very very happy and you will get a lot a lot of tips so click that button and enjoy don’t forget your beautiful and a special see you next week [Music]

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