Labor and Delivery Tips for Dads –

Labor and Delivery Tips for Dads –

Daddy Brad:  Welcome back the Lab. I’m Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay:  And I’m Daddy Clay, and this
is our lead cameraman and editor, Danny, who, despite having worked for us for, what, about
a year? Danny:  Year and a half. Clay:  Year and a half is going to be a dad
himself. Brad:  Daddy Danny! Today we’re at Brackenridge Hospital to give
Danny a crash course in labor and delivery. Danny:  No disrespect, guys. I feel like I’m really ready. I edit the DadLabs videos. I’ve been to a lot of classes. Clay:  Dude, first of all, look at you. Brad:  Noob. Clay:  All right. Now, that you’re properly geared up, it’s
time for you to take a little advice from the old guys. [music]
Brad:  This episode is brought to you by DaddyScrubs. Be prepared. Look the part. You’re the Daddy! Danny:  So, why are we next to the vending
machines? Brad:  ‘Cuz you got to stay sharp, man! That means proper nutrition and hydration. Find the vending machines, because they’re
quicker than the cafeteria. Bring change, small bills. You can even bring your own snacks. You might want to consider packing a little
picnic for after the baby’s born. But before the baby is born, make sure you
take your snacks outside. Rustling bags and stinky snacks might upset
the laboring mom. You got it? Danny:  Yeah. Clay:  OK. When you arrive here at the hospital, your
focus is going to be really sharp on Miranda. That’s the way it should be. That’s the right thing to do. But once you make it here into the labor and
delivery room, give a moment and give some focus to the nurses that you meet. Make sure you learn their names, and be really
nice to them. Well, not really, really nice, but sort of
nice, because if you’re too nice, you’ve got to watch out. Because pregnant moms, expecting moms, delivering
moms, they’ve got a stink‑eye that’ll knock you down at 15 paces. So, you want to be polite and establish a
really good vibe, because these are the people that are going to be taking care of you for
the next day or so. You want to make sure you get a positive relationship
built, because there may be times when you’ve got to be really direct with those people
to make sure you get what you want. Brad:  A couple of features of the labor
and delivery room. Adjustable hospital bed. Use these buttons to help your wife to be
more comfortable. TV clicker, not for you. Stirrups down south, also not for you. Clay:  Warming table, where the baby goes
after he’s born. Brad:  Bathroom. You can use this to an extent. Clay:  Monitor for fetal heart rate, and
also contractions. You cannot get the Dow Jones on this. Brad:  You’re a camera guy, so I know you’re
going to have the camera and the phone batteries all charged up. But don’t let your artsy‑fartsy documentary
film‑making side take over. Don’t miss everything just because you’re
behind the camera. Get in there. Experience what’s going on. Make sure you’ve put down a nice playlist
of songs that you and Miranda like, things that are soothing and nice for the room. Clay:  Yeah, and speaking of soothing. Foot rubs. Lots of foot rubs. Brad:  Oh, yeah. Clay:  You might want to go on,
pick up some specific techniques on how to do a great foot rub. Brad:  Yeah. And push present. You have a push present? Clay:  Push present. You’ve got to have a push present. Brad:  Yeah, you got to have a push present! Danny:  What’s a push present? Clay:  You failed, Bro. Brad:  It’s a small token to say, “Thank
you for bringing our baby into the world. You worked so hard!” Danny:  So, I’m supposed to give her a present
every time she pushes? Clay:  No. This is for after the baby is born. When things have calmed down, maybe the baby’s
sleeping. You find a quiet moment. You bust out that picnic that you packed,
and some small token, maybe a framed photograph from the pregnancy, something with the baby’s
name on it if you’ve decided on that. Something to say, “Hey, honey, you rocked
it!” Brad:  Last but not least, hold that baby
as much as they’ll let you. Don’t be shy. Get in there. Hold that baby. It’s your child! Clay:  Daddy Brad, I think he’s ready. Brad:  He’s ready! Danny:  I’m ready.

25 thoughts on “Labor and Delivery Tips for Dads –

  1. I just love the video! I like the idea of having snacks on hand to keep up your energy. I had some snacks back 29 years ago when our daughter was born but I was so nervous I got sick when I tried to eat. So it has changed quite a bit since those days. I just wanted to add that in 1983 I was asked to stay in the hallway until the baby was almost out and then I went to cut the cord I fainted. I had no energy because of the snack incident. Needless to say our daughter was very healthy!

  2. Better tip- Plan to have your baby at home, that way you don't have to worry about your food situation, and the midwife taking care of your wife is someone who you've built a relationship with for the last 9+ months.  That way, you'll be sure to get exactly what you want, and you don't have to worry about holding your baby "as much as they will let you".  If your wife is low risk, out of hospital birth is the safest and most empowering way to go for both mom and dad.

  3. douchebag I'm at the hospital now and didn't get a gift why am I only now watching this crap my wife is having contractions got to go why am I still writing

  4. That's hilarious! If I can't eat, he can't eat. If I am comfortable enough to let him eat, it's stay out of the took when eating; it better not be anything that will linger on clothes, and brush teeth immediately!

  5. This was great. My wife is due any day and I've been studying up. This video gave a few great tips. The gift is clutch!

  6. This should have included more info about doing counter pressure for women that have back labor, how to keep them calm and relaxed and just focused on making it through each contraction.

  7. Lol my wife said fuck the doctor ur the father u made it u deliver it she hates doctors n so do i like they know my baby ha they know nothing they dont know my genes hell my wife still talks bout how my unborn son had my body heat n. Ate wat daddy ate which my wife would beat me up wen i had the actual cravings n she'd laugh at me n i told her this is the last baby n my wife tells women to shut up with birth no1 put a gun to ur head so dont bitch at the man because ur just much at fault n she says birth is like taking a major shit if a woman cant handle taking a major shit then dont spread the legs simple

  8. woah woah woah woah. Let's back the truck up. I'm positive she would love a present for every push. There's no need to limit yourselves dad. If one is good more is better.

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