How to Reduce Abortion Rates (Advice for Anti-Abortion Activists)

How to Reduce Abortion Rates (Advice for Anti-Abortion Activists)

– To all my anti-choice
activists out there, welcome. (laughs) I’m guessing you probably haven’t watched any of my prior videos because you are pretty busy
getting those laws passed. Laws that shut down abortion clinics, limit insurance for
abortion and contraception, require mandatory
counseling and ultrasounds for women who are seeking abortions, and laws that install wait
periods of up to three days, forcing women who have already
traveled hundreds of miles to get to their closest abortion provider to pay for at least
three nights of lodging. And, despite American abortion rates being at an all-time low,
in just the past month, you’ve managed to get
Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, and Kentucky all to pass
six week abortion bans, which is sneaky since most
women find out they’re pregnant between four and eight weeks. Good one. And you’re out there helping Alabama and Texas lawmakers push
to ban all abortion, and make it a felony. I mean, busy. So busy. Yet you haven’t made time to
figure out a better mascot to replace Umbert the Unborn. Also, I mean come on, how can a fetus call into a radio station, in the womb? Wouldn’t its voice sound
like it’s underwater? And let’s really talk about this. What kind of kinky stuff
was Umbert’s mom into that resulted in a radio and a cell phone getting stuck in her uterus? I mean, right? As I was saying, you
guys are like the MiraLax of passing laws, fast and effective. And just so I’m clear,
the laws are supposed to help you get to your goal
of reducing abortions, right? So, like, the opposite of Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean, all of which have the highest
rate of abortion in the world. Like two to three times higher than us. You do not want to take a
page from their playbook, not if the goal is fewer abortions. So, should we see what’s
in their playbook? (spring boings) Uh-oh. It looks like their way
of reducing abortion is to have super
restrictive abortion laws. Yeah, like most of these
countries just outright ban it. Yeesh. Looks like more laws is definitely not helping them reduce abortions. So what’s the playbook of the countries that have the least amount of abortions? (ta dah) The countries with the
lowest abortion rates all have easy access to birth control. In fact, all these experts say that the overall decline of
abortion rates around the world is due to overall better
access to contraceptives. Yeah, yeah. Even the decline of the abortion rate in the U.S. directly coincides
with that Obamacare mandate that insurance cover a
wide array of birth control with no co-payments or
cost-sharing for the patients. That’s ironic, most of
you hated that mandate. So, if the goal is fewer abortions, and you follow these facts and figures, the strategy to the goal isn’t more laws, it’s more birth control. You get the pill, you get the NuvaRing, you get an IUD, you get a
sponge, you get a condom. (record scratches) Oh. Oh, you’re not, you’re not into that? Really? Is the goal not fewer abortions? (bell chimes) You’re really throwing me for a loop here. You say you’re anti-abortion but you don’t want to
follow this playbook? Packed with research,
and studies, and experts, and evidence showing you exactly
how to achieve your goal, (bell chimes) of fewer abortions? No offense guys, but
that’s a little backwards. That’s like calling yourself pro-life but then thinking that
women should be eligible for the death penalty
for having an abortion. Or saying you’re pro-life
but then not doing anything to curb maternal mortality in the U.S. Which has become the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth. Or, and this one kills me,
calling yourself pro-life and not be embarrassed that
anti-abortion terrorism is at a 20 year high. (laughs) That’s crazy! Saying you’re anti-abortion
but not embracing the methods that reduce abortions. Or saying that you’re pro-life,
but not really wanting to protect and preserve everybody’s life. I mean, if that’s really the
case, it really sounds like you should just be calling
yourself pro-birth. Am I right?

12 thoughts on “How to Reduce Abortion Rates (Advice for Anti-Abortion Activists)

  1. Maybe the objective for pro-lifers is not to reduce 'abortions' but to reduce "pregnancies that result in abortions"

  2. Actually, according to the CIA, the US ranks 138th in the world for maternal mortality. But hey, don't let facts get in the way of your fantasies.

  3. And what can we do about women who evidently REFUSE to participate in safe sex with all the virtually free birth control available in the United States, some 750,000 of them evidently didn't learn about birds and bees…and the rape/incest corner cases. Stop, you know better. That's maybe in the thousands per year (estimate). Tell me about the rest? What is your 'plan' to get these women to participate in safe sex? Anything? Anyone? Under Obamacare, any and all available contraceptives are free to women covered. Under Title X, poor women can get free contraceptives. Since an abortion costs 600+ dollars, and even POOR WOMEN have to somehow pay for THAT, saying they can't afford free birth control under TItle IX or Obamacare…is a bit of a stretch. Hell, they can even go to Planned Parenthood and get some BC under Title X. So, what's the plan to get them to USE IT?

  4. The way I see things is that I can’t stop other people from making decisions at the end of the day but I can make the right choices for myself/family. I guess I am neither “pro-life” or “pro-choice.” I just don’t want my wife to be in a situation were she’s planning a abortion.

  5. The evangelicals claim abstinence is the answer. They even have their young followers take a vow. And their heads explode when you tell them, that does not work. But it’s ok for pedephile pastors to cause these situations. Faith is blind. But, I real appreciate that you are trying to educate the people.

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