Hobby Lobby responds to Affordable Healthcare Act mandate on abortion-inducing drugs

Hi. My name is Mandi Broadfoot. I’m a wife,
a new mom, and I’ve been an employee at Hobby Lobby for five years now. Our company was
founded by David Green in 1970 making small picture frames in a garage. We now have over
five hundred stores in forty-one states, and we employ over twenty-two thousand people
across the country. The Green family built Hobby Lobby on biblical principles and their
strong Christian faith and values. So when the federal government’s Health and Human
Services mandate threatened to force them to include abortion-inducing drugs in their health
insurance plan, the Green family felt compelled to file a lawsuit in defense for their religious
freedom. They’re represented in this case by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.
The Green family believes that life begins at conception when an egg is fertilized. FDA
guidelines clearly state that the morning after and week after pill may prevent a fertilized
egg from implanting in the womb. This aborts a fertilized egg. The Green family has no
objection to preventative birth control, and they’ll continue to cover this in their comprehensive
health insurance plan for their employees. Hobby Lobby and the Green family do not wish
to control the actions of their employees, nor do they want to impose their beliefs on
anyone. They respect the religious convictions of all Americans, even those with different
views. They are simply asking for that same respect with regards to their religious freedom.
Religious freedom is one of our most cherished rights as Americans. We hope you agree.
Thank you for listening.

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