Ladylike Reacts To Their First Video

Ladylike Reacts To Their First Video

– My lips, honestly, feel like like this. (upbeat music) Welcome everybody. – Hello. – It’s Ladylike. (laughs) – If you come in hots with it’s Ladylike, that’s the take we’ll use. – [All] It’s Ladylike. – And today we’re reacting
to our very first video. – Ah! We were babies. – I’m sorry, I smell
like hummus and pretzels. – Same, because we had the same snack. (laughs) – How long ago did we
film our first video? – We shot this in early
November of last year, I think. – Which doesn’t sound
like a very long time but it is. – And it was a struggle to shoot this ’cause I was leaving for
Thailand the next day. – This was a journey. I’m just looking at myself. (laughs) – Oh stop. – I have have jet black hair in this. – You do. – I like it. – [Freddie] Me too.
– [Candace] Alright, ready? Should I start?
– [Safiya] Yeah. – Alright, well, can you see? – Yeah.
– [Candace] Everyone see? Do we need popcorn? I’m just kidding. My lips honestly, feel like like this. (laughs) – That’s the Spongebob face. – Oh, that’s when Ladylike
was two separate words. – So, today we’re wearing
long lasting lipstick. – Look at your long hair. – [Group] Ooh, Saf. – We all have a youthful glow. – I feel like now in videos I’m like, “Welcome to Ladylike.” (laughs) – I feel like this was the beginning of liquid lipsticks for me. I didn’t know that much about them. – [Voiceover] Same. – I was like, “It’s so dry.” And now I’m like, “The drier the better.” – I’m going to eat all of these things. I’m drinking tea because
I don’t drink coffee. (laughs) – Oh my god, pause pause. (laughs) – So I don’t drink
coffee, I’m a vegetarian, and I prefer natural and organic. – She likes luxury, people. – I love luxury. I love Brookstone, (laughs) West Elm. That’s my wheelhouse. That’s where I feel at home. – Thank you for bringing
wheelhouse into this conversation. – Yes. (laughs) – Look at Freddie’s face. – Can we also talk about
the fact that none of us really knew each other that well– – [Candace] Oh yeah.
– [Chantel] Zero. – When we shot this video. – Yeah. – This is the first time
we had ever really worked with Candace and Chantel. We jumped into this very intense video and found out lots of things about (chuckles) who we were working with. – I remember sitting there and being like, “Am I going to be able
to make conversation? “I’m really nervous.” – [Group] Awww. – Okay, guys. (laughs) – [Both] Two. Next event, eat a damn taco. – Oh god, these tacos. – We were… this was at 9:30 at night. – Yeah. – We were starving. – We started shooting we thought we were going
to start shooting at one. We didn’t actually start
shooting until 3:30. – After the light setup and all that. – Yeah. And we had looked at four
different shooting locations to see where to shoot this and we had set lights up in
a random conference room. – So we’re just shooting this where a Tasty video should be shot. – Yeah. – We just put ourselves and our Taco bell. Event number three. Kiss a boy. – I know him and we’re
gonna kiss, I guess. Uh oh, kissing the boys. – Oh my god. – Oh god, me and Jack. – [Chantel] This is…
– [Freddie] Cringeworthy. To the most.
– [Safiya] Wait, pause. Pause. – These are all stories. – Aw, so cute. – When we were coming up
with the different categories to test for the Olympics,
this one came up. Saf was taken care of. She had a long time boyfriend at the time and she still does. – I had completely zero prospects. Freddie had a friend boy at the time. – I had a new prospect. – Now an old prospect. – Now, yes, now he’s been
in the game for a minute. I remember Chanty and I were
texting back and forth like, “Do you have a boy?” And I was like, “No, do you have a boy?” I’m like, “Uh, kind of.
I don’t know what to do.” – I had been dating Jack for one date. I text him and I was like, “Hey, you want to be in a Buzzfeed video?” And he was like very weirdly okay with it. He was like, “Of course, yeah.” And so he came out and
our second date was this. – My friend who I had been friends with since I was 12, and so I
texted him and was like, “Hey, so what are you doing tomorrow “like 24 hours from now?” He was fine with it. He was like, “Yeah, okay.” – He was into it. – Yeah. – Oh come on, he was into it, Chantel. – He was. Y’all had a heavy makeout sesh. – Y’all were cute. – Y’all were making out more than me and my longtime boyfriend. – He then proceeded to move out of state a week later. (laughs) – I ended up asking Paul
to kiss me on camera and he ended up agreeing to do it but then the timing didn’t work out because he was shooting something else so then I had to just pull
Garrick from the second floor. – My favorite thing is
that Garrick pretends to literally not even know who you are. – Yeah. – He shakes your hand at the beginning. – What? – See, Saf is just like, “Here we go.” – Oh my god. – See, he shakes your hand. – You are Garrick are being so awkward. (squealing) – Oh, okay. – See, this was the steamiest, not me. – What? Are you serious? – Woah. – [Voiceover] But it’s not on your face. – You want to try again maybe? – Oh my god. – See! He’s so into it! – He wanted to try again. – Wait, this is my favorite
face the whole entire video. Just instant regret
from Freddie right here. (laughs) Just instant regret. – [Voiceover] Look at that. – [Voiceover] Fantastic. – [Voiceover] Hope I look good. I mean, damn. – Oh god. – Okay, can we pause for a second? – Mustache waxes? – Yeah, Freddie was so mad at me that I was up close. So we had to take closeup
shots of our mouths, right? And Freddie suddenly is like, “Can you see my mustache?” and I’m like, “We’ve
been doing this all day.” She goes, “I should’ve
gotten my mustache waxed.” And I’m like, “Freddie,
it’s too late for this.” And she goes, “Photoshop it out. “Photoshop it out.” I’m like, “Freddie, I can’t. “I can’t Photoshop it out. “Freddie we’ve been taking
pictures of your mouth all day.” (laughs) – I was so stressed and so upset. – Wait, can you see it? – Yes. – No. (squeals and laughs) – You see a shadow. You don’t see hairs.
– [Safiya] It’s a shadow. – But there’s a slight shadow. I wouldn’t even notice. – It’s only on the corners. (laughs)
– [Safiya] Let me see. – To be fair, Freddie got her
revenge on me months later when she made my growing
in ‘stache the thumbnail for lip tattoos. (laughs) – I am the winner and then
the saddest picture ever. – It’s because I have resting bitch face. – Wait, we all look just
pale and tired and all the- – We were. – We were exhausted. – It was 10 pm. – So pale, so tired. – Oh this is when we
couldn’t think of an ending so we just thought of a bullshit… Lady tip, lady parts. – Long wear lipstick, Olympic tested. – Done. – Wow, what a night. – What a journey. – What a night we had. – It’s still a funny video.
– [Freddie] Yeah. – I still think it’s funny. – I love it. – Yeah, this video. This was the beginning of it all. – Here we are now. – Yeah, here we are. I’m happy.
– [Chantel] Yeah. – I’m happy we did this. – Me too, and now we’re
actual friends too. – So that’s that. It’s Ladylike. – And that was Ladyliked… Right? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do now? – No! (laughs) – Yeah, at least we’re not farting today. – I could use a beverage. – Unless Freddie is secretly– – Speak for yourselves. (laughs) – God, I knew Freddie
was secretly farting. – Freddie is always farting. – Damnit.

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  1. Everyone from ladylike can't reply to our comments, if you watch safiyas video it was confirmed by her in her why I left buzzfeed.

  2. Saf was acting a bit strange in this video. Adjusting her top, giving Freddie a "look" when she said that was where it all started… she seemed uncomfortable here. Oh well Saf you're better off in your own channel anyway.

  3. I came back to watch this video cuz i was thinking about it recently and omg saf and tyler are engaged now 🤧🙌🏽❤️

  4. I’m watching this in 2019 and ladylike has changed a lot, now it is Fredd, Chantel, Jen, Devin and Kristin (I probably spelled Chantel wrong)

  5. Chantel is literally me. I have the worst RBF but I literally could've just won the lottery; but who knows? 😅🤔

  6. Ok. Its 2019 now. Saf left in 2017 and is now engaged to Tyler and has 7.7 million subscribers. Jen left, and so did lots of other people from Buzzfeed. You could literally make a YouTube channel out of all the "why I left Buzzfeed" videos.

  7. The ending for their first video couldve been:
    "Lady tested, lady kissed it!"

    Cause… Lip stick. You kissed with it.

    I'll find the door. 😂😂

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