James Dean | How we Use Our Favorite Ultra-Portable Beauty Dish

In this video I’m gonna be reviewing the
new Profoto OCF beauty dishes as well as give you a firsthand look into how we
shot and lit our recent James Dean inspired wedding photo shoot. What’s up everybody? My name is Pye Jirsa
of Lin & Jirsa photography and SLR Lounge. In this video we’re talking about the new
OCF Beauty Dishes for which we have two. We have the silver and we have the white.
Both of these beauty dish modifiers fit into a tiny bag. They weigh less than a
pound and they can be tucked virtually anywhere in your gear bag. The
portability and ease of use is incredible but what’s even more
fantastic is the price point. These beauty dishes come in at around $180.
Let’s talk about the shoot and the images. Now this was a personal
shoot and for it I wanted to see just how much quality I could squeeze out of
my newly acquired Canon 5DS as well as my new Zeiss Otus 55mm and 85mm
lenses which are arguably the standard in still photography primes.
Usually when I’m shooting wide open apertures in the middle of the day I like
to use ND filters over my lenses because they help me to bring down the
amount of light and stay below the 1/200 of a second sync speed to get
the most power out of my flash systems. But for this shoot I knew that if I were
to use a ND filter it would automatically compromise the quality of
the images that I’m getting out of the Zeiss Otus lenses right from the start regardless of the quality of ND filter
that I use. This is where the Profoto B1 and B2 really shine because running
in high-speed sync we can still get significantly more power out of these
strobes then comparing it to regular flashes running high speed sync. In fact,
we use the B2 on this shoot in at 250 Ws. In high-speed sync you’re
gonna be still getting four to five times the amount of power than a
standard flash running high speed sync. For the light modifier I often use the
silver beauty dish simply because we’re shooting in such a bright scene and the
silver is gonna get me a little bit more light intensity. For the shoot the
lighting is actually fairly simple. We place our subjects backs, for the most
part, against the sun. So we’re using the sun as basically a backlight or a rim
light for the entire scene. Inside of the frame I’m composing my frame with the
subject that’s placed over the slightly darker background of the mountains. This
is what makes that edge light really pop against the darker surface of the mountain.
From there we add the B2 along with the silver beauty dish and we light the
subject at a pretty dramatic angle. What we’re trying to do is create and nice
dimension and direction to that main light. We want to control the light
pattern by simply moving the subjects face and body position to get the right
light pattern onto the person. Also, at that point, while using the B2 as our
main light, we can use the ambient exposure in the camera to also control the fill
that’s coming into the shadows on the other side of the person’s face. Keep in
mind that I want these images to have kind of that bright and airy wedding-esque feel
so I chose an ambient exposure setting that would keep the scene fairly bright and we
got that at around 1/4000 of a second f/2 and ISO 50. At that point though we
simply add in the B2 at full power with high-speed sync enabled and
we’re flashing and adjusting the light to simply control the direction and to control
the catchlight. Speaking of the catch- -light in the eyes, we can zoom into
these images and see that beautiful beauty dish catchlight that’s created from
the OCF Beauty Dishes. Also, look at that resolution! 50 megapixels with an
incredibly sharp lens gets you images that are absolutely breathtaking in
terms of quality. I hope you all enjoyed this video. Be
sure to check out the new Profoto OCF Beauty Dishes because I’m gonna go ahead
and say that these are my new favorite on-the-go light modifiers. Be sure to
check out the article in the link below this video. Subscribe to the channel if
you enjoy this video. My name is Pye, I’ll see you all in the next video.

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