Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Reveal On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

– Kylie Jenner fans think
she may have been drinking during her pregnancy. Plus, is Kylie’s pregnancy reveal happening on Keeping Up? Hey guys, it’s Ali for Hollywood Life, and Kim is trying to break
the internet once again, going naked and covered
in her new Kanye inspired ultra light beam highlighters and glosses. I’m used to seeing Kim naked, but the Troll doll dipped in
pixie dust look is next level. Speaking of next level, Forbes revealed that Kendall Jenner is the world’s highest
earning model in 2017, making $22 million. Kendall beat Giselle Bundchen, who made $17.5 million, and Gigi and Bella, who made $9.5 and $6
million, respectively. It’s unclear how much
of Kendall’s earnings were from the Pepsi ad
or the Fire Festival, and do her Keeping Up earnings count? Speaking of Keeping Up,
there are more signs teasing Kylie’s pregnancy
in the Christmas special after Kris Jenner was seen buying Kylie hot pink Christmas tree ornaments. Kris also gets emotional
and makes a comment hinting at more grandchildren. – I used to pray that one of
you guys would have a baby, and now it’s like a
faucet that we turned on and it won’t turn off. – That in mind, some concerned
fans are pointing out Kylie seemed to be drinking a
glass of chilled white wine. Drinking is of course a big
no no during a pregnancy. However, it’s just speculation since it’s unclear if it is alcohol. Also, Kylie isn’t even 21 and the pre-taped special was
reportedly filmed in October, but okay, we’re now
hearing Kylie and Khloe may be revealing their pregnancies on the mid season finale of Keeping Up. We hear Keeping Up will
be teasing the news on promos for the finale and will be released during
the week before it airs. This season is supposed
to be 22 episodes long, ending March 2018. However, the 11th episode
will air on December 17th with episodes scheduled all
the way up to January 28th. So it’s tricky on when
exactly it will air. Regardless, we hear
Kris is seriously hoping a pregnancy episode will make
for record breaking numbers and a bump for the rest of the season. It’s supposedly killing
the family to keep quiet, especially Khloe, and the family can’t wait to talk publicly about the pregnancies. While they suffer in silence, we’re going to keep talking, so click right up here to
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Kardashians, but mostly Jenners.

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