Last Minute Christmas Looks!! Photoshoot

that’s my girl yep and more so my girl At least it’s real. In case you wanted to know
if we staged this are no… nope it’s a real thing hello everybody I’m here with cute
Hayley over there and smooch who’s whining because he thinks we’re about to
leave him in the car even though he’s coming with us
but we’re gonna do a photo shoot today at mission lofts Christmas style it’s
basically just it was really pretty home that’s decorated really well and
so it’s kind of a fun different thing than your own house so you get to come
and rent out they do like I don’t know what they do a bunch of different like
but we’re gonna be a mission lofts shooting today it’s gonna be really fun
and yeah lots of cozy belly hot chocolate type pictures to come let’s do
it all right outfit number one I’m gonna give you guys a tour in a second but
we’re trying to hurry with the light because like always I was late but I’m
about to go to town on some bagels on the kitchen see if you guys can see that
I’ll set you here that’s my girl yep and more so my girl please it’s real okay she wanted to know
where the restage this are not new it’s a real thing right now then I ate a
blueberry bagel in and everything bagel we’re ready for outfit 2h over there
just doing yoga casually no pretty that room is out right we’re gonna wrap these
presents and sit on the floor taking pics has a gun-range look at the mound
of marshmallows happening it’s all happening
all right Margaret O’Leary sweater with marshmallow favorite sweaters beverages
right picture three we’re on a roll guys not wearing pants but I wanted to see
again oh damn I missed you guys I was like I’m not wearing pants because
I’m trying to make it we take pictures again a views pretty yeah we just take a
cool picture in here with the guitar look at this room this is we’re about to
shoot the bump picture in the egg how cool everything is in here awesome
little room we just shot a picture in this amazing bathroom back there I’m
gonna shoot one in this hallway and then the kitchen where we’ve been in its
whole time and the family room I’m obsessed with that so good okay we’re
about to do a bump pic pull in third love bra some muumuu sweater some blanky
shorts in this chair okay alpha number six guys we’re kicking
butt over here at mission oft Here I am in my awesome boots that I’m
obsessed with and of course my go-to listen to nice dress but if you like
your butt just starts expanding to like try to keep up with the bum that’s what
I feel like is happening right now where can I go there’s a butt and a bum not
quite even but almost so many pictures Haley
badass as always and this is Michael is the one that is the brilliant mind
behind mission loss and did all the cool art decorating everything everywhere and
look how cute these are I’m upset and he’s gonna make one for the notes to
read so cool rope lamp thing alright see you guys later
oh okay we did it guys we shot so many pictures go to Instagram to see the rest
and there’s either don’t know I always do shoutouts
so this week I’m gonna do an extra shout-out for those of you to go follow
and like Haley’s pictures too so I was dude three I’m gonna do a fourth one
from Haley’s page to make sure that you go to her picture comment away and
follow her and I’m gonna choose one of you guys for next buddy out shout out
all right love you guys lads thanks Haley thank submission lot for having us
Rachael for being there and smooth or champion after that tongue all
right shut up time love you guys fine Merry Christmas

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