Knocked Up (10/10) Movie CLIP – Giving Birth (2007) HD

Knocked Up (10/10) Movie CLIP – Giving Birth (2007) HD

Get out!
Yeah, okay. ALLISON: Oh, no! (SCREAMING) You all right, buddy? JAY: It’s okay. What did it look like? l shouldn’t have gone in there. Don’t go in there.
Promise me you don’t go in there. Me, go in there? That’s the last
fucking place l wanna go. Like l’m gonna go in there. Try getting a boner now. What’s up, Deb? Hey. Push. One, two, three.
Oh, God! You’ve passed the shoulders.
One more big push. (SCREAMING) Good. (BABY CRYING) l did it. Okay. Oh, my God. It’s out.
You did it. You did it. Oh, my God, you did it.
Oh, my God. BEN: Oh, God. l love you, Ben.
l love you so much, too. Oh, my God. Congratulations, you two.
Thank you. You did so great.
You were amazing.
Thank you. Okay, pretty baby. You got out. You made it out. Welcome. You ever get so bored
you just stare at your balls? l bet you do, late John Lennon. (LAUGHING) Here we are again. (WHISPERING) Who is that?
Is that Ben’s rabbi? ls he the one
who cuts the penis? l think it’s Matisyahu. (CHUCKLING) Awesome. You want out of the bet?
l want out of the bet. You know what you have to say.
Just say it, man.
l think now is the time. Jason, you’re the master. You heard it, right?
Yeah. All right. You’re out of the bet.
Yeah, now you’re done. Oh, my gosh.
Oh, God. Your face smells
like an old man’s balls. Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, fucking hell. BEN: Hey. Oh, my God. Oh, hello. Oh, my goodness. She’s beautiful. Hello. Oh. l love you, Ben.
l love you, Debbie. We’re gonna have another baby.
Okay. Hello, baby. Gentlemen, it’s a girl! (ALL CHEERING) We got a daughter!
Mazel tov! Congratulations, Daddy!
JAY: We got
a beautiful little girl! Let’s meet her! She’s awesome!
JAY: A beautiful little girl!

95 thoughts on “Knocked Up (10/10) Movie CLIP – Giving Birth (2007) HD

  1. The baby is illegitimate

    Why didn't they get married before the baby was born

    It would have been the right thing to do

    If a guy is man enough to get a woman pregnant then he should be man enough to marry her

  2. i love how his friends were so excited about it being a girl, like jumping up and down excited. it was so adorable

  3. Are uou Fucking stupid? Have you even watched this movie? He tries to propose to her but she declines! Get your facts straight before you say stupid shit like that…

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  7. This movie is hilarious, but this scene made me cry. It's such a good movie, tearin' at my feelings and shit. (;

  8. It's not a kid, It's some reptilian whelp thing covered in vagina residue. EEEWWW smash it's head against the wall quick before it moves again.

  9. Medically speaking… it looks actually accurate… you know a doctor wouldn't speak to their patient like that… Ken Jeong is goood

  10. Debbie’s reaction to seeing the baby was my sister in law’s oldest sister’s reaction when my oldest niece was born. Except my sister in law fell to her knees in the hall and cried.

  11. Know what’s ironic? In every Seth Rogen movie where he plays a father, it’s always a baby girl (Knocked Up, Neighbors, The Night Before)

  12. Another great movie Jason seems in he is one of my favorite actors he came a long way and so many movies and he's great and all of them he lost weight now he's toned up but I don't think he ever had a lose weight he looked fine he was always weight proportioned. Always had a good body and he's an amazing actor he's great and all his movies I hope he keeps acting for a long time

  13. I love when she said “we’re gonna have a another one” and he said to her “okay” but to the camera said “no we’re not” lol

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