Is Brianna Ready? | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

Is Brianna Ready? | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

(upbeat music) ♪ So where will we go today ♪ – I’m still not sure about
putting myself out there again because, even though I’m lonely, I really enjoy taking the time to focus on being a god mom to Braeson. That’s your pee pee. (screaming) I feel like I really do wanna go on a date and I really do wanna meet somebody because I feel like I’ve
almost been here a year. I have no friends. I have nobody to talk to but family but, like, if I were to
like schedule something, I’m probably gonna back out. And then I get in my head like, oh my god if I get on this date and I date him and I
eventually like him, then I have to introduce my kid and
then what if we don’t last? I think I kinda just
talk myself out of it. ♪ Darling this might just be ‘cos ♪ I’m feeling really conflicted and I need to talk to someone outside of my family about this. I really wanna make some friends. I’m starting to get really jealous ‘cos like my mom goes out with her friends and she’ll be hanging out. – She’s made some friends and… Do you have a boyfriend right now? – No it’s really weird because,
I mean, since I was like 13 or so, I’ve always had a boyfriend. Like I never once was really single. And it’s like weird now because it’s like, there’s not like someone that I can talk to or anything you know? – And how does that feel though? Does it feel good, bad, indifferent? – Different, it’s really different. I don’t wanna go out and seek a boyfriend. I feel happy with trying to find who I am and trying to work on myself. But at the same time, I hope in the future I
could find the right person. – You’re able to put
that on hold right now and go, nope this is feeling
really good working on myself. – I mean I was always with someone. So I was always trying to
find myself with that person. And now it’s like, this is like I have to really find
who I am, without them.

63 thoughts on “Is Brianna Ready? | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

  1. I live in the town Brianna lives in and I just saw her at Safeway a week ago with her sister and a guy lol was so weird seeing her haha.

  2. your mom should have done a better job parenting you and maybe you wouldn't have been hoeing around since 13 and been a mother before marriage. seems like your sister is doing well to not repeat the cycle but your mother is to blame for your shitty life because she obviously at 40? doesnt have it together, and never did. sad seeing the same cycle repeated where youre now raising a fatherless child because you were too busy chasing boys attention

  3. "since I was 13 or so.." girl still looking 13 FOCUS ON YOUR SON AND THATS IT. PUT HIM FIRST AND A GUY LAAAAASSSSST

  4. I mean I didn't really get much from the therapist. I feel like her mom could have given her better advice. But maybe therapist are just there to listen.

  5. Guys she is focusing on her kid stop being rude wtf, she doesn’t really have friends or a relationship so she’s pretty lonely cut her some slack we all do stupid things and make mistakes but just chill

  6. I hate girls who feel like being single is just the most terrible thing in the world.

    Sit the fuck down before you get pregnant again.

  7. She is a confused girl. She had a boyfriend that moved to the city with her left his life to be with her and she broke up with him for weird reasons. She needs to have confidence in herself she does not need a therapist because her awnsers are right in front of her.

  8. That's who you want to have another kid you want to have a boyfriend to get pregnant you are so ignorant you still have so much to grow up and be a adult mother first and then boyfriend later dumbass

  9. I understand what she means. It feels great sharing your life with someone special. She’s ready for that someone special. 😊💛

  10. Hope she finds the strength to find who she is and he strong for herself and her son. I get how she is not wanting to be alone but needing a man isn't always a must. Focus on your child and yourself and let a man find you.

  11. I’m honestly afraid for her. I’m afraid she’ll find boyfriend and a baby will appear a year or two later. She needs to slow down and take her time

  12. When I was 13 I wasnt even allowed to talk to boys unless I met them through church 🤣

    She should start with meeting girlfriends through mommy and me classes so she's not so lonely

  13. She so loose she ain't find out who her baby daddy was until 2years of bein on the show. My Bm forces me to watch 😞

  14. Dear God, go out and make friends! Y do u have to date someone? This girl is way too desperate to develop codependent relationships!

  15. When he screamed at his pee pee 😩😂😂😂 he’s sooo cute!! Breanna seems so sweet. She seems like the most level headed one out of all.

  16. Why can’t she just find a nice couple of Mom friends and focus on her and her son? I don’t understand people who don’t know how to be single . I love my peace lol 😂

  17. Lol that’s a therapist?? She doesn’t sound like someone I would like to share my problems with 😂. She’s venting and therapist is like 🤔 💭 “I wonder what I should have for dinner tonight?”

  18. I feel bad for her I believe these issues stem from not having a father .. I notice girls who didn’t have a strong father figure are promiscuous

  19. I’m 16 and pregnant idky the lady asked about boys that’s like the last thing you should talk about

  20. I don’t care what anyone says about Brianna she’s a good ass mom especially for having a child with a birth defect .

  21. Her son is cute and I know how she fell about getting her son a fake arm my daughter was born with no left feet she has a fake one

  22. does anyone else find it weird that they’re trying to erase Robert from her past.. he literally left his family to move with hers & she came on this season like her last relationship was Danae..

  23. On behalf of all therapists, this woman doesn’t represent what ‘good therapy’ looks like. She’s possibly newly qualified or just not suited to it but don’t be put off be therapy based on her lazy representation.

  24. I'm glad I have this show recorded cause I just skip right thru " Brianna" segments. She been So Boring! She needs to date or do something entertaining other then talk to her "MOM"

  25. Wow she is a fast girl no wonder why she got pregnant and slept with 2 guys around the same time … I couldn’t start dating until I was 18

  26. Y’all are hating on this teenager for wanting friends. She stated several times that she wants to have friends AND wants a boyfriend (which is normal)!!! She’s just tired of being at home by myself & her baby. Moms deserve to have friends as well

  27. I couldn't find a up to date one from Monday February 3 2020 but Omgosh the nasty blond FEMALE she's with now 🤮🤮 looks like a horse. Why does she always lower her standards? She is a pretty girl and literally goes for anything that walks and smokes. She goes from bad to 10x worse. Think about your babys future in who you choose to date cause dang!

  28. Your kids do not need to meet EVERY person you date!! When will women learn this??? Not everyone is worthy to be around your kids smh date and do your thing AWAY from home!

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