Kate Middleton Pregnant Along With Pippa Middleton Double Pregnancy Shocker – A Boy and A Girl R

Kate Middleton pregnant along with Pippa Middleton double pregnancy shocker a boy and a girl report Thanks to a recent article rumors are circulating that both Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton are pregnant the latest issue of okay allergies at both Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton are pregnant and expecting babies The magazine claims that Kate and Prince William are expecting their third child while Pippa is expecting her first with fan James Matthews According to a magazine source they Kate and Pippa love the idea of being pregnant at the same time They really close and having kids the same age is something they used to talk about when they were little girls It is extremely unlikely that either Pippa Middleton or Kate, Middleton or pregnant Pippa Middleton and James Matthews are planning a wedding Not just any wedding But a wedding that is sure to be covered by the media and full tale around the world and would not want to get pregnant while doing so further for obvious reasons people would not want to be pregnant in her wedding dress as for the royal couple both kate middleton and prince william are too busy with their royal duties to be expanding their family at this time and Because of her sister s upcoming nuptials and the countless photos that she will be featured in it is unlikely the Kate would want to Be pregnant in her bridesmaid dress Plus with two small children already the royal couple has their hands full Prince George is now three years old while Princess Charlotte is one year old Having two toddlers and being a royal is no easy task And it s unlikely that Prince William and Kate Middleton would want to have another child in the midst of raising their children performing their royal duties and helping to plan and participate in Pippa Middleton and James Matthews wedding Pregnancy rumors have plagued the Royals since their wedding and it appears that the same speculation will now follow Pippa, Middleton And her soon-to-be husband as well While everyone loves the idea of the Middleton sisters both being pregnant at the same time these rumours are probably false What do you think of the latest pregnancy rumors are Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting their third child? We’ll Pippa Middleton be walking down the aisle in a maternity size wedding dress Will James Matthews and Pippa start a family soon after their wedding or wait in order to a?

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