– Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is a Primark haul. I have not been to Primark in ages so I thought I would
just nip in there today, and I spent £211. So, if you want to see how
much you can get for that, keep watching. These are the two
gigantic bags that I got. So, let’s go through it. Before we get into the things I bought, I wanted to show you my
brand new fluffy chair for my office. Isn’t it so cute? I love it. I was really unsure whether
to get this chair or not, but I’m so pleased that I did. It really fits our gray and pink room. Right, so the first thing
that I wanted to show you is this blocked colored jumper. I just really liked the colors. I really liked this pop
of aqua across the middle. It feels really, really soft, and it would be really
nice for autumn or winter, and it was just £10. Right, the next top that
I wanted to show you is this baby blue sheer flowy top. I really liked the cut of it. I liked that it’s kind
of a peplum swing style. I feel like these kind of
tops suit my shape very well, and I like the pattern as well. It has a nice floral
and bird pattern on it, and yeah, I like the colors. So, I can see myself wearing
this a lot with jeans. It also has this lace-up
detailing on the front which I really liked, and it was £10. In the last Primark haul that I did, I bought a dress very similar to this one, but I’ve worn it so much and that one was completely different because it was denim, and this one is like a faux suede. It is so, so soft. It has these gold buttons
on it which I liked, and again, it is a dungaree mini dress. And, I just loved this cut on me. I wear it so often, just
over a T-shirt and leggings. I feel like I can just throw it on and look instantly a little bit stylish, and it was £13. I also got another patterned flowy top. There were actually loads in there so I don’t know if it’s like
a trend with this autumn, but this one I liked
because you can actually undo the front of it so it can be like a bit of a throw-over. Yeah, I just thought that if I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I can throw this over like
a cardigan and instantly look like I’ve made
more effort than I have. So, yeah, I really liked it,
and I thought it was good for this transitional weather, and this one was £12, but as I’m going through the items, I’m wondering does anyone
else feel like Primark is getting a little bit more expensive? I know it’s still really cheap, but £12 for this. I’m actually quite surprised. I didn’t really look. Next up, I’ve got a couple
of jackets for autumn, but I don’t feel like this
is a very autumn-y color. This is a very light mint green, and I liked that it goes to the knee. It’s kind of a blazer material, and I really liked these
bell sleeves on it, and they have a little bit of
ruffle detailing just here. But I thought it was really sweet. It was £20, and I think that I will throw
this on if I have a meeting or if I have to go to like a school event. I just think it’s really versatile. The other coat that I got is this dusty pink mac or a trench. I really, really liked it. It is a very soft material. It’s very, very thin, and it’s very long. So, I’m a little bit unsure about it because when I tried it on, I do feel like a little bit of a flasher. So, I’m not sure whether I
should return this coat or not, but I don’t have a trench like this. I thought it would be
quite easy to throw on, and it was £20. It was meant to be £25, but there is a tiny rip in the seam. But it will take me two seconds to sew so I’d go and get that. Then, I also got this
little check skater dress. It’s black and white, and it’s very thin like shirt material. But it’s a nice skater cut. I like that kind of cut, and I will wear it nonstop this autumn. I know I will wear this with
little black ankle booties. So, yeah, just really simple to throw on. I’ll probably wear a
scarf with it as well. And it was only £10. Then I also got this scarf. Well, I say scarf. It’s kind of like a shawl. It is quite big when you pull it all out. It was only £4, and I just really liked the colors. And in autumn, sometimes, I
will wear a shawl like this just on my shoulders, tucked into a belt, and it can look quite cool. Again just with jeans and a T-shirt. So, I thought I would
probably do that this autumn. Then, I got these suede,
little tasseled loafers. I just thought they’d
be great for every day, and they were just £10. Then, I also treated myself
to some new slippers. These are just plain,
gray, fluffy slippers. They were only £4, but what I really liked about them is the bottom of them is memory foam, and they just seem so, so cozy, and I needed some new slippers. So, I know I’ll be living in these. These ones are little sport socks. I got them in black and in white because I always need socks
to wear with trainers, and I really liked these
because they are breathable, and they’re light weight. They just seem really, really nice. So, I’m going to give them a go. I’ve never tried them before, and they were £3.50 for five pairs. And I’m such a child. I also got these frilly top socks. You get three pairs for £2, and I just really loved them. I know I’ll wear them under boots. They come in three
different like dark colors. And yet, because I
don’t have a little girl to buy frilly socks for, I’m gonna be sad and buy them for myself. Next up, I spotted these pajamas, and they are a white and
pink striped pajamas. They’re kind of like a flow material. I got the set of little shorts and also like a shirt kind of thing. And I got this in a size
bigger than I normally am. I just want to be really comfy in them, and the set was £10. Next up, I’ve got some new
gym clothes in Primark. If you saw my video the other day about my back-to-school routine, you all know I am trying
to get back into being fit. So, I got myself some new gym
gear to hopefully motivate me. And I love the gym gear in Primark. I always think it’s really good quality. People always ask me where it’s from. So, this is basically two
tops that come together for £7, I think it was. So, I’ve got this little
like orange-y top underneath which is tight and then
a nice loose top over top so I can hide myself and feel comfortable. So, I got that and then I
got the matching bottoms that go with this. So, they are basically just
tight fit ankle leggings, and they have the matching
like orange stripe on them, and they are gray and black as well. And I like that they are very
high-waisted and hold you in. I got that set. I think the leggings were £8. Yeah, and then I also got
this set in a different print which again has like
orange-y purples in it. This vest is cool because it has like a bit of built-in support. I will definitely need
more support than this because I’m quite a curvy girl, but I like that it’s a racer
back, and it’s nice and tight so I got that. And this top was £6, and then
these leggings were also £8, and they match. So, I thought that was nice, and these ones are super, super soft. I also got a few bits
from the home section. I spotted these little succulents. They are fake. They were £2 each, but I thought they would
really go in this room. I’ve done up my office space recently. I’m doing an office tour very soon, but the whole theme is
like pink and copper and rose-y gold and gray. So, I thought this would look really cute either on my shelves or
like on that mantle piece so I thought I would
give them a little try. And then I also got this
piece of bathroom storage which may seem very random, but I saw it and I was like, “Oh, my gosh. I need a place for them.” This is a cotton bud dispenser. It’s a nice like acrylic. It’s all shiny, and I just thought it would
like nicer in my bathroom than just like the pot of cotton buds. This is extremely unnecessary, but I really, really love it. And you know on this channel, I’m obsessed with storage and
having a place for everything so I thought that this would
go really well in our bathroom. Then, I also got this set
of three clear vanity bags. I bought a set just like
this last year from Primark, and I’ve used it so much
that I’ve got a new set. And these ones have a little
sparkle around the edges, but I know I will use these so much especially when we go on holiday. I put all kinds of things in this, and I love that you can
see into them straightaway and see which bag you actually go into. So, yeah, I got these, and these were £4. And then the last things I
wanted to show you are a few bits I got for my two boys. I got some really
reasonable and cheap gloves for school because it
was back-to-school soon, and we go through these a lot. So, I got them those. Then, I also found these
really cute light jackets with sweatshirt arms and hoodies on them. I thought these would
be perfect for autumn so I got them one each. It’s kind of like a distressed denim look, and I just thought this
would be cool to throw on, again, in this transitional weather, and these were £10 each. Yeah, and then I also got
the boys these really cute Pokemon T-shirts. They love Pikachu and Pokemon, and the really cool thing
about these T-shirts are that Pokemon on it is made of sequins. So, you can push them down and
see Pikachu or whoever it is, and then you can push them
up and it actually shows a different picture, and
it says I choose you. Yeah, so I know the boys are
gonna love these T-shirts, and they were £6 each. Right, so that’s it for this video. That is everything that I got
from Primark this time around. Let me know in the comments which one was your favorite item, and if you’re new here, I would love for you to
subscribe and stick around. I post three videos a week on a Monday, a Wednesday and a Friday so I’d love to have you. And, I’ll see you on my next one. Bye, guys.


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