Is Queen Elizabeth Banning Prince William From Divorcing Kate Middleton?

Is Queen Elizabeth Banning Prince William From Divorcing Kate Middleton?

Is Queen Elizabeth Banning Prince William From Divorcing Kate Middleton? The royal family definitely has a strict protocol But they are required to follow Well most families have guidelines about behaving in a certain way the Royals take it to another level They must dress Eastbay And interact with people in a certain way It is true That in recent years The family has been a little more relaxed with their seemingly never-ending list of rules Kate Middleton has been seen more than one time and dresses That are above the meat And her sister-in-law Meghan Markle Is notorious for doing things her own way Well there are certain minor things Set the queen let’s family members get away with such as Megan and Prince Harry’s adorable public hand-holding It is sad But she is adamant about not wanting any more divorces for the royal After all Her oldest son Prince Charles Went through a very public divorce from Princess Diana And there are other family members who have ended their marriages as well In the wake of a rumored Affair between Prince William and Kate’s friend Rose Hanbury Many people are wondering If Queen Elizabeth is Banning her grandson from divorcing his wife Prince William’s Infamous alleged affair Only those who are completely out of the loop or unaware of the rumors That William had an affair with Hanbury It All Began back in April when we found out that Kate was ending her relationship with her longtime close friend Fans knew that the two had some sort of major falling-out and before long It was Headline News That William had cheated on cake with rose Although this has never been officially confirmed Kate and William live nearby Rose and her husband And the two couples have spent significant time together So it was surprising to everyone When Cade insisted on phasing out a friend Does Kate Middleton want a divorce Cheating is hurtful to anyone who is involved and when a person is in the public eye just decayed is The media scrutiny can make is significantly more difficult Just like anyone else Caden William likely want to be able to work out any issues But they may have in their marriage privately and not have to worry about what everyone else is thinking and feeling Immediately after the rumored affair There was even more speculation that Kate wanted to end her marriage to William Royal fans would be devastated If that were ever to happen Fortunately these rumors Just like the cheating accusations have not been confirmed With several news outlets reporting them to be untrue Would Prince William and Kate Middleton be allowed to divorce Luckily the news about William and Hanbury has never been confirmed by an official source Because it looks as if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could not get a divorce even if they wanted to Apparently The queen does not want any more divorces in the Royal Family So when before William was married She told her grandson to choose wisely because his marriage was expected to last forever Queen Elizabeth Having seen many royal couple split up will simply not allow any more divorces During her reign She has seen her sister Princess Margaret marriage come to an end In addition She has seen the divorce of Not only Charles and Diana But if Princess Anne and Mark Phillips And a prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Not only are we so happy that the cheating rumors have never proven to be true But we are glad Did the queen has decided But there are to be no more divorces in the family William and Kate are one of our favorite royal couple And we want to see them together for always What do you think Share your thoughts in the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe to get instant news up Kate Middleton is back The Duchess of Cambridge plans To return to her royal duties after Queen Elizabeth intervene to help repair Kate’s marriage to Prince William The royal couple has been showing signs of marriage troubles over the past few weeks Which might be the real reason The Duchess has Been absent from her royal duties And various social events Royal fans certainly weren’t the only ones to notice Kate’s isolation The queen noted her Disappearance from work and the public eye Perhaps Having learned a very vital lesson during her time with Princess Diana Queen Elizabeth once again stepped into Kate Middleton and Prince Williams relationship It has been speculated the Duke and Duchess of cambridge’s marriage has been crumbling over the past year Kate and William Separated for over a month while The Duchess was pregnant with Charlotte in September of two 2014 The palace plated off as another case of severe Morning sickness But it was clear something else was going after case retreated to her parents home in bucklebury and Instead of staying at the hospital or Kensington Palace to enjoy privacy under the best care Queen Elizabeth stepped in demanding a meeting at Balmoral Castle and the to reappear to go Weather After a month-long marriage hiatus After Kate took a four-month long maternity leave and the royal couple raised eyebrows after The Duchess snow Zelda wedding and sent her sister HIPAA Middleton In her place to keep an eye on Prince William The queen intervened again Her Majesty demanded Kate and William meet with her at Balmoral Cancel under the premise of celebrating her achievements of becoming the longest reigning monarch It appears Queen Elizabeth was able to coax Kate Middleton out of reclusion The Daily Mail has confirmed Kate Middleton is due to return to work Duchess of Cambridge will be making an appearance at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup Visit the Anna Freud Centre in London And visits to MD in North Wales with Prince William at her side The report noted other unconfirm Events But it is clear that Kate is returning to her royal Duties at least for now Kate and the Middleton family Michael Carol Pippa and James Middleton have planned a family vacation to Mustique in November before The Duchess will join Prince William on his Foreign Tour Conflicting reports argue over whether or not Prince George and Princess Charlotte will join k Your mother tour The Duchess jealousy Concerned that Prince William will cheat like Prince Charles good with Princess Diana and sure Kate Middleton Is by her husband’s side but it’s clear Princess Kate doesn’t want to leave George and Charlotte behind A protective mother is a great Contender and it’s obvious Kate doesn’t want to give Prince Charles and Camilla parker-bowles and opportunity to exert influence over Prince George and Princess Charlotte What do you think of Kate Middleton’s 4 month maternity leave Will Queen Elizabeth continue to intervene and keep Kate Middleton and Prince William Marriage together Let us know in the comments below Thanks for watching Please Subscribe my channel The reason Princess Kate I could go for a baby number 4 Princess Kate and Prince William have Have broken the recent Royal tradition of stopping at just Has two kids All four of the Queen’s children Prince Charles Princess Anne Prince Andrew And Prince Edward have two children each Nao With a third on the way Friends are wondering if To go one better Of course they have a very important role model to follow And 1 With whom William is especially close His grandmother Queen Elizabeth Joyful resume Bucklebury We’re Kate’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton live Are already celebrating the news News of the new royal baby on the way I reckon Kate will try to emulate The queen and have four One Village Your tells people in this week’s issue Carol’s are very close grandmother So she and Michael will be beaming from ear-to-ear Kate herself is the eldest 3 And the fact That she has a close relationship with With her siblings And James is what many believe Partly inspired The couple to increase The size of their family Over at the old Butapub Landlord John Haley Who attended William and Kate’s wedding in 2011 Ads It’s going to be nice For Carol to have three grandchildren isn’t it She had three children herself So I suppose it’s what Kate is used to Haley However Thanks three kids will Will complete the young royal family especially given Kate It’s battle with severe morning sickness I can’t imagine Kate will want any more given the ordeal that she goes Through every pregnant I should think That three children is enough Carol will be absolutely over the moon The locals are all very happy for her and the family Kate is a really lovely Girl so we are all very happy Happy for her Reason Kate Middleton and Prince William are having their child Is Princess Diana Is death the reason Kate Middleton And Prince William decided on having third child Kate Middleton and Prince William announced they are expecting their third child earlier this month Well they are already parents to Do Prince George 4 And Princess Charlotte The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pro Preparing to expand their brood Although Kate Middleton’s pregnancy news didn’t come as a shock following week Speculation It has now been revealed just why Kate and Prince William decided to Do you have a third child It is thought the royal couple decided to Do you have another baby due to Do Prince William Tragic experience The losing his mother at At such a young age There is speculation Prince Charles’s eldest son wants His children to have a strong emotional Support system Like he had with Is Prince Harry following the death So their mom Princess Diana In 1997 King Royal followers have also pointed out that cater Is 1 of 3 With sister pic And brother James It comes after Kate It appeared to him At the sex of her unborn child She is apparently having cravings for spicy food and candy Suggesting She could be expecting a baby boy Kate has always wanted a third child A source told the Daily Star She has been trying for another baby 4 months She is suffering from nausea and morning sickness again And she cannot stop eating Spicy food and candy Old wives Fail-Safe For craving spicy Seafood often leads Do the expectant mother giving birth to a baby boy While craving citrus fruits Which leads to a baby girl being born The queen is sent To be thrilled the Duke and Duchess of So Cambridge are expecting a third baby It comes after After Prince William dropped To hint about when his wife Give birth Suggesting he could Could be in March

38 thoughts on “Is Queen Elizabeth Banning Prince William From Divorcing Kate Middleton?

  1. How can you banned someone a from ending their marriages that must be a choice between Prince William and Kate, how does his grandmother come in this affairs.

    Queen Elizabeth ll is too disgusting, why she didn't remove Camilla before Princess Diana divorce, the Royal Family just bring hate and jealousy to some people.

    This telling that Prince William has no rights at all, but must follow rules, let me tell you this.

    When there is rules then there must be choices and equality, so if Prince William choose to divorce that his choice, but prevent him from want he want to do will create a deep feeling within himself and he is not going to be happy.

    Why Queen Elizabeth ll refuse to banned Poverty in England but yet have many millions of dollars in golds in secret places that could ends poverty and world hunger.

    She is a wicked shit, I don't put someone above me and am still suffering.

  2. Megan- STOP spreading lies about Duchess Kate! I thought you were a supporter of women. Jealous my is an ugly look on you

  3. Lies, lies, lies meghan & dark prince harry’s shenanigans. meghan & harry are the ones running. Idiot rumors. Projection on Kate & William really meghan & harry. Stupid

  4. I have participated enough on comments and sharing opinion.

    I think it's about time to quit now,otherwise, I might become nasty,rude hateful,,uncivilized, and hopeless person,if I will go on listening to all media negative news,about The Brit.ROYALS.

    All I can do is,To make An SPECIFIC prayer to all of them,that truly God will be in the midst of all their daily undertakings,ESP.the good health,of the Queen,Divine Provision to her successor,the harmony,patience, perseverance, and truthfulness and trust, respect between this couple Prince William and Kate as husband and wife,as I believe,God will put them on God's Plans,and so I pray that they will be away from any kind of Temptation and be determined to become a good King good ROLE model to every one and with DIVINE PROTECTIOn to his family.
    Lastly,love,respect ,and unity between Brothers Prince William, and Prince Harry,that HUMILITY comes first,and Prince Harry must become a determined,strong Prince and do not follow order from his woman.I hope he will ask for Divine guidance,so to give him a good,happy successful life one day,by listening God's words intended for him.

    I don't have to give compliments on them every now and then.
    Life is too short,for not being responsible in our reaction.
    So I hope and pray,God's Divine guidance will be on this family,in Jesus name.amen

  5. This’s nothing to do with the Queen….something’s wrong with the sparkles team called jealousy 😜🐸🤮

  6. I'm lost how is it people believe everything written about MM is true but everything written about KM is not only a lie but MM fault. People are really silly

  7. I don't believe it. I think PW saw what cheating did to his parents and I truly believe he would never do that. Plus when would he have time??? I am sure everyone knows his schedule, plus he seems like he takes an active role in his children. I would have to hear it from his own mouth before I would believe PW would do anything disrespectful.

  8. Queen Elizabeth you should have thought that is a go. You should have stop your son Charles from divorcing arable of Princess Diana. She did ask you to help her with her marriage and you decline to help her. You stated you would not help her it was her business. Wow Queen Elizabeth she was a mother of your grandchildren.
    But we all know that your son Charles nothing but a cheater what a scandal. But is that the only one that cheats. Most of the royal family cheats divorcees wow it's amazing
    Rule number one was banned. Gone but not forgotten Princess Diana. Queen Elizabeth isn't it a shame that every time you have a video of Prince William you always bring Megan up
    She's been out of the spotlight since March on maternity leave but Queen Elizabeth you still have these videos with her name while that's a shame
    Queen Elizabeth she is your bread and butter to the Great Britain
    It goes to show she's awake and she still in the spotlight with people troll her you have ruined the tabloid and you pay the media scrutinizer and sabotager. There was no room I was Rose Hockenberry and William. It was a fact. A true journalist tweeted out hey you are dating and seeing Rose huckleberry and that was tweeted out and the person saying yes I am seeing those Huckleberry I'm having late-night dinners with her
    Queen Elizabeth you remember that you told the journalist get rid of that article not to leak it out. But it was leaked out we saw it before we took it down
    Queen Elizabeth you should tell your grandson William
    To keep his pants above his waistline not to his ankles.

    2017 William you record on TV with Sophia smoking that woman right on the Dance Floor I thought you really going to screw her right there yes it was seen in the United States TV a royal kids at home infidelity adultery just gotta love it it's amazing what the Queen Elizabeth does to hide your infidelities and you cheating scandals

  9. She's been out of work for 8 years
    Being home being lazy vacationing nannies. And yes Queen Elizabeth you have that tweeted out in and out of cuz that I have for May 24th 2017
    You stated that she was home for 8 years show me the 64 Charities and you did 366. You called her lazy. You also said you had to stop her from spending lavish money
    Let's not forget about the 5.9 million dollars that they wasted renovate Kensington Palace
    Let's not forget the $79,000 4 tennis court at Cannon Palace let's not forget Queen Elizabeth you gave an additional $2000000 to help renovate Kensington Palace

    But the worst of all is a ski trip they took from Great Britain to Switzerland in 2017 when their two kids from one week on a helicopter
    10 million dollars

  10. Ours a Queens Elizabeth I love you too I wish Williams will wake up by your messages to hem married is not just word he must keep it under he's trousers for life changing. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  11. I really hope Kate and William remain together. We need some stability. Kate seems to be so well liked. William seems to be lucky to have her.

  12. This site should be shut down all they do is spread lies and gossip it encourages all the uglies to come out of their holes and spout bullshit

  13. Stop making up rubbish.  Kate and William are a lovely.  All this crap has started since Markel joined the Royal family and caused trouble from day one

  14. So happy that the Queen put a STOP William & Kate with Divorce , That would not look very good if that was to happen. It would be nice if William would show more ❤️❤️ to each other ….

  15. William and Kate wont divorce. They love each other. If Markle and Harry divorced I would not be surprised. I also think Markle started the rumour about William cheating. She is so very jealous of Kate.

  16. How come the narratives of this royal stuff is from Americans ? You Yanks want to talk about divorce ? The new blow in, Meghan Markle won't last long. That is one social ladder Markle can never climb. She might have thought she could, but never really knew about the lineage of the Royals.

  17. This is why they have taken a family holiday so as to try and save their MARRIAGE because it's on the ROCKS, it's literally crumbling under them and hanging by a thread. They have been together for nearly 18-19 years and 8 of those years they have been married. Whenever they are together in public it shows very much. Williams persona is very lucid, he always looks disconsolate, it's as if he doesn't want to be there. Kate always puts on an expressive smile which seemingly always looks fake (it's as if to say "we're still a happy family"). The chemistry between them is like watching paint dry, there's no collaboration, no intimate touches e.g a touch on the back, waist or elbow. They are trying their hardest to look genuine in public but we can see through the fakeness.

  18. This is all speculation. I do not believe that the Queen would let any of them live in a lovless marriage.

  19. Prince William witnessed first hand what his mother went through so I doubt he would put Kate and children through that.

  20. ท่านควีนส์ไม่ควรให้เจ้าชายวิลเลียทเป็นคิงา์เมียและลูกยัวทิ้งได้ควรคั้งให้เจ้าชายจอทหรือเจ้าชายลูอิตเป็นคิบส์คนต่อไปและให้เจ้าชายแฮรีเป็นผู้แทนคิงา์จนกว่าเจ้าชายทั้งสองโตขึ้นแล้วให้เจ้าชายทึ้งสองเป็นคิงส์ส่วนเจ้าชายวิลเลี่ยมให้ลาออกจากราชวงค์ไปเลย

  21. I agree. Please William and Kate, think carefully. Try to work things out. Don,t rush into anything you might regret.

  22. I love kate she is true royal prencess megan no way …..william be a man kate is the best for you she actually like your mom prencess Diana pls william don't let it happend like the pass kate is a woman like your mom hurt pls…

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