I Dressed So You Could See My Belly Fat For A Week

I Dressed So You Could See My Belly Fat For A Week

– Goin’ to the mall to buy clothes that I won’t want to wear
after this experiment. (jazzy music) Visible belly line is kind
of one of the last taboos when it comes to body positivity. To explain what that is, it’s when you can see
the outline of my tummy. The entire Spanx industry is designed to make sure nobody
knows you have a tummy. It’s almost like it’s okay
for it to be distributed in other ways like your
butt or your boobs, but not here, this is bad. My whole like as a big person, I wear A-Line dresses, because I’ve been taught that
that’s what you need to do. So I thought, what if
I just dress in clothes that I think are cute, regardless of whether or
not you can see my tummy. ‘Cause it’s not like no
one knows I have a tummy, it’s not a secret. It’s not like people think I’m hiding fruit snacks under here. I expect to feel really embarrassed. I think I’m gonna learn just how ingrained the humiliation behind admitting that you have a stomach really is. Oh, I don’t wanna do this. (upbeat rock music) Showin’ people on the
internet my belly button. I just finished visible
belly line day one. And I posted a picture of this outfit on Instagram this afternoon, and people were really
enthusiastic about it. Which was strange, because honestly, I felt
like an idiot today. This week was a really
busy week at work for me, and it was really hard to focus. So it’s day two and I forgot
that I had a video shoot today, so I have to do the video shoot like this. I hate dressing like this. Honestly, it makes me feel stupid. Adding in an extra element
in there to worry about kind of really impacted my brain, at least for the first few days. I’m in such a bad mood dressing like this. I need lots of people to
say, “Hey, you look great,” in order to feel just okay. You can’t live life like that, depending on other peoples compliments. I learned that there are no
off-limits fashion trends. If you wanna try something, just go for it. I’m wearing my first bodycon dress today. I don’t know if I can get through this day with my belly out like this. I feel like I’m literally oversharing. I don’t know, some things are private and this feels like
something that’s private, like, even more so than my boobs, which makes no sense, because they’re both
just big lumps of fat. The other thing that I learned is that I spend so much time in
pictures doing a pose. I would do this thing where
I would suck my stomach in to make it look like my best self. It’s just so strange
how I’ve trained myself to look in photos, like what I know I’m not gonna wanna see. It’s hard to just be my
actual body in photos. By the end of the week I actually started running
out of things to wear. And I realized that I was
gonna have to wear pants. I hate pants. So I went shopping again. Yay for pants. I didn’t realize how awesome pants are. I didn’t worry about what’s
going on at my stomach. Honestly, who gives a (bleep) if my fat does not go in a place that people feel like it should be in. It’s my belly and I don’t give a (bleep). So it’s day six, I just kind of feel like I can take on the
world in these pants. It just kind of seems like the fear of people being able to see my belly is a lot worse than people
actually seeing my belly. Okay, it’s my last day, and I decided to wear a
variation on an outfit that a lot of people
said was unflattering. This is definitely the tightest
pair of pants I’ve worn. It’s the one where my
belly is the most apparent. But I was super comfortable, and everyone was like, “Cute shirt,” and it was, “Oh, yeah you’re right.” It turns out lots of
options are open to you if you just chill a little bit. (chill music) I think visible belly line is just another curve on your body. I’ve learned that I like
certain clothing silhouettes that I had no idea I liked. Like slinky skirts. Totally fun. I would never know that if I hadn’t gone out of my comfort zone to try it. And a few people came up to me and they were just like, “representation.” Lots of people commented like, “This is the thing that scares me, but you did it and so that makes it fine.” And really that’s what this is all about. I think from now on I’m
just gonna wear cool (bleep) that feels like good (bleep), and not care about what people think. (chill music)

100 thoughts on “I Dressed So You Could See My Belly Fat For A Week

  1. Kristen if you don't like the way you look change it it's your life take control you only live once live the way you want but if you like the way you look don't change again it's your life do what makes you happy

  2. Man…. reading some of these comments make me sad. Some people can be so cruel. She is beautiful no matter what she weights. Who are we to judge anyone… we all have flaws and no one is perfect. Keep being great Kristen!😍💕

    being fat is unheathly and nobody likes it. Lose wait you walrus. Sorry that is a beautiful creature that is unworthy of being compare to you. I do not hate fat people just lose weight for your own good.

  4. I can follow her advice and die a young and painful death. Or I can not and live a happy healthy life and not be spoiled and ruin my body. So stop encouraging people to kill themselves.

  5. Love it! I’m only 145 and I feel just like you. If I don’t have perfect abs (and I don’t) I don’t show my belly. You made me rethink what I can wear because you looked super cute especially in that strip skirt and tee! Thanks!

  6. This is an unbelievable how can someone think that it’s acceptable to hold your phone vertical to film a video?

  7. I love this! I have had every thought and feeling that you talk about in this video, and now you’re free! I’m inspired; I’m going to try this.

  8. How about “ going to the gym for a week straight to loose some weight and never worry about clothing again “ challange ? 💁🏼‍♀️

  9. Kristen is the most inspirational thing the world of plus size people never knew they needed ❤️❤️❤️ because of you, I bought and wore my first crop top with a pair of jeans.

  10. Kristin, I think you’re awesome! You’re so young in this video, you little baby! You are just fantastic, I think the world of you!

  11. God made a size 22 I wear what I like and if people don’t like it don’t look my favorite outfit is my overalls

  12. Pause at 1:47. This is a brilliant illusion. See how she’s “showing belly” but you can’t see her belly button? This gives the illusion that she has a smooth, flat stomach because all the lumpy stomach fat is under the top of her dress. People won’t look there because under your stomach is your crotch, and people won’t look at your crotch.

  13. I can’t stand it when adults say belly or tummy. She’s doing a wonderful thing but I can hardly watch 😅😟😌

  14. Next challenge: eat healthy for a week, and I mean organic fruits and veggies, oils, grass fed beef and chicken and NOTHING else

  15. Omg, the black bodycon and the flannel had me dead, you look so amazing and you are so beautiful, I love how amazing you are during these weeks, I love you so much, such an amazing roll model to look up too, thank you so much for being you.

  16. I don't see why people are supporting someone promoting being overweight. It can lead to a unhealthy lifestyle. She isn't that bad right now but if she continues to live like this she could be at risk of many things. Sad

  17. The body con dress looked great on you The outfit at 1:47 was great also and kind of edgy.
    I for one love seeing a visible belly on a woman. I think you look fantastic and you should wear whatever you want.

  18. I have her similar body type and I never will feel comfortable enough to do all this lol. Never wear dresses I see cute. No too reveling or bright clothes. It Is what it is.
    I would feel exactly how she feels. "Stupid" "I need other people to tell me I look great" I just cannot with myself lol..

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