Instagram Preloved Haul Part 2 | Taglish #babystuff #prelovedhaul #babystuffcollection

Instagram Preloved Haul Part 2 | Taglish #babystuff #prelovedhaul #babystuffcollection

Hello guys, welcome back to my channel this is mommy Ruth and Today we are do We’re gonna do a pre-loved haul again. This one’s from Instagram shopping again I want to thank babystuffcollection for sending this stuff over and I’m gonna show you what they sent to us they are using JRS JRS express it’s a good and the transaction is quite fast my favorite pyjamas like this OMG, we need a bigger one because river can’t fit on the old ones So this one is from Gerber it’s a Gerber and Six to nine months. I think this is being sold at about 100 pesos or 150 pesos You just have to check the Instagram shop because the prices are all there and it smells nice when opened from the package it’s already laundered before shipping it to us another onesie actually all of the items are branded This is also from gerber So that’s a bigger one so it’s still fits him right now. you know he’s growing so fast my baby is quite “loose” he’s a bit big and for his casual wear we have this little polo and this one is from plaice pla-se? place place? I don’t know so this is the brand name and I love this this will fit my baby then another one is from ralph lauren Nice so about the prices, you can just check the price from the instagram shop once again. Because a lot of people asking me about the price it’s all there, sometimes, they sold it by bundle. I really like those bundle I just felt so thrifty when buying baby clothes in bundle. this one, another shirt from roc? oh ROC rocaway rocawear yeah, it’s A red one. and then I bought a lot of shorts, I chose a lot of shirts for him because because he really needs a short this one is from old navy it’s cute right? And then I have here other choice from Carter’s so cute i think this one will fit him nicely, I think he can use this for swim wear and another one right here From Carter’s 12 months. so it has plaid for his shorts this one the brand is just baby. I like this one, It looks really comfy for my baby because it’s summer right? it’s made of cotton and I like the colours another shorts and I’m gonna open up another plastic bag Look at that pyjama? wow this is a pyjama and it’s bigger that the usual this is nice, 9 to 12 months it has fish designs the brand is called tee it also smells nice omg, more pyjamas for River. Then we have little pajama From koala kids. It really looks nice right? and then another pyjama! *laughs* it’s full of pyjama. This one is from carters I love the feel of this is cotton and then another pyjama? *you guess it right* Wow Just one you from carter six months this will really fit River we also got this pyjama for sleeping it’s cute right? But also twelve months old from Carter’s as you can see since it’s pre-loved some designs are tainted if the item really is faded or has a lot of damage issue It’s being sold much cheaper. I can sometimes see items that are being sold as 50 pesos Not bad because the baby can still wear that right? and it’s branded This what I like this one this is it’s like… what do you call that? it’s also from carters what do you call this kind of clothes? jumper hah! it’s cute i’m so excited to see my baby wear this clothes it’s really cute right?! it’s small oh, we have another jumper so this one the colour is like military brown. I love this it’s simple and light weight so it’s not that humid to wear this This one is from Green Dog six to nine months. Oh my god I can’t wait to give this to river for his OOTD Perfect right!? and also since mellisa sent me a dress yeah, it’s Perfect This one’s perfect for me. Thank you so much. Sis Melissa for sending all this stuff over again guys This is from baby stuff collection Baby_stuff_collection. I will link them down below or you can see there Instagram handle in this video check them out if you are a practical mom like me that wants to buy pre-loved but branded stuff that are clean and affordable and reliable So I I just hope that you find things from her shop, usually the shop becomes sold out quickly Just ask from her or PM her shes easy to talk with so these are the instagram haul for the day for the latest clothes of my baby I hope that you guys enjoy this video and if you did give it a like Or thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for more videos like this. I will see you guys on the next one Bye mommys! Hello guys, welcome to the vlog today we are at the girls

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  1. Hi sissy! Nice hair cut. Btw, yang pagka preloved nya ilang buwan kaya yan nagamet? Hindi naman abused ang tela? Salamat sis. 😘

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