Mater Maternity & Baby Care Product Range

– Mater Mother’s Hospitals is Australia’s largest maternity service, delivering more than 10,000 babies each year. It’s with this experience
and our co-creators, our mums and our midwives,
that we’ve developed our very own range of maternity
and baby care products. In the range includes a Mater Baby Wash, a Mater Baby Moisturiser, our nappy balm, and our body balm for pregnancy. We’ve also developed a range of nappies, from newborn first weeks
up to toddler size. It’s really important for us as a hospital to make sure that our
products are high quality, and of hospital standard. We make our skin care
products in Australia, and our two large size
nappies in Australia, and our three smaller
size nappies in Europe. Our baby wash and baby moisturiser are specifically designed
for newborn skin. With newborn skin being
30 to 50 per cent thinner than adult skin, you do need to be careful of what you put on it. So with our wash and our moisturiser, they’re all nasties free, so
there’s no petrochemicals, no parabens, no SLS. They’re all dermatologically tested, and suitable for sensitive skin. Our nappy balm is based on
the properties of a vernix. The vernix is actually the white stuff that they’re coated in when they’re born. And we thought, well,
if it actually protects and nourishes their skin when
they’re inside for so long, what are the properties
that actually make that such a nourishing and beautiful
barrier cream for baby? So we replicated those
properties in the nappy balm, so it’s a nappy balm unique in market that it actually breathes… So it draws away the
moisture from the skin, but it is also a barrier
from the liquid as well. With our nappies, we range
from newborn first weeks up until toddler size. And our newborn first weeks
were actually developed, they’re unique in market
because we developed them based on the research that we
did in our very own hospital. We found that 80 per cent of our babies were actually being born
at 3.5 kilos or less, and the nappies that
we were putting on them were actually too big. And we would fold the nappies down, and the top of the nappy
was quite thick and hard, and actually would rub on
the umbilical cord stump. And then the umbilical
cord stump would fall off, and mums would be quite worried. So what we did is we created a nappy that actually fits a baby, and it has an umbilical cord cut-out, and we’ve also got a
wetness indicator as well. We enjoy partnering with our co-creators to continue to develop
our products in market, but also our retailers
and our distributors, to ensure that mums have access to these high quality products that are safe and gentle
for mums and babies. And we’re really proud
that our proceeds support Mater Little Miracles, which
goes into research and care for sick and premmie babies.

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