I Got “The Talk” in School

I Got “The Talk” in School

So, I was in the 5th grade, and the teacher
says, “calm down, silence” “Today you’re going to be learning about
periods and the parts of the body, the reproductive system for short ”
And we were like What??!?, Ewwwww!” So the teacher made all the boys go to a different
classroom because that would be so weird, the boys learning about the girls’ private
parts and stuff All of the girls in the 5th grade were crammed
inside one little room I could not breathe.
We learned about the parts of a girl and a boy and the teacher was like, “this is a
girl’s vagina, everybody say vagina.” And I was the loudest person
I was like “VAGINA!” And everybody looked at me like I was the
weirdest person in the world. I was so embarrassed. And she made us say penis out loud. But I didn’t say it. At the end, she had us pass around a pad and
she was like “don’t be afraid to tell me if you are on your period because I have
a stock of pads in my closet and in the teachers lounge also. So don’t be afraid to me or to come to Mr.
Potter because we know and he has a wife so he knows too. And the boys, I could hear them across the
hall laughing and screaming. I was like “immature-ness”
At the end of the lesson, we all got samples of panty liners and the boys got a sample
of deodorant and gum. Yeah that was my story, I hope you guys like

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  2. I’m in 5th grade now but when I was in 4th grade the 5th grades were like your gonna learn abt sex and periods in 5th grade and I was like WTH

  3. I remember when we got the talk in school, the teacher told us not to be afraid to say vagina, and she was like “say it, VAGINA” at the top of her lungs

  4. When the teacher teaches us this lesson at first my whole class was looking at each other like: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Her class is so immature and stupid saying “ew” to a super normal lesson

  5. Lol we were reading a book in school and my teacher went “everyone say WHORE! COME ON SAY IT!!”

    later that day we got the talk too

    sure was a great day

  6. Girls getting "The Talk" : Ewwww….

  7. Same Hing happened to me in fifth grade, I'm in sixth grade now and I will never forget the video ms. Yamazaki showed us (it was guys' puberty, it basically watching their pickles grow bigger)

  8. Why did they put this as a story booth video??? I mean literally every single person goes through this. It’s not that crazy and funny.

  9. If there was not that talk in school at age of 11 i think i would not know what is period at my first period.. what i also got in school at age 13

  10. This is what happened to me this 5th grade ;_; different story we kept on laughing but we were cool with it cuz we learned it when we were in 3rd grade (This thing made me not a kid •^•

  11. In my school, if you laughed during ‘the talk’, you had a call to your parents/guardians and you had to explain why you laughed.

  12. Really? When I was in 5th grade, everyone stayed in the same room and we learned about it for like two weeks. We even played Jeopardy where you had to answer questions about the reproductive system.

  13. “I could hear the boys laughing and screaming and I was like immatureness “

    Me: Oh honey it’s not going to get any better than that

  14. We were showed the same video. Had both parts. Who cares, we all have em. I don’t know why people are so childish about it. I got my period in 6th grade and watched the video in 5th. But I’ve known about that stuff since 3rd lmao. I’m in 11th grade 😕

  15. When we were learning about this stuff a girl almost FAINTED and the nurse had to get her apple juice and crackers. I think it’s a little overdramatic but I’ll never forget that😂

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