How to Use an SI Belt or Maternity Belt – Ask Doctor Jo

How to Use an SI Belt or Maternity Belt – Ask Doctor Jo

Oh hey everybody. It’s doctor Jo and Doctor Jen. And today we’re gonna talk about SI Belts
and Maternity Belts. So let’s get started. So I’ve got Dr. Jen with me, and she specializes
in the pelvic floor, AND she’s got a baby on the way. SO she’s my special assistant in talking about
a maternity belt. But actually a maternity belt and an SI belt
are the same thing. So tell me a little bit about the pelvic floor
stuff first and what you do. Wonderful. So I am a pelvic floor physical therapist. Just like Jo I treat people who have pain,
weakness, or sort of difficulty moving in their daily life, but I specialize in people
who are having problems with bowel, bladder, and sexual disfunction. This can be men, women, kids, and it often
includes the pre and postpartum population. So we’re here today to talk about how you
can get a little bit of relief from your day-to-day life without having to add a ton of exercise
or limiting yourself in any particular way. Yeah. And what’s great about the SI Belts is you
don’t have to be pregnant. You might have some issues with alignment
and your SI joint or just in the pelvic floor in general. Yes. So I can use it, you can use it. So tell me a little about when you would use
it. Yes. So I first want to show you where the SI is. So do you mind turning around for just a second? So the SI is different than your low back. Traditionally this is low back. Right? Where we kind of get that little curve at
the base of our spine. A little bit lower is our sacrum or the triangle
shaped bone, and it connects the two sides of the pelvis together. Where the pelvis connects to the sacrum is
called your sacroiliac joint. And what happens is whether you’re like Jo
and maybe you’ve been in a car accident or have some sort of trauma and you’re not pregnant,
you can start to experience pain right at the SI joint. Or if you’re like me (you can go ahead and
turn around, tadah!), whose had a little bit of weight gain from the baby. Maybe some postural changes just from some
heaviness in the front. Then all of the sudden you might be experiencing
so SI pain, and this SI belt is perfect for you. It is very very different than a low back
brace. I think we’ve all see those braces that you
kind of just throw on here. Strap it on. You might have seen a big guy in the gym using
it. Or workers at Costco using it because their
on their feet for long periods of time. That may be appropriate for low back pain,
but this is specific to the SI joints themselves. And so a lot of time with SI joint pain like
DR Jen was saying, it kind of goes down into the butt. It’s a very sharp, sometimes point tender
pain right there, but it can radiate down just a little bit. Absolutely. So for someone like Jo or myself who may want
to try and SI belt, the whole point is to give you some external stability while you’re
primarily standing and doing things maybe around the home or at work. It’s not really beneficial if you’re sitting
for long periods of time and it might actually be a little uncomfortable, but if you have
to run to the grocery store or you’re working as a cashier for several hours, it really
is perfect for you. So the whole point is to get some external
stability around your pelvic girdle. And so what’s happening basically is that
the SI belt is hugging the pelvic girdle. You want to make sure that you find the top
of the pelvis. Which is kind of right where those bones are
and you can rest you hands on the top of the hips or pelvis. Ok. And then you want to find the pubic bone which
is down a little bit lower in the front. And you want to find a place right in between. Ok? Again, not way up here in the low back, right? Go ahead and pull that down for me a little
bit, Jo. And I’m gonna find the top of the hip bones,
the pubic bone, and I’m gonna find right in the middle. Ok? Go ahead and turn around. You want to make sure the sacrum, not the
low back, is supported. So my triangle shaped bone is supported. I may pull that down just a hair. And then from there you tighten to your comfort. So most SI belts have some sort of velcro
strap, where you can tighten and give yourself that support. So go ahead and try that Jo. Alright. I like to make sure it’s nice firm and tight. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s all there is to it. So we’re showing you over our clothing, but
you could put this under your shirt, that way no body would have to see it. If you don’t care (cause it’s stylish), it
doesn’t matter. Look how cool they are. So same rules apply for the pregnant woman. The only difference is that my belly’s a little
bit closer to my pubic bone, so you may have a little bit more difficulty fitting it in
the front, but same rules apply. So finding the top of my hip bones or the
top of my pelvis. Finding the pubic bone in the front or the
bottom of my pelvis. Somewhere in between. And then making sure that that triangle shaped
bone is covered by my brace. Ok? Yep. From there this is a little bit different
belt, this is called the SI lock. I have two opportunities to tighten up. I really like this one for pregnant women,
just because it does give you support side to side. This is a perfect SI belt for somebody who
maybe isn’t pregnant and doesn’t need a ton of stability, but for a woman who’s really
feeling some pressure or heaviness here, getting a little bit more support on each side can
be more beneficial. And it feels like a hug. You don’t want it to be cutting off circulation
in there. So make sure you can stick a finger through
on the sides there. But you do want it to be really snug like
a hug. Yep. Exactly. And it’s being your external muscles. So the next thing that you need to do after
you have an SI belt that fits and feels good. It tells you you need to get your muscles
a little bit stronger. So hop on Dr. Jo’s YouTube channel and find
some safe, pain free exercises to do to strengthen your core, your hips, and your pelvis. Awesome. And you do recommend sometimes if it’s really
out of alignment, causing pain, to do the exercises with this belt on. Absolutely. Really, really great point It will give you
that stability. And then you can strengthen in an appropriate,
pain free range. Absolutely. Awesome. So there you have it. Those are the SI belts. The maternity belts. Kind of sexy, kind of not, who’s to say. If you’d like to help support my channel,
make sure and click on the link over by Dr. Jen. And don’t forget to subscribe by clicking
down there. Somewhere down there. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon.

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  1. my PT sold me this belt to help with trochanteric bursitis and pelvic floor imbalance. Your video was very helpful, especially the advice to leave on while exercising and of course the placement. thank you best PT on YouTube

  2. What brand of belts are the two of you wearing here? Would like to make sure that when purchasing a product, it's reputable.

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