How to pose a friend or non model in the studio

How to pose a friend or non model in the studio

Do you need tips on posing your friend, or
inexperienced model in the studio? Outdoors is easier, studio is more difficult. Over the years I’ve developed very easy
3 – step technique which I am going to share with you today. And for those watching my channel first time,
my name is Zdenka and I am a former model and I currently work as professional photographer
so let’s get started. Most of the people are very shy, nervous or
have very low self esteem in front of the camera. Even your friend might be very relaxed with
you but as soon as you pull out the camera they’ll change their mood. It is up to you to change it. Make them comfortable, compliment them. When I have new person coming to studio, I
always offer coffee, tea, water, juice, even snack… anything to make them feel like home. I look at them and compliment something which
stands out. It can be their, face, eyes, make up, jewellery,
wardrobe, their fit body… or friendly personality. Anything you see that makes them amazing. Every person is amazing in certain way. Make them feel like a star right from the
beginning. They will open up much faster. Start with very simple poses, small changes
and small movements. Show the pose first, be their mirror as most
people don’t think at the moment which is their right and left hand or leg. The more action you use, less words you use,
the better it is. Use lots of hand movement in the shots. Place hands on the face, in the hair, on the
belt and in the pockets. I don’t recommend holding an object unless
that object completely belongs to the scene. If you are outdoors flower or leaf can do
it, but an object in the studio might look tacky. If your model is tense and cannot relax, don’t
push it, let them sit down on the floor, you do the same. Talk about life, fun things, or just about
anything. Have your camera always ready and snap away
here and there to get the true emotions and reactions. Once they are calmed and relaxed, stand up
and again, do some more posing. If you see something on your camera which
bothers you like your lighting set up, make sure you don’t show disappointed face no
matter what. The model will always think that it is her
or him what you are not happy with and they will shut down. I actually prefer working with models which
never been on camera. I love it when I can get the true personality
out, the RAW of them.. it is so rewarding. Working with very experienced models is good
too but sometimes it is difficult to steer them your direction. They have their own favorite poses and that
is it.. If it is a general shoot don’t just do different
poses, shoot different parts. I always shoot face, beauty shot or headshot,
full body shot, 3/4 or from knees up, some profiles, movement, action shots and sitting
shots where I usually concentrate on moods and expressions. So that is it for today’s video how to pose
a friend or non-model in the studio. I would love to hear from you what worked
or what didn’t work for you when you took photos of your friend. Or if you didn’t do the shoot yet, let me
know what you are planning on doing and I might give you some tips specifically for
you with simply commenting below. Or comment if you have specific video requests. Feel free to like this video, give it thumps
up, don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. Thank you for watching Cau… Ahoj…

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  1. If you have any questions or comments to the topic how to pose a friend or non model in the studio, simply comment below. .. or if you would like to see a video on a certain topic, don't hesitate to let me know below as well.

  2. Hey Zdenka, thanks for your sweet comment on my channel. I wanted to reciprocate, and this video is the first one I’ve been seeing and it’s SO interesting ! Your voice is beautiful and you explain things very well ! These are great tips! What camera brand are you using?

  3. I have done some portraits Zdenka. While they went fairly well I was sometimes struggling to find different poses.

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