10 thoughts on “Incoming Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva On Abortion

  1. One also has to think we dont want abortions due to a woman committing a crime such a selfish act like fraud or perjury in court saying she was raped when not protecting the child is the goal

  2. Host bodies? Seriously? And this is the reason why men need to shut their mouths on these types of decisions. How insensitive, misogynistic and dehumanizing can this idiot be? The shameless arrogance is in his face when the interviewer confronts him about this phrase. Disgusting. Until he or any 1 man can have a baby, that is when they can have a voice themselves about this matter. Till then, shutup. Also, as a person who majored in science, he is lying about what science says. #AlternativeFacts

  3. I'm so glad to know a multi cellular organism is seen as person and not the person holding it. Jesus fucking christ this is a shit show

  4. If you're a man, your opinion regarding abortion is irrelevant.

    A fetus is not a person.

    If you don't want an abortion, don't have one. Keep your personal 'morality' out of other people's lives.

  5. The best question to ask is who will take care of all the forced birth children? The state does a piss poor job right now. There are little to no foster homes and no funding available. They care so much about unborn fetuses and nothing for children who are here right now. This is misogynistic BS masked in Christianity. It's disgusting.

  6. I think the Host Body that expelled Oliva into the world, flushed out his pea sized brain in the process..
    Makes you wonder if he has already married the Host Body with the Incubation Matrix that will beget future Host Bodies into the world.
    He sounds like a Witch; and you know what "good" Christians say, the only good Witch, is a burnt Witch.
    So, who's up for a Bar-B-Q. I'll bring the beer.

  7. "IT'S HOST"?? is so demeaning to women. Its as if she cease to exist at the moment of conception. He's clearly (with his choice of words) erasing the humanity of the individual woman. Simply for what her reproductive system could do (depending on the woman of course)….do they think being pregnant is a simple task? Do they think every mental cycle is an easy task? Do they know nor care? And what of concern for women with illnesses?!! What about living breathing women who become pregnant after 50 and know the risk and choose not to ….I mean c'mon.
    They make it sound like the fetus in essence chose it's mother and possesses her like some sort of vehicle….that loses..*sigh*. her own autonomy by laws of nature. People like him romanticize the knowledge that once birth is given there's a baby but then what? Glad its here! Your mom died in child birth because our country has an embarrassingly high maternal mortality rates..so…how about you fall into the system so we can jail you and get some slave labor, YEAH! Its just the priorities are out of wack, I feel like this dude would step over a homeless teenager. Even if this is a ploy to keep themselves in relevant standing just for reelection, I mean just think about how fucking low that is. I wounder if he could he have a conversation about postpartum depression? I wonder how that conversation would go. This isnt like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Were not skin suits that cease to exist. Devalued life forms.

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