How to Style BODYSUITS on a Curvy Body!

How to Style BODYSUITS on a Curvy Body!

(upbeat music) (mouse clicks) – Hey guys, it’s Sierra.
Welcome back to my channel. Today I am gonna be doing
a little bodysuits lookbook and kind of showing you the different ways that I style bodysuits on my curvy figure. A lot of you guys have
been requesting this video and it makes sense because bodysuits are
super popular right now, but it can be kinda
difficult to style them in a flattering way because
they are so tight usually. So I hope the bodysuit looks that I show and the tips that I give will help you style them in a way that makes you feel
comfortable and confident. Now, let’s get into the video. (electronic sound) For my first look, I’ve paired this really basic
purple bodysuit from Express with super high rise distressed
jeans from American Eagle and I tied the whole look together with this oversized beachy
kimono, also from American Eagle. Wearing jeans with a tight-fitting
bodysuit can be difficult because that’s pretty much
just, like, all tight, but I made this look more
flattering for my curves in two ways. First, the super high rise jeans. These fit over my hips
so they smooth my tummy and hide my muffin top, like, I’m not poppin’ out over the top of them. Low rise jeans with a bodysuit like this would highlight the extra
fat that I carry in my hips, which I’m not as comfortable with. But high rise jeans really
accentuate my curves while flattering my tummy. Second thing is the kimono. Because it’s so loose
fitting, it makes the outfit look a little bit more
relaxed all together, and not quite so tight. It also gives extra coverage
to my arms, hips and butt. I think it just really pulls
the outfit together nicely. (mouse clicks) Outfit number two is probably the way that I most often style bodysuits. I’m wearing a nice structured bodysuit that’s still pretty tight, and high waisted soft shorts. This look is especially
great for a curvy body because those high waisted shorts hit at the smallest part of your
waist, so it accentuates the hourglass silhouette,
no matter your size. Also these shorts from Madewell
have an elastic waistband so they fit my waist tight enough, while still being loose
and relaxed on my thighs, and I’ve got thick thighs. This bodysuit is great too because it’s a little bit more structured than a typical bodysuit. It’s a little thicker, it has
some wire support in the chest and it has adjustable
straps so you can make it as high or low cut as you want. I often wear a similar look to this too with T-shirts or tanks, but what’s great about a bodysuit is that you get that tucked-in look without any bunching or gathering. It’s really smooth. You guys know I’m all
about a balanced look and I love that this outfit has that tight-fitting bodysuit on top and loose-fitting shorts on
the bottom to balance it. It’s super flattering and comfortable. (mouse clicks) Outfit number three. You can catch me in a variation
of this look pretty often for going out, downtown,
for a girls’ night. I’ve got this bodysuit from Madewell that’s more loose-fitting than a lot of the other
bodysuits that I have. It has that wrap style design on the front and fluttery sleeves. And a looser fitting bodysuit like this with a little bit more give
is great option to pair with a bodycon skirt for a night out or even a longer pencil skirt for a more professional
work appropriate look. I thought this black
bodysuit would look great with a gray pencil skirt. I had like a vision for it, but I literally could
not find one anywhere so I went with this black
miniskirt from Express. I love a loose-fitting bodysuit like this but they can be so hard to find since most bodysuits
are more form-fitting, so I’ll have this one
linked in the description along with everything else
that I’m wearing in this video. (mouse clicks) Look number four is actually an outfit that I wore a ton this past spring. I’m wearing this blue bodysuit from PacSun and this high waisted
midi skirt from PinkBlush. They’re actually known
for their maternity wear but they have a ton of cute stuff for not pregnant people too. And what I love about this look is the skirt has an elastic
waist so I just pulled it up so it’s super high waisted. This way it covers my hips and highlights the smallest part of my waist where the form-fitting bodysuit
and the flowy skirt meet. And it still works my curves
without hiding them too much. I would love to find a skirt like this that works for more fall looks. I absolutely love these bright colors but they’re definitely more
suited for spring and summer. You could create the same look
with a shorter circle skirt or an A-line skirt too. Overall just a really
cute breezy and simple way to style a bodysuit for a curvy figure. (electronic sound) Oh my gosh, I just realized, this is the last thing I am
ever filming in this apartment. That is so crazy, oh my gosh. If you didn’t know, my husband Steven and I
just bought our first house and we are moving in tomorrow,
the day that I’m filming this which, if you’re watching
it, I’m already living there which is crazy. So in the next video that you guys see it’ll be a different background. I mean, the shelves will
be the same but like the wall’s gonna be
different and oh my gosh. If you wanna see our moving vlogs and how we our transforming our new house, make sure to go check out my vlog channel. I will put a link in the description. It’s called Sierra and Steven IRL. I hope this video was helpful to you and if you put together
a bodysuit look inspired by this video I would love to see it. Tag me in it on Instagram or Twitter. Thanks for watching, and I will see you guys on
Tuesday from my new house. Bye! (upbeat music)

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