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– Yay! Towel? Ready, one, two, three!
– Watch out. – Holy (bleep). I did not notice you got me this wet. – You’re gonna play with paint. Try and not get it on my face. I told you to not get it on my face. – I just squirt paint, stop. Don’t–
– No. – Stop, babe. – [Kailyn] Do you wanna
hold him while I eat? – Are you scared? – I don’t know about scared,
but I have learning to do. He’s just so fragile. – Hey. Say hi, Papa. – We got a little bet to,
bet to settle out, don’t we? – Oh, what’s the bet? – That Ali can roll over
from her belly to her back. – [Woman] Really? – I’ve saw her but land with one of these. – Well I haven’t saw it. – What’s the bet? – [Corey] Five bucks. You wanna try it now?
– Yeah. – [Leah] She’s a show baby. – Ready?
– Yay, Ali. – Alright now. Can you do it, sissy? – [Leah] Nope, don’t touch her. – Gotta get the bib outta there now. Watch out. Come on, Ali. $5 on you, $5 on you. – [Leah] Oh, look at the
girl, look at the girl. – Yay!
– She did it! – Here you go. Wanna put it on my nipples? – Sure. – Oops. Oh, where is the birthday boy? – [Cole] What are you doing up here? – I love him, I’m so glad we got him. – I know. Peter, you’re getting
spoiled on your birthday. ♪ Happy Birthday ♪
– Just burn the wine ♪ To you ♪ ♪ To you ♪ – Kay, he’s spinning.
– Peter, Pete, Peter. – [Chelsea] He wishes for lots of food. – Lots and lots of food. – [Chelsea] Alright, here you go, dude. – Let me jam in this for a minute. – Yeah!
– And now I’m gonna tear in to all that. He’s just inhaling it. – [Chelsea] Oh my God, I love him so much. And I can’t wait to show
Aubree when she gets home. Pig butt. [Cole] Look at that tail go. – Is you happy? I you!
– I you. He looks just like ya. – I know. (soft music) – Hello.
– Hello. – [Chelsea] I see you. – My favorite animal. – [Chelsea] How was your weekend? – [Aubree] Good. – Did you have fun?
– What did you do today? – Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. – [Chelsea] Take your coat off. – [Aubree] What did you
do for Pete’s birthday? – Wait, just wait. Here you go, ’cause you’re one years old. – [Aubree] (laughs) I like it! (pig snorts) – Isn’t that funny? Alright, go change and brush your teeth. – I had a great weekend. (Chelsea laughs) – Hey, what’s up?
– Hello. – What’s up? – Nothing much. – Where’s Kai? – Huh?
– Where’s Kai? – He’s at a daycare right now. – I really wished my son
was here so I could see him, because I know he misses his Daddy. Do you know what you’re doing is parental alienation?
– Do you have anything? If you have anything for him, you should just prove it to me, and then I’ll let you see him. Easy as that.
– So, I’m just supposed–
– Do you have a high-chair? – [Nathan] Yes, I have all that stuff. Absolutely, okay.
– You have everything? – What do you want me to prove? I don’t even, I don’t even have, no. Well have a nice day, okay? – You don’t wanna talk about your son? – I wanna see my son, and
if you’re holding my son away from me, then I don’t need to talk to you.
– And we’re trying to see what you have and what
you don’t have for him. (somber music) – [Nathan] Nothing you say is adding up. You live with a felon, I don’t. – [Janelle] He’s not a f– – Yes he is. He just got out of prison
for domestic violence. – He was not found guilty. – Whether he’s been convicted or not. Do you think that’s safe? I mean you’re not really
thinking right here. You’re alienating your
son away from his father, you’re playing daycare with
your son with this new guy who I know nothing about. That’s the thing about it,
you need to start making wiser decisions in life. If it’s okay, I would like
to come up on Christmas and drop off some gifts to him. – And about that, I’m gonna let you see Kaiser for Christmas,
and I don’t know. – You okay? You okay? – I’m gonna be okay, it’s just, I don’t know what you
guys are planning to do about these charges, but it’s really going to
affect my life, really bad, and I won’t be able to go in
to the surgical tech program that I’ve been trying to go in to. I’m just trying to be a better
person, let you see Kaiser, so I just hope you guys
do the right thing. And that’s all. – I know. I’ll talk to her about it. And say you know I’ve always
had the best interests in you, I just wish sometimes you
had the best interest at me, and think a lot of things
would be different. (soft music) – [David] Are you all gonna
build some Lego stuff today? – There’s tons of rides there too. There is a water-park there, but we might not have time for that. I think there’s a
separate ticket for that. (Jace burps) – Uh excuse you, sir, Mr.Fancy. – You’re gonna get a ticket for that. – Fancy pants figure skater. – [Maryssa] It’s against the
law to burp on the highway. (Jace burps) (Janella laughs) (David chuckles) (playful music) – Are you excited? – Lego Castle.
– Yeah. – [David] Jace, look, this
place is made out of Legos. – [Janelle] Yeah, isn’t that cool? I have to sit in the big seat. Everyone smile, look. – That was great, right?
– Yeah. – What was your favorite ride? – I don’t know. – You don’t know? What about driving school, was that your favorite thing to do? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – Aubree, you have to go to daycare, because it’s gonna be a long
doctor appointment, okay? But you can come to
another one with me, okay? – Uh-huh. – Aubree, are you excited
to see the picture? – Yes! – Well you can’t really tell
what it is in the picture. – True, but you still
see the baby in there. Aubree, what do you think the baby is? – Girl. – You think so?
– Kangaroo! I think it’s a kangaroo. – You think it’s a kangaroo? We got a girl, we got a kangaroo. – I think it’s a pig. – When we see the
picture, are we gonna see if it’s a boy or girl? – No.
– Not quite yet. Alright, Aubree. – [Chelsea] You’ll see Cole
later, he’s gotta go to work. – Yeah. – I hope you have a wonderful day, and Mom’s gonna show
you the picture, okay? – So what’s the routine? Do they know where they’re going? – I’ll just go with you. – You don’t have to, it’s up to you. – [Kailyn] You would get
the smallest truck ever. – You don’t like it? – No.
– Why not? Don’t be jealous.
– It’s not– – It’s not your sort of thing?
– I would never, ever, ever get a Toyota truck. – Ah you know I love Toyota.
– I like it. – That’s good. – How are you? – I’m good. – Good?
– Mh-hmm. – You’re not gonna look
at me when we talk? – I mean, I don’t know like, its weird. – It is a little weird. – [Kailyn] So where is your new house? – I don’t even know,
to be honest with you. I know we’re five miles
away, I looked it up. – So like but you know
like the general area? – I do know it’s in a development, it’s not in the hood or anything. – What’s your house?
– Yeah did. – [Kailyn] Where’s your house? – My house, I’m gonna show you. I think I’ll get it sometime this week. We’ll go see it, when I get it, okay? And then we gotta go
buy stuff for your room. – I want Jurassic Park room, actually. – Oh man, Jurassic Park. – Yeah. – Ise, I don’t know if you’re gonna have your own room at his house. Because I think if you go over there, then you can stay in Lincoln’s room, but I don’t think you’re gonna
have your own room, babe. I know, but it just doesn’t work that way. – [Woman] When is your next sonogram? – We don’t get another ultrasound until probably like 20 weeks. – So that’s happening right
before the wedding then? – Yeah. I can’t wait to know what we’re having. – We gotta wait. – What do you think the baby is? Still a girl? – Yes. What do you think, Cole? – I’m thinking it might be a boy. – Yeah. What do you think, Mama? – I honestly don’t know. Some days I think it’s a boy,
some days I think it’s a girl. Today I think it’s a boy. Okay, we can just post it now. Here, do you wanna read this? Is that good, short and sweet? And then there were four. – [Cole] Oh that’s it? – Well that’s what I wanna say. You want to? – Right now?
– Yeah. Okay. – [Cole] Oh my goodness gracious. – I did it! I’m so scared right now. – [Aubree] What did you do? – I posted that we’re having a baby! – (screams) There it is! (mumbling) – Hello world. – Oh everyone’s being so sweet. – Oh my God, yeah, Chelsea is preggo. – Oh everyone’s being so
nice, I was so worried. My ring’s looking extra shiny. I love you. It’s real life now,
– It’s gone. – It’s not a secret anymore. – That’s right. – Good, now I can stop
sucking in in all my pictures. – Hi. – [Lewis] What’s up? – What’s up? How are you? – [Lewis] Alright, how’s the baby? – Just fine. I’m always fine. – What’s been on your mind? – Did you think about adoption? – Did I think about it? I did, for you. I really sat down and I thought about it. It’s not something that I wanna do. I’ve never imagined myself just putting my kid up for adoption. – I did speak to some agency. I called them up just to get information, and she spoke to me, and
she said if you wanted to talk to her, and if
you had any questions you can call her, and she
just gave me the run-down of what would happen if
we went down that route. So you wanna come with me to a agency just to speak in person to her? – I’ll go with you to whatever you want, but I feel like my mind is already made up with that situation. – [Server] The fried
rice for you, my dear. – Thank you so much. – [Server] And pho for you, dear. – Thank you. – If you, you’re not, if
you’re not open to adoption, and obviously I need your consent, without your consent, I can’t do anything. – Why is it a big mistake to co-parent if we can’t work it out? – I don’t wanna be in
a toxic relationship, and bring up a baby in that. My first baby daddy sucks ass. – I get that. It sucks that right now you’re putting me in that same category,
because that’s definitely not what I’m gonna be for Stella. – I don’t trust you, Lewis. Why did you have to fuck up? – Trust me, I kick my ass, myself in the ass every day about it. – Yeah. – I know it don’t mean nothin’, but. – My sister’s calling. Hello. And mine. Let me call him, let me call him. Baby daddy problems number one. Straight to voicemail. Nova’s been waiting
for Devoin since 11:30, and she’s been calling
him, and texting him, and it’s a struggle. (Nova squeals) – Let’s go. Lose the pants. (Nova laughs) – Hi monkey! Can I have a kiss? Give me one kiss so you
can spend time with Daddy. Call me can be with your Dad. – [Nova] Daddy, look. – You got a big girl bag? – I had anxiety all day. It was like, is he coming, is he not? What am I gonna do with Nova? – Did you have fun today, huh? – Yeah, I really did.
– I’m gonna go get me a beer. – Go, do somethin’.
– Daddy! – Up.
– Now walk. – I’m gonna walk. – Hi now. Oh baby, hi, Devoin. – [Nova] Food’s in sight. – [Devoin] I gotta go buh-bye. – [Roxanne] She looks so tall. – She is so tall. – [Nova] Daddy, can you spin me around like you used to do when I was a kid? – [Roxanne] Hold on. Alright, D, see you around, dude. – [Devoin] Alrighty, have a great evening. – You too, get home safe. – Course. Bye B, bye Nova. – Buh-bye, Daddy.
– Bye, Devoin. – Six hours of my day. – So let me ask you something. At what time was he supposed
to arrange to come here? – [Briana] 11:30. – And he did not come ’til like 5:30? He was literally here for like a hour. – Imagine if you really like had to work, or you really needed, or you’re
strapped for a babysitter. – That’s why he’s not reliable, that’s why I don’t count
on him for nothing. She been waiting for him all day, and to only come what, for two hours. – At some point in time
you have to speak to him, and have him understand
that she’s getting older, she’s at the age where
she’s gonna start noticing. Thus far you’ve been able
to protect her from that. – Yeah. – But for how long can
we play the acting scene? You know, for her? Where she thinks everything
is okay when it’s really not. (speaks foreign language) What did he say? – I said he didn’t show, oh that wouldn’t be me. He’s too busy sticking his in her vagina, so he be too busy doing
that too for that to be him. – What else did he say? – Well he said that he
doesn’t wanna do adoption, but he’s open to go to a meeting with me, but he doesn’t wanna give
the baby up for adoption, so. – But he’s gonna go look at his options? – [Briana] Yeah. I’ll be going on maternity
leave from work soon. I’m not sure how much Lewis
will be able to help financially with the new baby, and I need
Devoin to step up for Nova. Oma, you got something in the mail. We also got some other
stuff in the mail too. – What you got? – [Briana] Child support
papers for Devoin. – [Nova] Child? – [Briana] Yes, you child. I need to find her social, I need a copy of her birth-certificate, they need to know if he’s the father, so either we get a paternity established, or they get a court order for DNA test, or he lets everybody know
themselves that he’s the Dad. – Are you gonna tell him, or are you gonna wait for him to get a surprise in the mail, or? – Well I asked him what his social was, so if he asks why, I’m gonna be like, well I’m filing child support. See if he writes me back. If he doesn’t write me
back, then it’s a problem. (phone dings) He put, I’m coming over today. Okay.
– Okay. – [Briana] Who’s that? – It’s still open this door? – [Briana] Hey, Dada. Say hey. – Shawty. You just wanna jump on
me, that’s all you want. – [Briana] I just need
your social, and that’s it, unless you wanna write it down. Oh also, they’re gonna want
like a paternity test done, but since we both know that
you’re obviously Nova’s father, all you would have to do is
write like a on a piece of paper saying that you’re Nova’s Dad, and then we would have to go
to like Amscot to notarize it, and then that’s all that they need. I don’t know what happens
after this, but we’ll see. (man laughs) Call was that. (squeaks) – [Chelsea] Just a little impressed. – Just a little. Have you heard back from Adam’s lawyer about the name change? – Yeah, which I was surprised
that they got back to us like right away, and
they replied and said, he will be willing to
agree to the name change if you eliminate child
support, adjust child support, or take in to consideration
Mr.DeBoer’s income. – He’s just trying to
get out of something. – Like what a weird thing. So obviously he’s fine with doing it, but he’s trying to get–
– Get something out of it, he’s not gonna do it for free.
– Why the (bleep) would we eliminate child support to
hyphenate her last name? If they don’t agree, we just end up, we just file a motion and go to court, and I’m sure the judge
will let us do it anyways. It wasn’t just eliminate child support, it was eliminate all
the back child support, and child support. – We looked it up awhile back. I think it was close to 10 grand, so just let him free.
– Like, let’s just– Yeah, forgive
– Just for– – All the $10,000 I am behind,
and future child support, and then you can hyphenate
– For 10 more years. – Her last name. So I’m sure we’ll just move
forward with filing a motion. – Yeah, just move forward, ’cause if he wants to lower child support, he’ll have to initiate it.
– Yeah this is nothing to do– – You know, the odds are if
he did something like that, the judge might just say, you know what, I’m not so sure you should
even be around her, so. (upbeat music) – [Mary] Oh it’s nice in here, I’m hungry. It smells good.
– Oh I’m so hungry. – Have you been cravin’
a lot of stuff, or? – [Chelsea] No I haven’t
been really craving anything. – And you look great. It looks like you’re
feeling better this time. – I am. I feel, it’s like totally 100% different. – [Mary] So has Adam tried to see Aubree since he’s had court? – I mean he hasn’t yet. Visits are at the visitation center. He’s supposed to see his
other daughter Paisley there. It’s been a year, I wanna
say, since he’s seen her. – [Mary] So when’s the
last time he’s seen Aubree? – It’s been months. – Really? – He’s never set up a visit
at the visitation center. – Really?
– For Aubree. But just in case he does
actually set up the visits, Cole and I need to go to
the visitation center, fill out paperwork, and we
wanna just check it out. So Cole’s got off work
tomorrow, and we’re gonna go. After that, I think he has
to go fill out paperwork, and then it will start, but if he doesn’t go, then
no one is gonna force him. – I know, but how can he not? – I don’t know. If you think,
– That’s what I don’t get. – Just even, even if it was just to prove that he weren’t a big piece of (bleep). – Yeah! You know I always thought
things would maybe get better there, and it’s never. If anything, it’s gotten worse, you know?
– Worse. I know.
– But it’s just a sad situation. (soft music) – [Briana] Oh my God,
this place is a hot mess. – [Devoin] Do you have like
a blanket to make your bed? ‘Cause it look like– – Um, this one right here. So I just you know, I wanted to talk to you like
about what are your plans? Do you plan on moving out soon, or like what is like the goal? – I plan on moving in to my new place. I’m just waiting on the rest of the money, ’cause I only have like half. I want another half, ’cause I gotta pay first and last month. – Yeah, how about your jobs? – Well the job I had, I
still partially have it, but that (bleep) is so far. Right now I’m looking
for like a serving job, ’cause I need some.
– Quick and fast. – Day in, day out, and I need, I need cash in hand every day. I appreciate your offer
allowing me to help, and for helping me, so. – Thanks for helping with Stella too. – Oh no problem, any time, like. They’re a one, two package now so. You know when Nova was that age, me and you was kinda
not seeing eye to eye, so like I wasn’t really always here, so I get to see a lot of
(bleep) that I missed out on, and like it’s pretty cool, and I missed out on some good (bleep). What? You shouldn’t be like,
Stella’s pretty interesting. I like seeing her grow up too, just know. – I’m sorry. I’m gonna use my daughter’s underwear. – You got good kids. – At the end of the day, you’re here, and she loves that you’re here,
so if you need to stay here for as long as you need
to, stay, don’t leave, don’t feel like you have to go. I’d rather you save up money,
do what you have to do, and then go when you’re ready, so like I’m wiling to
do whatever I need to do so you can be there for her. She loves you so much. – She do, I love her. – And before I was all like,
(bleep) Devoin, (bleep) Devoin. – There’s reasons for
it, I did what I did. You know, I say slick (bleep), it’s like. I got a sick mouth, I slack off. – Nova like needs you, like. – I need her. – [Javi] Look what I have for Mommy. – [Isaac] What is that? – It’s an engagement ring. Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So now we gotta wait for her to come down. You’re gonna hold these for Mommy, okay? Hold ’em like this, look. There, hold ’em. Here, put your arms out like this. Look. – Mommy. – [Kailyn] You did get flowers. They got them for Mommy? – Yeah.
– You did? – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh, thank you so much. Give me kiss. Thank you. – Well, the real reason
why I brought you out here was ’cause this was your childhood, you were raised here, and I felt like this was a part of our
life I wasn’t a part of, so I figured if I came out here, I felt like some way I would
be a part of it forever, ’cause you are my present now, so what I really wanna know is, if you’ll
– Oh my God! – If you will marry me. – Of course. (romantic music) I don’t know what to say, I
don’t know how this works. – Are you happy? – Yeah I’m happy, I’m just like in shock. Isaac, look, look what I got. Is it pretty? – Yes. – And Isaac helped you through all this? – [Javi] He helped me through all of it. We celebrate now. – Ah!
– What’s that? – [Jo] So much for re-using– – Three seconds.
– Wow. Look at the cake.
– Give Daddy kiss. – Aw!
– Aw! – I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I really want Jo and
I to be on better terms. (knocking on door) Come in. – Wanna go inside.
– Outside. – [Kailyn] Hi, booger. You wanna go play?
– Yeah. – [Kailyn] Yeah. – Oh no, what a mess. – How was Isaac’s birthday
party with your family? – We had a blast. – Good. Was Vee at the party? – Yep. – Why do you say it like that? – Told you she might be. – The thing that concerns
me about your girlfriend is that I don’t ever want her thinking that she’ll ever be number one, and I don’t want her thinking that she can be some mother
figure in Isaac’s life. That’s my main concern.
– That’s fine. Like, I don’t even know why
you’re even think about that. Like I don’t know how many times– – ‘Cause she’s over there,
and she spends time with him, and so I’m just letting you
know what my concern is. – I know, but
– It wouldn’t bother me– – I have only said it a million times, like you’re the only mother that he has, like I don’t why I have
to keep telling you– – Do you stress, do you
stress that to her though? Do you tell her?
– She knows that. She’s not trying to be his mother.
– Look. – What’s your situation with Javi? – We’re dating, but
we’re taking things slow, so that’s where we stand. It’s gonna be a little hard for me to keep Isaac interested
in my life and my family, because your family’s so big, and there’s so many people in it, and I’m just scared that he’s
gonna have more fun there and not really wanna be
spending time with me, when he gets older. – Well it shouldn’t, he’s not
gonna not wanna be around you. – Okay, but when he’s older, he’s gonna be able to decide
who he wants to live with, and choose what weekends
he wants to go with who, and it’s just not, I have a feeling he’s just gonna pick to be with
you, ’cause of your family. – I don’t know. – Read it.
– Read it? What do you say? – Please.
– Okay. – I don’t know, I just don’t even, I don’t see that happening by even looking that far to the future. I mean we’re both being here
for him as much as we can so that he does respect us both, and he does wanna be around us both, and that’s the point of it. – But other than that, I
think we’re doing a good job co-parenting for the most part. (soft music) I wouldn’t go that far.
– No? Ow, you missed. – You catch it. – No, you catch it. – No you catch it. – I caught ’em! Isaac, you stink. – I’m so happy I can’t smell right now. – You’re changing his diaper. – No you’re changing it.
– You’re changing it! No. We do rock, paper, scissors. – Alright, let’s do it. Ready? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
– Shoot. – Rock, paper, scissors shoot.
– I shoot. – Oh my God, no, re-do, re-do, re-do.
– No, there’s no re-dos. – [Kailyn] I have him all
weekend, you can change one. – No, you can’t take this back when we did this fair and square, rock, paper, scissors, okay? This is what co-parenting is all about. (soft music) (Isaac groans)
(Jo laughs) – There you go. (Isaac screams) – [Jo] So how do you
feel about seeing Kailyn? – I’m not bothered by it or anything, as I would probably have been before. – What did you guys talk about in your little text message conversation? – Well, okay, it says, hi Vee, it’s Kail, I’m coming to see the
place and how my son lives while he’s over there. I want you to know that I’m
trying to put the past behind me and move forward with you. Hoping that this will all be
a step in the right direction, so that all four of us
can be there for Isaac. – Sounds reasonable I guess. – [Vee] Yeah, I had to
look out the window, to see if Hell wasn’t (bleep) freezing over.
– Freezing over, yeah. – And like if pigs were flying. (laughs) I asked her if she wanted
to do dinner or something. – [Jo] What did she say? – She said she was gonna, she said we were gonna
figure it out when she, when they got here. – Maybe people can really
change, and things can get better.
– I guess. – We can only hope. – Yeah.
– Who knows what’ll happen? – Only one text message, so. – It’s still gonna be a little weird, ’cause.
– Weird. We’ve never been in the same
room together, and like. – [Jo] And any kind of social situation. – Any kind of social situation. We already know how you’re gonna feel. – What, with Javi?
– Yeah. I totally forgot he was coming. – He’s gonna feel more awkward than I am. – I think he’s gonna feel
more awkward than any of us. (soft music) Guess who’s here? Mommy’s here! (Vee laughs) – Hello.
– I was kind of even– – Oh it’s nice in here.
– Hi. – So there’s a problem. – What’s going on?
– What? – We have a missing child. – [Kailyn] Oh we don’t know where he is? – Uh-oh, is he hiding?
– Uh-oh, I think he went to school.
– What’s going on? Oh sorry.
– Mommy! – Hi, what are you doin? What are you doin’, huh? Let’s go see your room, come on. – Well I’m Javi, it’s nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
– Hi, I’m Vee. Nice to finally meet you. Hi, Janito, hi, angel. – Whoa this is a cool room! – He cleaned his room just for you. – [Kailyn] Oh this is Javi by the way. – Oh this is nice, Bubba. – We did pictures for you today. – That’s what you
thought that he just say, he goes, me and Vee. – No, behind you! – Oh no, Isaac, we had
to put them really nice, but this is the dinosaur wall,
– Did you– – And then we’re gonna make
this the sea animals wall. – Oh yeah.
– Shark on this wall? – [Vee] The shark didn’t make it. – Do you love your new room? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – [Isaac] This goes out. – Uh-oh.
– Uh-oh. (Isaac screams) It’s dark, I can’t see.
– Better turn the light back on.
– Oh-no, no. – [Isaac] I can’t see. – [Kailyn] We’re gonna
go in the living room. Here let’s go in the living room. – [Vee] Me too, I’m hungry. – Come here, bud. Be careful, ’cause I’m right here too. Well I like your place,
it’s definitely cute. – Thank you.
– Thanks. Is it better than your old one, or no? – Same.
– To me it is. – How do you feel to be a Daddy? – I thought it was gonna
be a piece of cake, and it’s hard. – You look so cute. – Isaac, are you so happy
that we’re all here? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – Yeah.
– I can tell. Now they have to come to
Delaware and see our house. – We will.
– We will. Did you guys eat or anything? – We didn’t eat at all. [Kailyn] Do you wanna go eat? – We can do that. – Happy meals.
– You guys okay with that? – Yeah.
– Yeah, ’cause I’m starving. Come on, Isaac, we’re gonna go.
– We’re going to eat, we’re going to eat.
– Isaac, you ready? – [Vee] Let me get my coat. – Well, I’m sorry that I
was such an ass (bleep) and I couldn’t make
this all happen sooner. I said I’m sorry I was such an ass (bleep) and I couldn’t make this
all sooner, happen sooner. I shouldn’t even apologize to you, I should apologize to Vee.

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