Hi guys, today I’m taking over Asyraff Mazlan’s YouTube Today we’re going to play the ‘Mystery Box Challenge’ The game is handled by the producer at the back there, so I also don’t know what’s inside the box. So I’m Natasya, I’m Raja Zulyadiy, I’m Hanna and I’m Shafiq But right now, Asyraf doesn’t know about this game because he went to a meeting So right now, we’re going to call him first. Yes, we will call him now. Ok wait Usually he’s the one pranking us right? Today we’ll be the one to get him Hello? Dear, where are you? How long more until you’re coming back? (Asyraff) : Around 5-6 more minutes Hurry up and come back. OK OK Bye We’ll wait for him, 5 more minutes I don’t understand what’s going on with my wife just now Just now, while I was on the way, she called And said to come back quickly to play a game *Sigh* People nowadays.. Look at this. Ya Allah! What’s with all these shoes outside? Dear!! Hi!! What’s with all these lights here? Welcome home! Look at that, he’s lying on the floor hiding Ya Allah! What are you doing down here, Raja? For us to play this game, we’ll need to have a partner So I’ll partner with you, Shafiq with Hanna, and Raja…. Raja…? (Raja) : As usual?? (Alone) (Shafiq) : I think you can play like this. (Raja): It’s ok guys, I’ll just go back So who’ll start first? Rock, Paper, Scissor? Which couple will go first? (Hanna): Please win dear! (Asyraff): You lost! You have to go first (Shafiq): I have to go first? Hey! When have I ever lost? OK, so now the producers have prepared two shawl to cover up their eyes Because you both can’t see what’s going to be in the box Later, it wouldn’t be a surprise “Chicken Feet” (Raja): That looks like a chick “Producers are placing a phone there to scare the players” You can open the blindfold Oh I thought you put your hand in while blindfolded? Don’t need to? You guys can’t sneak a peek, alright? Only putting your hands in the box. “Scared of mice” “Scared of everything” (Shafiq): *Surprised* There’s a sound!! (Hanna): Inside here?? Wait, wait, I want to see if this thing is moving or not Where can? You both better not take advantage and hold hands, alright? Dear, let’s just put our hands in *shocks* “Haven’t even touch anything yet…” Hurry up. Put your hands in There’s nothing (Shafiq): What sound is this? (Hanna): Eh what is this? Should they pick up the thing or not? (Producers): Only guess I don’t want. I don’t want to put my hand in But you both have to guess together, not seperately (Producer): It is sitting in the container, careful not to jump out *WHAT’S THAT!!* *IT’S WET, S****D* It can’t be that the chicks are living underwater?? I swear it move x4 I’m not lying That was me moving it Oh, that was your hand? “It’s likes a song now” (Shafiq): ***** I was already holding it Wait, be patient. I was about to hold it already *Screams* Why is it soft? So stupid! What the **** is this that I’m holding? What is this?? Keep laughing keep laughing I thought so x2 (Raja): What did you thought it was? (Shafiq): I swear I thought it was a monitor lizard. I thought it was a monitor lizard, and you put a recording of a chicken Because when I felt it, I thought why was it underwater So, now its our turn? *Furry Carpet* OK, because he’s the only single person here. (Shafiq): Without a partner (Tasya): You have to (Asyraff): Do it blindfolded Later it’ll be my hands that touches each other *Scared of cats* You’re always joking around in my videos. Now you’re gonna get it This is something real this time Hold on x3 Where is it?? It’s like the cat in front of your house This must be a cat. This must be Ammar’s cat It’s a cat, right? Cat x4 Hold on x3 (Hanna) : This cat is very quiet. (Raja) : Why is it quiet?? Hold on, hold on. WHY ARE YOU ALL QUIET? I’m sweating already Eh **** later it’ll scratch me (Hanna): Faster put your hands in! **************** (Tasya) :Guess guess (Raja) : OK I think it’s a miao miao (Cat). Where is the head… Ehh.. Dog x4 What’s that? Try to guess. This is.. This is like a carpet… This is a carpet. It looks like.. He got the right guess Look at him sweating. (Hanna): Really sweating. ************ Even though he is single, he still wins. Look, the noises are merely (Asyraff): Merely a joke. (Shafiq): Just to scare. Wait, but the problem is, what kind of cat is it supposed to be? When the “Cat” meows, we scratch Raja. Hence, he was shocked. But it’s alright. Since we both had to go through this. We will give the last couple something really really crazy. *Plastic Snake* OK, Tasya, put your hand in at the same time. It bites, guys. It bites. *Scared of mice* *Scared of everything* Be careful guys. It bites. IS THAT YOUR HAND??! It’s my hand. Eh Where is it? Asyraff you can open your eyes Oh I can open my eyes?? Eeeee. I’m scared it’ll bite. (Asyraff): Eh what is this?? Dear, why not only you just do? I don’t want. Asyraff don’t press the box so hard. What….? What…? You gave me a shock, you know that? Dear, my ear is going to go deaf Tasya, you didn’t even touch anything I’ve felt the jelly Raja…. You have to quickly pick it up. (Shafiq): Just quickly pick it up like that Because it will wrap around your hand Tasya, just hold it. *Asyraff has figured it out* Is it out already? Not yet. Guess. Guess what it is. A plastic snake. I’ve already figured it out. Because I was holding it. Plastic Snake. I was only shocked at the start. After that I knew. The problem is just holding this looks scary ****. How this you guys created this slime? How did the producers make this (slime)? OK so we have finished our game for today. But, but hold on a minute. Because Asyraff doesn’t like he was scared at all So we have to.. (Asyraff) : I’ve already said it before I’m not scared of any things. Every game I’m #1. So we have something special for you but only you have to guess what is it Only you alone. Let him be worried. No worries. This is no issue for me. As the handsome guy, I accept this challenge. So, OK, let’s begin. *Hissing* It can’t be a snake.. You can start now. Eh you can open your blindfold already You guys are exaggerating. Snakes is it? Only one hand. Asyraff you can open your eyes. I forgot. I want this to be extreme. Cloth Pull faster. Faster guess. Pick up one first. Cloth… Lens cloth. Scarf pin. Eh wait, what is that thing used to tie your hair? Faster pick it up Baby’s sock. (Hanna): What is it? Ahh baby socks. (Hanna): Baby leg?? Happy until he can’t speak Why are you smiling? No, what is this for? No, this is for Adira (Salahudi). I want to give this to Adira. After that… Dear… I’m pregnant Thank God Are you happy? I’m your son, Asyraff *This is more like a cadaver* My son is all grown up Actually I did an IG post before. Remember? I’ve been wanting to have kids for a long time I even mentioned in my Instagram Even when I had no followers, I just shared what my kid’s name will be Is that a thermometer? *No wonder still single* Ok, actually this whole reveal was planned by me, with the producers To surprise Asyraff actually, but I never told anyone We didn’t expect this. Did you know about this? I didn’t tell anyone The whole thing was planned by Tasya and the producers And, one more thing, actually I wanted to prank Asyraff, I wanted to say that this socks is for Adira But when I saw his face, like he looked sad. I didn’t have the heart to prank him. So that’s why, the plan failed I just cried then So thank you guys It was surprising for us because we didn’t know she planned for this Today only we found out there’s 4 kids inside here Suddenly there’s 4 kids. Don’t even know when they all planned (to make kids) Congratulation Asyraff So all these time I’ve been with them, I didn’t know anything as well So it’s weird , emotional as well, since they didn’t tell me I’m the one that should be more sad, because I also didn’t know If you guys don’t know, that’s still ok. What for are you sad? (Raja): I just want to be sad as well Thank you to the producers, that came all the way


  1. Terima kasih semua atas doa. Alhamdulillah Allah makbulkan doa saya untuk ada Zuriat tahun 2020 selepas 5 bulan Tasya Miscarriage 😭🙏🏼. Terima kasih Ya Allah

  2. im crying 😭 the moment yang bila bagitau tu sebak. That's the way i nak suprise my ex hus abt our third baby and yeah . Gone. Hehehe. I wish both of you happy untill jannah .. Aminn 😊

  3. Omg perempuan sekeras aku boleh nangis bila tengok reaction acap 😭😢. Semoga terus bahagia sekmung!

  4. Tahniah bangcap!! Im cryingg too 😢😭🥰 pape pun jaga kak tasya dengan baik yaa!! Moga murah rezeki selalu!!

  5. Congrats acap n kak taysa , so happy for both of u ^^ x sabar nak tngok vlog dngn baby plak nnti 😂😭 sumpah i ulang bnyk kali part "baby sock" tu , trus air mata x blh dkwal lagi 😂😂 , mmg sedih part tu , i hope kak tasya dlindungi n slmat mlhirkn bby ~ congrats againnnn !!!!!! Cant wait to c acap jr. …… 👨🏻👩🏻👶🏻

  6. Tahniah tasha, alhamdulilah😘😘😘 proud with you, sebab banyak sabar dalam menanti congratz for you bothhhh

  7. terharu😭😭😭 gak sanggup nonton sampai akhir, habis air mata malu dg mama nangis krnnnntn youtube 😭, selamat tasya semoga sll sehat

  8. Menangis aku hoiii hahahahaha . Alhamdulillah , doakan urusan ak jugak dipermudahkan , due date hujung bulan ni . aku teringat first time tahu pregnant , xtaw nk cakap bahagia haha 😆 btw Tahniah korang 😘❤

  9. Alhamdulillah and Congratulations 🎉 part yang acap pegang stoking and tasya peluk acap cakap dia pregnant terus bertakung air mata wehh😩 happy for you guys🥰

  10. “sayang … i’m pregnant” terus berderai air mata 😭😭😭😭😭 congrats both of you 😭❤️

  11. aku lelaki bro. dan banyak banyak video, this video is so touched bro . Semoga kalian dilimpahkan rezeki seluas luas lautan.

  12. We apenii aku pun menangis 😭 Sumpah ni first time nangis bila tengok org buat suprise pregnant cemni .. Tahniah ACAP N TASYA 🥳

  13. sedihhh tgk time acap pegang stokin tu then tanya apa ni .. hehe . semoga kandungan tasya sihat dan selamat melahirkan . Aamiin

  14. Ya Allah Alhamdulillah tahniah tasya dan asyraf doakan saya jugak untuk mendapat kan Zuriat tahun 2020 aminn im so happy for you guys 😭😭😭

  15. Hm kawan dia tu boleh pulak thermometer aduh… Comel lah.. aku single, dia single. Hm jom lah single sama2 😂😂

  16. Tahniahh . Saya pun dah nak dekat setahun ahwin sekarang pregnant 4bulan . Alhamdulillah rezeki kan walaupun lambat . Im cry huhuhu

  17. Ya Allah sedihnya….saya baru dapat menonton,doakn sy juga suatu hri nanti Allah kabulkan doa, dpt merasa seorang malaikat kecil di rahimku untuk suami saya….

  18. Congrates ☺️ serius sedih gila smpai kluar air mata time tasya ckp yg dye pregnant smbil peluk asyraf 😌😭

  19. aouchh.. i'm crying too.. berkali2 tgok part Tasya bgtau Acap yg dia pregnant tu so touching.. sbb sy pon teringin ckp mcm tu pada suami tapi belum diberi rezeki.. hopefully this year, diberi peluang tuk ungkapkn kata2 itu.. doakan sy juga korg.. 2 tahun masih menanti..😢😭

  20. Alhamdulilah, tahniah tasya dan acap , turut bahagia . Semoga rezeki kalian sentiasa dimurahkan .. aamiin

  21. Part tasya bagitau die pregnant…Subahanallah,mengalir air Mata wehhh…airmata gembira yg mengalir…

  22. Tahniah korang.. jg diri baik2 tasha.. jgn terlalu lasak sgt awal2 ni ya..setiap org ketahanan dia x sama..so be carefull… semoga dipermudahkan smpai bersalin ya tasha.. mesti comey macam mok diooo hihi

  23. I really hold back my tears. I mean really. Try to not crying. But..it bursts the moment tasya said "syg i'm pregnant". 13years ..and i'm still waiting my turns. Patiently waiting.

  24. Aduhhh air mata mengalir laju masa bgtau syg im pregnant😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 YaAllah happy nyaaaaa… Sy follow korang berdua dr ig dr dua² masih single lagi..smpai lah skrg..semoge berbhgia selalu & dipermudahkn sgala urusan❤️

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