Loving Lyfe Episode 5: Authenticity

Loving Lyfe Episode 5: Authenticity

♪ It’s a beautiful day ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪ ♪ Why don’t you come out to play? ♪ Hi, guys! I’m Nichelle. I’m Ashleee. And I’m Bentley. And today’s kind of a serious day, huh guys? Yeah.
Yeah. We wanted to get real and just talk. Our video that we posted last week got really bad reactions, like some of the comments were actually like, really mean and hard. Like, they were really hard to read. The comments were so bad that when my husband saw them he was like, “Babe, let me get inside “that computer so I can beat them all up.” And I was like, “Well, you can’t be in a computer.” And we talked about that for a while. So most of the negative comments were about how people thought that our life looked fake. So it was just a video of all of us in bikinis on the beach looking pretty effortless– Yeah.
Right. We were all talking about how easy it is to be a mom. It wasn’t awful at all, it was actually one of my favorite videos we’ve ever done. All of the things that people wrote in about that none of them really made sense. I said something that was mistaken. It was out of context. About mental health. I said something about mental health. It was a joke. It’s like, physical health is like, you work out. But mental health, that’s like, kinda funny. It’s like, how do you work out your brain. Right!
Yes. People thought that Bentley had kicked a homeless person but it was just a pile of blankets. It was just blankets. It was just the homeless person’s blankets, okay? It was just blankets. It was his, it was like his house. Right? And I’m like, okay, well, that’s a cute house. And he was like, “Thank you,” and we had a really pleasant conversation after that. What does it say about you if you think a pile of blankets is a person? I just want you to think about that. I knew it wasn’t a person. That’s why I kicked it. Okay, and don’t even get me started with all of these comments I’ve been getting about my pure ivory corset I was wearing. First of all, I looked amazing. It looked fab. And second of all, everyone was assuming that I got it from a poacher. You guys, you know me! It was ethically sourced, it was from the good poachers. Like, these guys are really cool to hang out with. Yeah! They only target mean and manipulatively sick animals. Yeah, and let me ask you this, would you rather there be no ivory? So we just wanted to chat with you guys and just like, get real with you, you know? We’re sitting here in Ashleee’s living room, we’re obviously not done up, no makeup or anything, like, these beach waves are real. So swipe up on our Snap to get our no-makeup makeup looks. (basketball bouncing) Chab. Chab! No b-ball in the house! You said Thursday night is Chab time! It’s Wednesday! So we wanted to talk about our insecurities today. Just like, explain to you that just like, we’re people too. Like, we’re just like you. (basketball bouncing) Chab! Chab! I’ll go first. As you know, I’m pregnant with twins. Obviously I’m huge and I’m gaining a lot of weight this pregnancy and I’m super insecure about it. Just fat, not even from the baby. Like, let me find it. It’s like, where is it, it’s like here. Look at that. You might need to zoom in a little bit. No, like, I’ve seen you pregnant before and that’s fat. Yeah, absolutely. Like, I’m just being honest. I’m a good friend. Yeah, you’re a great friend and that’s fat. That’s really hard for me but you know, like, I’m gonna give birth to two babies, have plastic surgery immediately afterwords. You are so brave. Because like, that’s hard to look at. And like, I would never want that. But it’s so beautiful. Yeah, and because all women are beautiful. Like, that’s where our value is. Right.
Yeah. My confession is that my house gets really messy sometimes. I have four or five kids and all of their organic cedar wood toys from Jane are just strewn around back there. Oh, by the way, those toys really are amazing. They’re from our friends at Jane and you really should check them out in the link in the description of course. I just want everyone to know, my house gets messy too, okay. Okay guys, okay, I’m just gonna say it. If any of you says anything about my perfect wife– Chab. Or her hot friends, okay, then I’m gonna find you, I’ll track you down, and I will destroy you! Chab! You work so hard for this, babe. You dedicate 12 hours every single month to this. Chab, honey, aren’t you working on a drone company that delivers flat-brimmed hats to babies? Yeah, I do have that. You should get back to it. I should. Go do that. We’ll be okay. Be nice to them. Yeah, okay. Okay, so it’s my turn now. For my moment of authenticity this week, we are gonna take a little trip to my closet. So let’s go check it out. Okay guys. So we’re in my closet and I’m showing you my bags. So like, this is my Chanel bag and then this is my Birkin bag and then this one is Dolce and this one is Louis but guys, this bag I got it at Target. I shop at Target, guys. I mean like, I use it to hold dog food, mostly. I’m just like you guys. So like, you should like me. Wow, like, Bentley, I’m like, shook by that. That’s amazing. I know. Like, how vulnerable of you. It was a lot. All for you guys. Well guys, that’s everything there is to know about us and we’re just like you. It’s true. So go love your life! Air Jordan! Chab. Hey guys, thanks for being real with us today. I would say you should subscribe to JK Studios. Oh, wow. Took a lot of courage. Show our sponsors some love. Jane.com There is a link in the description where you can download their app. You can get clothes there, jewelry, dog stuff. Yeah, home decor to make your space a place where you can hang your hat. Hats!
Oh, that’s right! They’ve got hats. Check them out!

100 thoughts on “Loving Lyfe Episode 5: Authenticity

  1. I looked up "nicepoachers.org," but I couldn't find any website about poachers. I was really looking forward to buying that pure, ivory corset.

  2. Tbh, I really haven’t liked these Loving Lyfe episodes very much—just haven’t found them very funny, and I miss The Most Organic Vlog. (Sorry 😟) But to go from “this is my Birkin bag” (which can be over $100K 😱😵🙅🏼‍♀️) to “you guys…I got this one at Target! I keep dog food in it. I’m just like you!” 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. This "Loving Lyfe" show is genuinely so, so awful. As a big fan of your guys' work with Studio C, this is a HUGE step down. Seriously, this is just bad.

  4. I feel like Ashlee and Nichelle think they’re better than Bentley in most videos lol. It’s like Bentley is there but they’re obviously better than her, and I find it hilarious

  5. All woman are beautiful -thats where our value is. Isn’t that actually evolutionarily true though. I mean we just can’t say it anymore.

  6. Well all I have to say is, puzzles, sudoku, and crosswords are ways you can work out your brain. And that is how you can have good mental health that was for you Ashlee

  7. These women should have been strangled at birth. Am I being too harsh? Just kidding. The three characters you love to hate.

  8. It seems sometimes like they're making fun of a specific show, but I don't watch enough tv to know… are there references I'm missing?

  9. If she were wearing an "ivory corset" wouldn't it crush the babies? Wait… Is Natalie ACTUALLY pregnant, or is it just for this?

  10. Respect to all of you for incorporating your sponsor seamlessly into the actual sketch.

    Wait, do you call them sketches anymore?

  11. I just like looking for ACTUAL hate comments but it’s like trying to find the 4 or 5 kids Ashlee has oh wait there at school

  12. "If any of you says anything about my perfect wife or her hot friends…"

    Ps. Ashlee and Chab at least seem to really like each other, despite their "peculiar"parenting

  13. "And some of the comments were mean, and hard… Like hard to read."

    Inner horrible person: Like… Above a 3rd grade reading level?

    Love how amazing these girls always look when they don't have make up on. It's like – better than most people with make up.

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