Hope When Trying to Conceive Fails | Miscarriage, Infertility and God | 1 Samuel 1:8 Bible Devotion

Hope When Trying to Conceive Fails | Miscarriage, Infertility and God |  1 Samuel 1:8 Bible Devotion

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Bible Devotion / Bible Study Hope When Trying to Conceive Fails
Miscarriage, Infertility and God
1 Samuel 1 & James 1 Bible Devotion One author described infertility as “an
insidious monster. It sneaks up on you, taking a bite here, a
nibble there. It feeds on your life, and on your relationships. And if you aren’t careful, it will devour
your marriage.” And do you know what? She’s right. According to reports, couples who can’t
have children are three times more likely to divorce. Anyone who has struggled with infertility
or sustaining a pregnancy knows the emotional weight that gets heaver and heaver as each
every month goes by. In 1 Samuel chapter one, we read of a couple
who have struggled with infertility for many years. The reminder Elkanah tells to his wife, is
invaluable, saying, “Hannah, why do you weep? And why do you not eat? And why is your heart sad? Am I not more to you than ten sons?” The reminder is, we may not have children,
but we have each other. If you, or someone you know is struggling
with infertility, it is essential to remember that we should never become so fixated on
the lack of one blessing, that we forget the multitude of other blessings God has already
given us! Don’t allow your joy dependent on one particular
desire. And don’t allow the love and intimacy of
your marriage to contingent on your ability to conceive. Are things exactly the way you hoped and planned? Maybe not. But life’s greatest adventures, are often
ones we never planned. James 1:17 reminds us that, “Every good
gift and every perfect gift is from above.” For couples who can’t conceive, God may
be saying, you don’t have to give up, but don’t look past the good gifts I’ve already
given you in your marriage to one another, and in your relationship with me. And that’s today’s Bible Munch. If this devotional was encouraging, please
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you to up God’s word, and get munching.

17 thoughts on “Hope When Trying to Conceive Fails | Miscarriage, Infertility and God | 1 Samuel 1:8 Bible Devotion

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  2. That Samuel text was perfect for the topic. This was beautifully done bro.

    "Life greatest adventures are often times the one we never planned." 🙏

  3. Why does gotquestions YouTube channel disable comments? They should be called gotanswers since people can't comment any questions.

  4. This is the story of my life.  I was not able to have children due to infertility and my heart is totally broken and crushed.  It is so hard to understand why God never healed me.  Thank you for speaking on such an important issue.

  5. Thanks Pastor.Very powerful and hearttouching sermon.We were waiting on GOD for many years and GOD remembered us.We are blessed.Please keep us in prayers so tht our preganancy remains viable and healthy through the beautiful 9 months.Amen.

  6. That verse is him literally not understanding that us women need to grieve. Yes I have one baby already, but when I lost this last one its not like I was so ungrateful for my 1st therefore went through pain and loss.

    God is good. This is not all accurate or sensitive like the God is, and I have other blessing but this grief needs to happen and will pass. Redo the message and talk to those of loss first before posting something not all sensitive.

  7. I'm 26, trying to get pregnant, and failing. What bother me is that people constantly asking us when we are going to start a family. Of course, they have no idea that we're already trying and failing month after month, but it hurts every time they say something. Or at work every time I have a headache, a cramp, a craving, exhaustion, and so on they say, "Oh! I bet you're pregnant!" I really do hate it, but without going into my screwed up reproductive system. I just smile and say "Maybe". In addition to the need to tolerate such an attitude constantly, eternal searching of a clinic even more exhausted. Now we are exploring Ukraine. It’s cheaper and distant country Ukraine. I read an article about Biotexcom clinic in Kiev city. Its offers all kind of services in reproductive medicine field for not big sum of money. It has tons of positive reviews from their clients from all over the world. However it has equally lots of pros and cons. I mean Ukraine is a poor country which situated in East Europe. The thought that there was a specific soul for us was waiting out there is the reason we kept trying for two years.

  8. What Elkana says to Hannah doesn't emphazise what you say about "we have each other " Elkana had to marry another woman, Hannah had to watch him go on having sex with her and her parading around his children. I suffer infertility for 3 years, I know that pain, but not at all could I ever imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for her. Hannah shows us how you are ALLOWED to grief, she went before God and she poured her heart out, he blessed her. do not belittle the grief of infertility…we don't forget our blessings, like a wonderful husband, but we are allowed to be sad and come before God to ask for children. after all, it's only natural, and every woman struggeling with infertility did (and God answered every time by giving children)

  9. I get what you’re trying to say, but there is the pain and hurt which needs to be recognised here. Yes, we have an abundance of blessings, but it doesn’t mean the longing doesn’t hurt.

  10. Tough to hear this message. Praying for marriage and children. Not sure either will happen. Getting married might but the longer that takes, the greater the impact on me being able to conceive and give birth. Heavy sigh. Very scared and sad. I love Jesus Christ and the Father. I know all that I am, have, and want is wrapped up in Christ Jesus. But I also want a family of my very own. Does anyone else feel this way or am I all alone?

  11. Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional roller coaster. Especially when you're struggling with infertility. Not getting pregnant when you really want to can cause depression, anxiety and grief. While the ride can be an emotionally difficult one, there are some ways to make it a little easier. The feelings of grief, despair, envy and failure are real, even if you're grieving for a baby you've never conceived. The desire to have a child can become overwhelming for any couple, including those who have had children previously. My psychologist at Bio tex told me and it is so true. Coping with the emotions should be the first thing before going ahead to any other step. Don't ignore your emotions or avoid dealing with them because you feel like you're somehow responsible for being infertile. A healthy life and a healthy pregnancy start with a healthy outlook. Be realistic about what you're feeling. That's the first step to coping. Is it so extraordinary that Yahweh cannot will it to happen? Crafting a divine plan that will alter the history of mankind in one sovereign soul-saving, cosmic shift: bringing forth salvation and hope when there was none? Nothing is too extraordinary for Yahweh. Healing comes to my heart when I least expect it.

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