I Got Styled By Ladylike For A Week • Ladylike

I Got Styled By Ladylike For A Week • Ladylike

– Hey, I’m Niki, and it’s
2017, and it’s a new year, and that’s when people
try new things, right? Something I haven’t changed
in a really, really long time is my style, and the clothes that I wear. So I’m going to the most
stylish people I know. Ladylike. (upbeat music) Let’s actually go talk to them right now and find out if they’d
be willing to help me. Hello. – [Group] Hey! – Hi, I have an idea for a
video, and I was wondering if you guys would want
to style me for a week. (group reacts favorably) – Yeah, yeah? Okay cool. (laughter) Let’s go! – So this week we’re gonna
be styling our friend Niki. – And I am so excited, because
I love fucking with Niki. – Each of us will be
styling Niki for one day. – Each day is gonna be
drastically different. – Not only gonna consist of
clothing, but we’re gonna throw in some accessories, have her try different makeup looks,
even different hair looks. – We are dressing Niki like our favorite video game characters. I am going to have her
dress just lik Pac-Man. – I feel like Niki has a certain swag, in a kind of like lumbersexual way. I don’t know, there’s
just something very like Pacific Northwest to it. – Comfortable Portland. – I’m going to a bonfire, but
like I’m very pulled together. – She looks to me like a
lot of lesbians I know. – She likes flannels. – Flannel. – Flannel. – Flannels. – Even in the summer, flannel. (ring) – So most of the time I dress comfortably. I dress efficiently,
and I try not to spend too much money on it. – I’m actually surprised Niki wants to do this video (laughs). – Niki’s thighs are gonna
be front and center. – I wanna see some thigh. – [Group] Whoa! – Damn! – I know that these girls
are gonna push me out of my comfort zone,
but, maybe, I might just pull off clothes that I
never thought I could. So it’s day one and, it’s Sophia’s day. – I know Niki doesn’t
wear a lot of dresses, but for this week we’re gonna go for it. I got her a tight dress, not
too tight, comfortable still. – It’s a dress. – And then I got her a cool bomber jacket, and little heeled kind
of lace up combat boots. I just think she’ll look
more feminine than usual, maybe a little more dramatic than usual. Niki’s gonna look a little
bit like the 20-something Asian cousin of the Adam’s Family. Yes. (interviewer laughs) – So on my way to work
this morning, I was like, how does someone wear something
like this all the time? And I was like you know what? Sophia does it, and, if Sophia
can do it with confidence, maybe I can too today. – Owe, owe! (Niki laughs) – Hello legs! – [Niki] Did I do it, Fred? – You did it! – I just want Niki to wear
like a dramatic cat eyeliner. Something about the dramatic
liner kind of just like makes you feel a little bit more badass. So, I’m trying to infuse that in. – Who am I? (laughter) – I think you look so good! – Yeah? – You look great, the little heels are doing a lot for those bootie,
the bootie’s out today. I think she looks wonderful. – Whoa! – What? – She looks like Sophia (laughs). – Soph’s outfit was hoo-ha whoa! Whoa! It was tight. Everything was tight. Making its way. That was one of the
outfits where I was like, I can’t believe that I look good in this. ‘Cause I did, I looked good in it. Day two is Freddie’s outfit. – So I kind of went for a
sporty chic kind of look, with thigh, so I chose
like an oversized t-shirt dress that’s long sleeves
and has two stripes here, really, really cute. – If they keep putting me in dresses then I have to shave my legs more often. – And then, most importantly
I want her to wear her hair in a high bun, with
gold hoops, and sneakers. – Okay, I think I can do this, right? – I want her to channel
J-Lo, Ja Rule, I’m real. Early 2000’s. – Do you like my dress? – I do actually. – That’s as high of a bun I could get. – I think J-Lo would’ve
put it higher (laughs). – I’m not J-Lo. – Hi! – [Niki] Hi! – How do you feel? It looks so comfy. – [Niki] It is. – Cute, okay I need your hoops on ASAP. – Yeah, okay. Ooh, it worked, I did it. The earrings really took me over the top, which I think Freddie wanted. But I was like who,
this is not me (laughs). Who am I right now? I was J-Lo, which I was never like wow, I really wish I could look like J-Lo. Like it was never really
a thought I’ve had, ever. – You look like you play tennis. – Your legs look fantastic. I love the hoop earrings, I’m
always a fan of hoop earrings. – I did not even know this was Niki. (Niki laughs) That is crazy. – The earrings, jiggle every time I move. And my ears kind of hurt. And it’s really hard to
wear headphones with them, so I’m gonna take them off. Definitely not far
outside my comfort zone. I could forseeably wear that dress again. I just have to shave my legs. Today is Jen’s day. – Okay, so here’s what I got Niki. I’m very excited about
it, I’m very proud of it. I’m gonna put her in these
like, nice blue pants, and then a white button-down. But then this is the important part. I got her a brown pair
of leather suspenders. – I’ve never worn suspenders before. – And then a brown skinny
tie, and it looks really cool. It’s only a matter of time, before anyone tries to wear a tie. So let’s just make it the time right now. (cat meows) – It took me a long time to
figure out the suspenders, so I gave up, because I was late for work. I also don’t know if I
really know how to tie a tie. What do you think? How’d I do? – You look like you’re in Mad Men. – I like it. The shirt is a little big. – [Niki] It is. – But I think if the
shirt was a tad smaller, it’d be a really badass outfit. – [Niki] Yeah? – I think it’s badass in general but like. – [Niki] Yeah? – Yeah, I like it a lot. – You look like a flight attendant. (Niki laughs) Very badass though. – I got a lot of responses for the outfit that Jen put me in, and
I think that was probably because I felt, like I
knew how to command myself in that outfit. The suspenders are now down here. – [Woman] They are now,
’cause it’s hard to pee. Taking everything off is. (Niki laughs) – And I like totally had this
moment where I had to like, walk into a room and
like meet someone new, and I was in a tie and
suspenders and was like, hi, nice to meet you, and I
had this total power moment. And it felt really cool, and I was like, I get why people dress like this. You think I can pull off this look? – Totally man. Any woman should. – It was a little formal
for maybe just like a Wednesday at work but, I looked good. – Okay, Devin. – So my approach for
this week is I got Niki this kind of cosmopolitan look. It’s a black body suit, very minimalistic, and she can wear it to the office, she can also wear it on set,
and she could wear it out. – I don’t fully understand
what I’m supposed to look like. – All the time she looks
pretty comfortable, and she always looks
kind of clean and simple. I hope this outfit brings out Niki’s like, professional boss ass bitch side. – I’m getting to the point
where this is really tough. And, it’s like, raining. And I can’t just like
hop into a cozy sweater, and sit at my desk all day. – (gasps) Oh my god! Do you like it? – [Niki] I’m gonna tell you, I feel really uncomfortable in this. – Oh really, why? – It’s super not me. Devin’s outfit really, put me out there. I had a really, really hard time with it. – [Niki] But that’s just me. – I think you look great. – [Niki] I have gotten some compliments. – I think you look amazing. – You look very, stylish. This is something I would wear. – Really? – Yeah. No yeah, the shoes and the,
I think that’s like perfect. I really like it. – [Niki] That’s a no? – Well. – I don’t wear lipstick
very often, and I feel like I look like a
toddler who’s putting on her mother’s makeup, like I
think I did this all wrong. People thought I looked really
good, and the style itself is something that’s like
in style, but I like, I was just not familiar with it. I really didn’t know how to
feel, and how to carry myself. – The jumpsuit looks great,
the shoes look great, and the blanket is very Devin so. – We did it. Day Five. And it’s Kristin’s day,
and I’m willing to bet she got me a dress. – Alright so, I wanted to see what Niki would look like in a dress. But I know that not everyone
has the same dress style. I picked, a dark navy H&M dress for Niki. – I was right. – It’s sleek, but it’s not
like, here’s your butt. I think this look is like,
I’m in charge of people, and people listen to me. – What do you think? – I love it. – [Kristin] Okay, I
love this dress on you. – [Niki] Yeah? – I love this dress on you. – I feel like you can see all of my lines. – But it looks good. – I love this color on
you, I can, I love like the shape of your arms in this dress. – Yeah. – I honestly had no idea what your body looked like before this. – [Woman] Right, you have a body. – I think you look like Michelle Obama. – (gasps) You do look like Michelle Obama. – High praise. I really appreciated Kristin’s approach. She wanted me to try
something new, but she gave me something that she knew
would align with like how I like to dress myself. What do you think? – It’s so cute! – Ooh, look at that. – Is this cute professional? – Girl you look good! Look at that booty. Look at that. – Everyone is really shocked
that I have a body, and curves. It was pretty formal, so,
this wouldn’t be something I’d like wear to work,
but if I like had to go to a cocktail party,
I’d totally throw that on. (burps) One more day. It’s Chantel’s day. – So I wanted something
that was kind of like, to make Niki feel like a little tease. I got Niki these black, kind of like, faded overall romper jersey situations. – Oh it’s like a jumper. Like romper? Romp, romper. – It’s something completely different than she would normally wear. I won’t be offended if
she doesn’t like it, but I will be sad. I think it’s cute! How do you feel in it? – This is totally like, comfortable. – Yeah. – Like it’s pants, you know. – It feels like something
that I wouldn’t see you wear, but it also doesn’t look too
far outside of your look. – Yeah, no. I also haven’t worn a turtleneck since maybe I was like a teenager. (Chantel laughs) – Can you romp around in it? Are these soft? – It’s very soft. – Oh these are so soft. – We’re totally romping. Chantel’s outfit was like a
really great happy medium. Curly doesn’t like my turtleneck. – In case you’re a
little bit cold up here, but hot down here. (laughter) – I tried on a romper like two years ago, and I looked horrific in
it, and I was like whoa, okay these just aren’t for
me, but I think I like, I looked pretty good
in the one she gave me, so maybe this will like,
maybe I just need to go back and visit other rompers. – Overalls aren’t cool in my book, but you pull it off. And I think that’s a big deal, right? – Sure. Do you think I can pull those off? Everyone likes looking at my body. I didn’t realize this was a thing. – This is definitely Chantel’s outfit. – How can you tell? – ‘Cause she wears this
kind of stuff all the time. Yes you do! (laughter) – I like honestly did not
think I could wear rompers. It was fun, I could move around. I am definitely surprised with myself, at how I pulled all of this off. – I think Niki slayed this week. She put a lot of trust in
us and, I’m not sure why. – My favorite outfit was my outfit. (laughter) – Niki tested, Niki approved. But I’m wearing pants today! I’m wearing my own clothes today! And I can do this. I’m wearing my own clothes today. Does feel good to wear
my own clothes again.

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