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(upbeat music) (kissing sound) – Hey everybody, Jordan Page
with Millennial Moms here. As you all know, I just had a baby. And, you guys, I have to admit I’m still kinda struggling
with my postpartum body. Not big enough for maternity clothes, not small enough for normal clothes, and it’s just a big mess. (upbeat music) Yeah. I went shopping recently
and found a ton of clothes that happened to work
with my postpartum body. So I thought I’d do a video to show you exactly what I bought and why and give you a few tips along the way. But before we get into
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thumbs up, yeah yeah yeah. So for this shopping haul, I actually ended up buying everything at Ross, but I’m gonna give you tips so that you can use those tips to shop wherever you wanna shop to find the clothes that you love best. Okay, let’s get on with it. Every postpartum body is different, and my trouble areas are
random stuff on my shirts, my love handles, and my front. That’s where I’m self-conscious. And as you can see, this outfit really emphasizes all the wrong things, let’s be honest here. Let’s start with what
I’m wearing on my legs. These are some cutoff jeans,
and they’re comfortable, but I’m wedged in here pretty tight. So instead, I found myself some inexpensive distressed jeans. The distress really flatters
the front of my legs, and they’re super stretchy
and higher waisted, which is helping to smooth
out my problem areas. I always wear a stretchy tee shirt under anything that I’m wearing. It adds length, covers lumps and bumps, and smooths me out, which is nice. It is hotter than Hades around here, so I’m focusing on summer clothes. This tank is $9.99, which is a steal. And it’s just so flowy. It hides all of my lumps and bumps, and the tee shirt under it
adds length, which is great. I love this feminine collared tank top. It’s so sheer and light, and it’s $7.99. I mean, hello. One thing I realized is, once I put it on, the girls were a little
tight in the button area. So by wearing a tee shirt under it, it allowed me to unbutton at where the girls are having trouble to offer a better fit. Can I get an amen for this tank? This is one of my favorites. How cute is that, and
comes with a necklace? Hello. I like how it keeps its form and it doesn’t hug my front or my back. It just kind of billows
but in a flattering way. Yeah girl, dance it, dance it. Hide those lumps. Twerk it, work it, uh huh. You look good postpartum. What what. On the hanger, this one
looked a little cropped. So it was a bit of a risk. But I ended up really liking it because with the long
sleeves and the light fabric it really could be worn any time of year. And it’s really got that
peace, love, and harmony vibe, you know what I mean? Oh, there’s Bubba. Say hi Bubba! Hello! Oh, yeah, that’s on backwards, oops! Ah, that’s better. Okay, what I love about
this shirt is the fabric. It’s lightweight, it’s flattering, and it doesn’t wrinkle, which is nice with breastfeeding and
just, you know, being a mom. Here’s a shirt that did
not end up working out. It looked kinda cute on the
rack but really, ultimately, it just hugged in all the
wrong places and was no bueno. I love shirts and tanks that are neutral but with a little design on the front. Because they look really
cute even under sweaters, and this one, I love the crochet detail and I like that it’s longer in the back so it hides my booty and
all the lumps I don’t like. Here is proof you do not have
to pay much for cute clothes. I got this shirt at a yard
sale believe it or not. I love that it’s flowy, it
swishes around like a princess, and its cute colors. Here’s another example of what not to do. I said no to this tank top because it really just made
me look wider and thicker and was not very flattery. One of my tricks is to
add lightweight layers. So you take a simple tee shirt, and throw a cute lightweight
poncho like this over it. Suddenly it jazzes it up
and it also hides things in the back that you want hidden. And seriously, you cannot beat $5.99. Likewise, you could use something like this crocheted fringe vest. It’s only $12.99 so it’s
not much of an investment but you throw it over anything and it not only hides stuff but it makes you look more put together, a little more fashionable, and you can shake shake shake shake shake. Leggings for president guys. I don’t know, it’s basically like wearing butter on your legs. Throw a long tunic, a long
tank on top of leggings and you can move all day long. Here’s another shirt that
I got to go over leggings. $12.99, super long, kind of chic, makes you feel like
you’re walkin the runway, but more than anything it’s lightweight and hides everything. So there you go! Hopefully some of those tips will help you combat the lumps and bumps
and all sorts of fun things that we just love about having a baby. Don’t forget to subscribe. Give this video a thumbs up. We’ve got new videos
Monday through Saturday. I do videos every other Wednesday so I’ll see you guys soon. So tah-tah! See you later! End scene.

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