Littlest Preemie Kitten Grows Up!

Littlest Preemie Kitten Grows Up!

Kitten Lady: Look how smart you are! Kitten Lady: This is amazing!! Kitten Lady: Ohh I love him… Kitten Lady: One week old, still got his umbilical cord. Kitten Lady: Poopin’… Kitten Lady: You are shaped like an avocado! Kitten Lady: Yeah, you’re shaped like a cadbury egg. Kitten Lady: I mean, no offense… Kitten Lady: You okay, Badgie? Kitten Lady: I love you soo much! Kitten Lady: You’re the best little baby boy, even if you do have… Kitten Lady: Neonatal Hot Mess Disease. Kitten Lady: Even if you do have… Kitten Lady: Neonatal Dumpster Fire Syndrome… Kitten Lady: I feel soo bad for him, he’s soo tender… Kitten Lady: Your poor little poopy life! 🙁 Kitten Lady: You know, for someone’s last bath time is a luxury. Kitten Lady: *smooches Badger’s head* I love you Badgie… Kitten Lady: Look at that! Kitten Lady: It’s called a toy! *Badger squeaks* Kitten Lady: What do you think?! Kitten Lady: Look! That’s a toy for Badger! Kitten Lady: Who’s the cutest boy in the world? Kitten Lady: Doop! It’s you! Kitten Lady: What was that? Kitten Lady: Are you becoming a cat? Kitten Lady: Oohhh *chuckles* Kitten Lady: Oh you’re cute, huh? Kitten Lady: Are you crazy? Kitten Lady: You poppin’ at me? Kitten Lady: Oh you’re soo vicious! *Kitten Lady laughs* Kitten Lady: He’s like “I’m a hunter…” Kitten Lady: “I am an apex predator…” *woman in the background giggles* Kitten lady: He is loving this…*giggles* *keeps laughing* Kitten Lady: Oh my god *laughs some more* Kitten Lady: Hey there! Kitten Lady: Badger! Kitten Lady: You’re doing soo good! Kitten Lady: You found a basket? Kitten Lady: That looks comfy… Kitten Lady: What are you weirdos doing? Kitten Lady: I think Leeni is falling asleep… Kitten Lady: (to Leeni) You sleepy… Kitten Lady: Look at your little mouth! *inaudible background conversation* Woman: Hi! *Leeni playing around joyfully* Woman: Hey baby! *Badger joins in* Kitten Lady: So this is the adoption agreement. It’s very very straight-foward
Woman: Okay! Kitten Lady: Uuuhm so, i’ll just go there with you Kitten Lady: And Leeni, we can go throught it together Kitten Lady: Yeah, if you look at his records, it’s crazy, because there was soo much wrong with him! Kitten Lady: We thought at some point his tail tip was gonna fall off! Kitten Lady: Uuuhm and now it’s like soo perfect and he looks soo smooth and shiny! and… Kitten Lady: It’s like, it’s soo crazy, that its the same cat!
*woman giggles* Kitten Lady: Hard to believe. Kitten Lady: This one is a privileged little milk-fed! Kitten Lady: She always been fine, woah! *both laugh* Kitten Lady: She’s always been fine. Kitten Lady: She is! She always had her momma, she was always healthy! Man: She’s a momma’s girl? Kitten Lady: She *chuckles* she liked her momma, I think she likes Badger more Kitten Lady: She is always hanging out with him.. Kitten Lady: You guys look like you’re ready! Kitten Lady: Do you guys want to check out this cool thing? *Woman giggles in the background* *a lot of smooches from Hannah* Kitten Lady: Yeeeeaaahhh! Kitten Lady: There’s Leeni… Kitten Lady: Okay, okay! Kitten Lady: My baby boy!
*woman giggles in the background* Kitten Lady: I’m soo proud of him~ Kitten Lady: I know, I love him! I’m soo proud of him… Kitten Lady: Because we didn’t know if he would live or not Kitten Lady: He’s always *inaudible* (comfy?) Kitten Lady: I’m glad he found people who will love him
Woman: Yeah! We will take good care of him! Woman: *inaudible* lots for you guys! Kitten Lady: It’s good to feel… emotional, because it means that you love them! Which is great! *giggles all around* Kitten Lady: There you go!
Man: Hey girls and boys! Kitten Lady: Thank you!
Woman: Thank you soo much! Kitten Lady: You guys are awesome!
Woman: You guys are awesome! Kitten Lady: Take good care of them! Man: We will.
Woman: We will!
*Kitten Lady giggles* Kitten Lady: Badger… Kitten Lady: What’s this tongue? Kitten Lady: Did you get stuck? Kitten Lady: *cute voice* Did you get stuck? Kitten Lady: What are you doing? Kitten Lady: Why are you doing that? Huh? *Thank you Kitten Lady for taking good care of Badger! It’s amazing how during many weeks you gave all your effort and determination to such small and beautiful creature* *We wish you a great future ahead, as well for the kittens you rescued. Keep up the amazing work! *Don’t ever give up! We are with you!
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100 thoughts on “Littlest Preemie Kitten Grows Up!

  1. This type of final outcome is why I love volunteer work. From start to finish its such an honor to watch their transition. Makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for sharing💜

  2. Sometimes I wonder if animals know when another one has suffered unfairly..seems like I see pets pair off with ones who had a rough start. I think his friendship with the female cat had alot to do with his recovery..Such a sweet rescue story that turned into a love story too..😭👍🏾

  3. Isn’t he the one that was found behind an oil painting in the studio? I think his sister’s name was Mink, I I remember correctly. Sadly, she went to kitty heaven after a day because she was too small. Badge looks AWESOME!!!

  4. These kittens grow up but alot of human beings don’t and live with a mentality that’s lower then animals and become more senseless in fact these animals have better senses and more sensible then some of us humans.

  5. Que belleza😘💋 .. morí de amor.💓.. jajaja jajajaWhat beauty😘💋 … I died of love …💓 Hahaha hahaha

  6. I know this is late, but the funny thing is that I have two cats, Tina and Rhonda, and Tina is a tortishell, like Leeni , and Rhonda is like Badger!
    Tina looks so identical to Leeni, with the same orange placement on her face, and orange speckles all over her

  7. This video about Badger brought back many memories of our own little black and white Badger that we found when he was one day old. We went through some of the same issues as Badger. We named ours Binky. Couldn't bear to part with him and now he's 10. Thanks for taking care of that precious little kitten. He's alive because of you! He became such a beauty! You do such good work! ❤❤

  8. I ended up falling in love with him within 8 minutes. I can't imagine how much love there was after MONTHS. It must have been so hard, but at least he went to a loving family.

  9. I love this so much, little guy fought through witn the help of this beautiful woman and was blessed with a girlfriend and a home in the end.😂💚animals

  10. Eu não sei falar inglês… mas uma imagem fala mais que mil palavras… ah me emocionei… 😺😻😻😻

  11. Thank God for ppl like the kitten lady! Badger would've died for sure without her intervention! Hes a glorious little cat!!!

  12. Я вчера взяла с улицы 5 месячного щенка дворняжку, теперь у меня три собаки…

  13. I feel very emotional watching this video because I too found a little baby boy who looked EXACTLY like Badger. His name was Doughnut. He was 1-2 days old when we found him along with his 2 tabby sisters. One of them didn't make it but Doughnut and his other sister Fusia, although very vulnerable, turned out to be fighters and with lots of TLC and overnight feeding they pulled through the neonatal period. Fusia quickly became very independent but Doughnut was clumsy and did not understand solid food or toys. Later on it turned out that he was visually impaired which explained his clumsiness. Although his vision improved over time, he remained super clumsy, talkative and cute and we loved him so much (he often forgot to put his tongue away, just like Badgie!). Oddly enough, he grew up to be a a little fire starter. Sadly, the night before his neutering appointment he went off somewhere and never came back (we live in Greece where there is plenty of free roaming space and nature) which was not like him because he was so attached to us. We think he tried to pick a fight with another cat and that was it for him (as I mentioned before, he was extremely clumsy and helpless though in his head he was an apex predator). We are still devastated even though months have passed since his disappearance. It's so important to neuter cats and dogs as soon as they reach the correct age not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also to discourage certain behaviours in males. I hope Badger and Leeni are happy in their new hope, and, to Badger's new parents – please give him a big smooch from me in Doughnut's memory. <3

  14. How fortunate the kittens are to have A Wonderful, Caring Kitten Lady tending to their well-being. You & the Kittens are awesome!

  15. Letting go of that little man had to be one of the hardest things ever. I'm a little late to the party here, but God bless you in all you do, and you know lil Mink was watching over him on his long and difficult journey. I'm sure she and the others that were destined for angelhood are watching over you as well in return for all the kindness you showed them. All the love in the world to you!!!

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