Man Thinks He Was Tricked To Marry & True Dad Is Ex’s “Sugar Daddy” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Thinks He Was Tricked To Marry & True Dad Is Ex’s “Sugar Daddy” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Good morning,
Your Honor. Good morning. This is a case of
Vaughn v. Williams.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Vaughn you’re here
to prove to your husband, Mr. Williams that
he is the father of your 1-year-old child,
Connor Williams. You say the only reason
the two of you got married was because
of the pregnancy and now that you
file for divorce, he refuses
to be a father. Now you’re also suing
the defendant for $1,275 for day-care expenses,
is that correct? Yes, yeah… All right, Mr. Williams,
you say you got married under false pretenses
and claim Miss Vaughn only used you
for your money, you also believe Miss Vaughn
has a secret sugar daddy and had that man throughout
your entire relationship and he is
the real father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So,
Miss Vaughn, tell me… What has Mr. Williams
done for Connor? Brian hasn’t done
anything for him. The only thing
he has done was buy two cases
of diapers and furnish two outfits
when he was a newborn. JUDGE LAKE:
And the child is one-years-old? CYNTORIA: Yes. And he watched him
while I was at work for a couple of times
but it’s not… (BRIAN SCOFFS) It’s not enough of
a month full of Sundays. BRIAN: Your Honor… That is not true. I’ve done much
more than that. CYNTORIA: It is true. BRIAN:I’ve… You cannot…One, you can’t put a priceon how much a man
can support his child.
Yes, you can. No, you cannot. The court does it every day. Mr. Williams, you say
you have supported this child. BRIAN: Yes, of course! He’s one. But you’re also
saying now I’ve supported him
but he’s not mine. Yes, I did,
because it was… CYNTORIA: It’s his child. Based on a love and a belief that I was being
married to Miss Vaughn. JUDGE LAKE:
So Miss Vaughn, were you in a relationship,
a committed relationship when you got pregnant? CYNTORIA:
When we just dating. You were just dating. Yes, we were in
a committed relationship. JUDGE LAKE: You were, you were
boyfriend and girlfriend? Yeah. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
You get pregnant? Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
But you also say Mr. Williams that the only reason
you married her is because you thought
this baby was yours. BRIAN: Yes,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But now,
you have doubt. Yes, she’s presented
with a lot of doubt. Doesn’t make sense. SHAWN: Brian was defending
her honor after people on campus
let him know that that was
not his baby. Brian knows that
he is Connor’s father. SHAWN: I didn’t know her.
I didn’t meet her until… JUDGE LAKE:
Who are these people on… Hold on, hold on,
one at a time. You say you had
people telling you she was promiscuous, and she was having sex
with other people and the child may
not be yours? BRIAN: Yes… Because I did disclaim
that at one point she was putting me
in the doghouse so it gave me
a lot of free time to not be with her. And by the doghouse,
I mean… CYNTORIA: Brian’s lying,
Your Honor. We were not being intimate,
we were not always together. CYNTORIA:
Brian’s lying. For days at a time. Did you have doubt,
Mr. Williams, when you married her? BRIAN:Yes, Your Honor.
Yes, I had my doubts.
Because… JUDGE LAKE:
What did your… In court papers, you said,
you were pressured to marry her. Yes, Your Honor. SHAWN: At first, my thought was it was
just two young people uh, making a decision about
what they were gonna do based on
the pregnancy. So, I requested
to meet her mother because I couldn’t
believe that a parent would be
in support of this. When did you find out
Cyntoria was pregnant? SHAWN: And so… ‘Cause your son did it. His father and I
requested to meet her, we actually went to
her house, and after having the
discussion with her and she shared
with us, then the next step was
for them to get married because her grandchild,
her grandchild… She never said,
“their child.” Her grandchild was
not coming into
this world a bastard. So at that point,
we realized that she was the one
driving the bus
on this relationship and along the way,
I’ve tried to realize, who’s been pregnant?
Who got pregnant by Brian? The daughter
or the mother?Because she’s been
running the whole time.
pressure Mr. Williams,
your daughter,
to get married? I’ve raised my children
that if he’s good enough
to lay with, you need to get married,
no pre-marital sex. I raised my children
in the church. And that’s the way that
the church have taught us. I married my
children’s father, I’m… I expect
my children to marry whoever
gets them pregnant or not to have sex
until they get married. So you’re saying,
“Yes, these are my beliefs “I believe,
if you get pregnant…” DELON: I’m gonna put it
out there. JUDGE LAKE:
And so… SHAWN: They were… Bottom line is
you’re admitting, yes, I did… DELON: You couldn’t
marry yours. Because you have… You kicked your son
out the house… And you don’t
support him. Yes! So I don’t understand
why you’re… (ALL SPEAKING SIMULTANEOUSLY) It takes two people
to have sex. Hush. Exactly, you should
have told him
not to have sex until he was married, but
I’m sorry you was
never married. Miss Boyd, Miss Boyd,
(CHUCKLES) stop, don’t… DELON: What? Why are you
telling her she should have taught
her son to… (DELON LAUGHING) Not have sex? SHAWN: Thank you. When (CHUCKLING) your daughter
is having sex with him? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Exactly, she is not the only one
at fault here, and he’s not… I’m glad somebody’s
pointing that out. The only one at fault. JUDGE LAKE: It is clear that
both of them… DELON: Correct. Were engaging
in activities they were not prepared
to see through when they were faced
with the consequences. CYNTORIA: I stepped up to the plate and took care
of my responsibilities, I wasn’t prepared then,
I’m prepared now. JUDGE LAKE: Well, look… (DELON AND SHAWN CLAMORING) He’s supposed to do the same
thing and he’s not doing it. You know your son’s
not doing it. (ALL SPEAKING SIMULTANEOUSLY) JUDGE LAKE: One at a time.
One at a time. Let’s get some order,
we’re getting through
this thing. Because ultimately,
I see you all want to go back-and-forth
and just jab one another
with insults, at the end of the day,
we’re trying to do this
for Connor. CYNTORIA: Yeah. There’s a question as
it relates to his paternity. CYNTORIA: Yeah. And it’s affecting
his life because he is one.
And the man that you say is his
biological father is saying,
“I don’t believe I am.” CYNTORIA: Yeah. And you know what
at one, a baby recognizes
their father. (DELON AND CYNTORIA AGREE) JUDGE LAKE:They call for
their father,
it’s usually one of the
first things they say!
Does he say, “Da-da”? Yes. Does he mean Mr. Williams
when he’s saying it? That who he’s talking about? DELON: He doesn’t know
his father. So how does he
even know the word? ‘Cause, Brian acted like
he was the father up to couple
of months ago. DELON: Mmm. Okay, so you’re saying
he was present, and then, couple of months ago
just started backing off. Yes. I mean,
don’t get it wrong even when he was there,
he still wasn’t furnishing
any revenue. It was just him
sitting there… DELON: Playing his PS4. Not watching. And his mother can
attest that he just sits there and plays on his electronics
while he is watching Connor. It’s not like he was there,
his shell was there. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) But he wasn’t taken
on the father role. In Mr. Williams’
court papers, he alludes
to the fact that he thinks you have
a sugar daddy. (CYNTORIA CHUCKLES) What is this all about? He is one of my
childhood friends and when I call
and tell him that Brian was not taking care
of his responsibilities… When I was short
on a couple of things and I couldn’t call and
ask Brian for it, he made sure
he was there for it. He has never once said
that he was Connor’s father, he’s always trying
to get Brian to step-up to the plate
and be a father. Mr. Williams’ you say
she’s got a sugar daddy, what is this all about
in your mind? It was a phone call
that I received and it just pretty much
took me over to edge. I’m not sure how
he even obtained my number but he was telling me
to baby-sit. Why would I be
baby-sitting my child? So he told me to
be there baby-sitting. JUDGE LAKE: This man is
telling you when to be there to take care
of your child? BRIAN: Yes. CYNTORIA: Because, Brian… Wait a minute,
who is this person? It’s her
“Papa Bear.” That’s her nick-name
How do you know that?
BRIAN:I have retrieved
evidence from, uh,
her Facebook account.(AUDIENCE GASPING) Jerome, will you hand me
his evidence, please? (CYNTORIA SIGHING) JUDGE LAKE: And you say,
she calls him “Papa Bear”? (SOFTLY) Yes. CYNTORIA: Yes, I do. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you do? CYNTORIA: Mmm-hmm. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Well, all right. So, this is
an exchange between Miss Vaughn
and Papa Bear.Miss Vaughn says…
(READING)And then, Papa Bear
(READING) This next message
you see says, (READING) (AUDIENCE GASPING) CYNTORIA: Insinuating that
he’s not calling him
daddy right now because that’s
not his father. So, you’re reading these
Facebook messages and you’ve got your wife
calling a man “Papa Bear.” They’re going
on Facebook. And he’s saying,
“By next month, “the baby will be
calling me daddy.” And you’re reading
messages about somebody needing
to get a DNA test. And you’re feeling like
this all is pointing to you and the fact that you
may not be Connor’s
biological father. Yes, Your Honor JUDGE LAKE:All right.So, did you confront
Miss Vaughn and say,
“What are these messages
and who is this person?”
BRIAN: I have tried
to contact her. She started blocking
my number when I would ask about,
you know, her relationship. When I was coming over
to her house they’re already there. Not dressed
and claiming that it’s just a
regular friendship. Wait, when you come over
to Miss Vaughn’s house, was it to see Connor? BRIAN: Yes, ma’am. Because I was… Then Papa Bear
and Miss Vaughn are there, and they don’t have
any clothes on? Yes, Your Honor. CYNTORIA:
Don’t lie. CYNTORIA:
Don’t lie. What? Miss Vaughn, I’m asking you
this respectfully, have you been intimate
with Papa Bear? Is it an intimate
relationship or just best friends? (BRIAN MUTTERING) We are in a
intimate relationship. Oh, you are in an
intimate relationship. (AUDIENCE GASPING) SHAWN: But she’s
still married though
and he’s the father. BRIAN: You get it
from your mama. (AUDIENCE GASPING) No, you get your behavior from
your mother. Okay, but we’ve
never been on 31st… You don’t know anything. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on,
hold on, hold on. Let’s get it
correct, sir. Hold on. CYNTORIA: Brian… (CHUCKLING) Miss Vaughn,
I want to be clear. You’re still married
to Mr. Williams… We’re separated, yes. You’re separated from
Mr. Williams but you… Legally. Are intimate with
this Papa Bear guy. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:So
you understand then
if he reads these messages
and knows
that you’re intimate
with this man, can you see why
he would have doubt? Yes. Miss Boyd, what I
want to understand is, cause I see you,
I mean you’ve got so much negative things to say
about Mr. Williams. You know,
in hind-sight,
do you regret making your daughter
marry him? Because you’re the one
that set this up. DELON: Okay. (APPLAUDING) When she brought
this nut to home, I said, “Why’re you
bringing him home, “he’s a project.” She said, “That’s
Brian, Brian, Brian.” Now, he’s a project. Still to today. Hold on,
Miss Boyd, I want to understand this,
because you’re so angry and yet what I’m
saying is, is that you encouraged them
to get married. I wish that I wouldn’t have
dogged him like I did because it drew her
closer to him. If I would have listened
to everyone else and said, no,
just let it ride, ’cause she’s gonna
smarten up, and she’s gonna
ditch the loser. (CLICKS TONGUE)
But I kept on saying, “Tori, he’s a project,
he’s a project.” So, Miss Vaughn,
in addition to the paternity issue,
you also say, you have spent
close to $2,550 in child-care expenses
for this year that you say,
Mr. Williams, has not helped you
out at all. Mmm-hmm. You’re suing for half
of those expenses which is $1,275
for day-care. CYNTORIA: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Do you have
any evidence that
you brought to court to validate
those expenses? Thank you. Welcome. (GROANS)
All right. So these are the receipts
for child-care? Yes, for Connor Williams,
his daddy’s last name. JUDGE LAKE:All right,
so this is three months
of child care, pretty much.
no government assistance,
always straight cash.That you’re
having to pay to make sure
your child is able to go
to child-care presumably, so
you can go to
work or school or whatever
you have to do. CYNTORIA:
Right. Right. Mr. Williams,
this is $2,550. You know a child has to
have someone to care for it. She’s saying she’s been
paying out this money so she can
go to work, but you aren’t working. Have you helped her
with this $2,550? Or have you at least said,
“While you’re working “I will watch him
so we don’t have “to incur this expense?” Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
You have done? JUDGE LAKE: Which one of them
have you done? I was being the…
Coming to her house. JUDGE LAKE:
In the last three months, have you come
to her house to watch the child? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Has he been there? Out of those three months
he’s been in child-care, he watched him
for two weeks. But you know, there’s
four weeks in every month. Four times three. So for two weeks
he did watch him? CYNTORIA: Mmm-hmm. But for the $850
that you paid, per month, for the
subsequent months… Mmm-hmm. He hasn’t helped watching. Mmm-hmm. No. Your Honor,
now she’s saying, that she had nobody
to help with child-care but I offered
and she has yet to call me. She received my mo… I was paying debt (ALL SPEAKING SIMULTANEOUSLY) I was giving, I was
giving her my money… I was giving my mother
my money while I was
staying in Frankfurt. It was $40 twice. It was not $40 twice. It was way more
than $40. How much was it? JUDGE LAKE:
One at a time. It was even a shock to
my mother that I was giving
her this much money. Mr. Williams, what are you
testifying today? I was testifying to um,
giving and receiving
her money and then she was going
and telling me, calling me back that
she was using it
to go partying with. Okay, so, Imma break
some things down to you so you won’t think
I’m just one of these people spending his money
on stuff. Connor is not on
government assistance. Anything. I pay
for child-care, healthcare, lights,
water, phone bill, car insurance
and anything else. So if he only
sends me $60… CYNTORIA: What
is that to anything? JUDGE LAKE: It’s $60. CYNTORIA: Right. It’s subtracted from
the amount that… CYNTORIA: Right! So, his $60 is put in into
the pool of bills. Did you admit to him
that the money he gave you, you
spent partying? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So you did, you spent
the money he gave you
partying? Because that’s… All right, let’s go
to the results, Jerome. Okay, whatever,
get the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (DELON SNIGGERING) JUDGE LAKE: Miss Vaughn, I don’t know why
you’re so cavalier, “Whatever,
get to the results.” What is that?
What is that about? CYNTORIA: Mmm. Because… I mean, I’m just
being honest. You’re the one
inPaternity Court.All right. I mean,
it’s almost as if you’ve taken on
such a victim mentality that you’re forgetting
as a young woman the only reason
you’re here. CYNTORIA: Mmm-hmm. Is cause you did it
to yourself. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Right. ‘Cause I mean,
it’s the truth. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. ‘Cause you done
got in here and you “Whatever
what not this,” you “breaking it down,”
you got so much mouth. A woman has got
that much mouth, got enough sense
to know, when you go look at
a young man like this, “If I laid down with him
without no protection, “Imma be
on my own.” SHAWN: Whoo! (APPLAUDING) You know what I’m saying? You ain’t a man,
you a piss poor son. Look, because I’ve tried
to get Mr. Williams, to get his one thought
together today, it’s
been tough. So, you the one said
he was your boyfriend, so you got a lot
to say today but um, (SCOFFS)
baby… I made my mistake. Baby, baby… We all make mistakes.
I made them. Okay, so sometimes you
need to know when to
just be humble. Mmm-hmm. And be quiet. DELON: Right. That’s
what she’s saying. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) CYNTIONA: You’re right.
You’re right. So with that said,
let me get you all these results so
we can figure out
how to get this baby, the mother and father
that he deserves. JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Vaughn v. Williams,
as it pertains
to 12-month-old,
Connor Williams, it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Williams, you are the father. (APPLAUDING) DELON: Please
pay the lady. Pay the lady. (CYNTORIA WHIMPERS) Pay the lady. Mr. Williams,
you are the father. BRIAN: Yes,
Your Honor. You are the father. You’re gonna have to
raise that child together, you’re gonna have to help
be responsible for him, care for him, and you’re lack of bonding
with him, because of whatever
your doubt was, that’s time he’s lost when he could have had
the love of his father. Today is about how
do we move forward, we got the truth,
this baby is here, he’s one,
that’s his father. You’ve got to take care
of the child, you owe her. She came here saying,
“For three months,
I’ve spent $2,550. “I’ve paying for child-care
for this child. “So I can go out and
get money that I need “to take care
of the child.” You’re responsible for
half of those child-care
expenses. So for that reason,
my judgment is for the plaintiff
in the amount of $1,275. You owe her that. You all got a lot
to think about. A lot to work out,
we have resources, and counseling for you,
take advantage of it, get this anger out, these
chips off of your shoulder, and get on
the big picture. This little boy,
beautiful little boy, he deserves better
than this. I wish you all the
very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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