Goodwill Haul – Don’t Be Afraid of Secondhand – February 4

Goodwill Haul – Don’t Be Afraid of Secondhand – February 4

completes the statement groups tina brown uh… good to competing act that something you do not too keen microloans business teenager i don’t have that simpson income has again intelligent he to something someone in there clothing allowed people to work allows people to be good will is just
forward older people it’s just for agree close
its carolina misconceptions plant if u lipped pennant races and you
know which you trying to find over here yet another ninety use things in that
differently sununu mind there can be an issue which potential
for it not a month especially if you do a lot of
modification food clothes were i want to try it that we don’t have to come in as much
money and worry about reading something
started salary sushi n some of the things that’s happened
before in hopes that maybe yoko allen sections
finding someone sofa and i’m sure you guess who they
really awesome things like that actually come it first hit skinny jeans
n cantwell brenton quarter airlines but but here i found in the men’s section social cohesion history skinny jeans if we might add is artemis this is a premise salad hot
topic collide thousand fallon could move forward six dollars we normally would pay about five times that at least and hot topic for the mail and just what i read most recent trip a few
days ago i found disappear bright blue a leopard print is miley cyrus next that’s really i don’t like married nightly sentence
for her clothes tend to be really cute and the number we should find a lot of the process of
found holiday times what you’re really into any certain holiday outlines how we got a lot of halloween bijou fighting spirit a few weeks before and especially bright
after to really get prices and then use them
all year if she wants you are just have really good steps to start for student relating part of my favorite things that i found
this year for our youth defendant really awesome nurse for us to with the little hannah and it came with a really cool by child expect to occur and then you
can fish nets for three dollars all of that which is really awesome and when and phones disarm some twenty five a share whatever cool which he takes his leave tensely yes it’s really really comfortable and this lease are really cool textured
and i’ve actually had teacher asked me if i cut my taxes done which is really quite amusing uh… action is really pretty sweater uh… couple months ago i believe scott ah… percent stitching textiles and selling stunts like this all done sleeves in a
state police leads they really awesome and it’s really saw and i got that for at least to have to
collars and about that opinions comes into the life and itself one of the really big ones
because small in my local every lead the blind i found some really
cool things uh… pgp disclosure but you really amusing ever that
sometimes on the weekends and stuff and more this one that’s just lightly emilio another halloween line and that’s causing a lot of batson pumpkins gravestones and she said she required another if you can see it very well but i really like that and that’s really
cool i think that morning that morning to you conference on believe complaint seriously think
sweaters pay to work for you india people or older becomes when i think it’s really cute
because all of them are little kid ghosts and then there’s a real ghost
on the end moved and that was two-and-a-half like the other hand i
think i believe all sliders at mega collection
and a half dollars then the t-shirts and that team dollar-and-a-half two dollars if she’s
so she finds you really like if he wants them menopause i found a really nice pleaser is here and and it’s really see you i don’t know how well you can see i
think it’s a really shield but i believe they are four and a half dollars for any please
there at my local goodwill you know how much they are across the
country and from old i don’t know if in this country for the destroyers can
you really think that it’s this one right school medusa seeing that schools this school serpents phone service across the back and obviously isn’t
stuff quickly balloon uh… but that’s really not so that i
actually got down on sale for fifty cents and something you should always always
always look at it soars especially good knowledge she does expecially if you’re really excited
slate i have really small fee to look for boys use in
a really big feet to look for girls she is and where any men’s andy ten women’s searching the hardest and she was
standing right but it could not attend to find a lot
more than a few absolutely anywhere else for prom last year i got my shoes they are brand new my size paris hilton and i got those for twelve dollars and they are beautiful in perfect condition another normally a hundred dollars care hollow because i see a really cool congress a
got some of the the devil the pets blue and green i don’t think
you can see that blue and green and said that separate layered pierce caterpillar’s forward chew marks geezer coverage too they should be lakeberg like this porter falls over and have little opposed by the science they’re really
cute with the fact of the incense balladares my first runner pair of college converse which are
really cool part one it matched my hair for a long time because my hair was operable for three or four months behind one of my
favorite she finds the end is migrating combat boots it got really awesome dragons
embroidered on the sides and they fit me perfectly they have no
size on the muscle interpret defending critically and uh… they are frankie chan crayons i really really liked us though in those
first four dollars for votes so he never know what you’re going
trying if you look interest or irs and goodwill pins seasoning and sort of second hand things
can be your absolute favorites then you should be afraid it right or at
least look ncp contents and the like keys you can spend a lot less person in the u and absolutely love
because he found it yourself not because they were five of them on that

12 thoughts on “Goodwill Haul – Don’t Be Afraid of Secondhand – February 4

  1. i have two really good ways that i have used for oversized shirts: they're a favorite find of mine. i will be sure to make DIY videos for both in order to actually show you both!!
    1. Cutoff tanktops: i prefer to only cut out the sleeves and down a bit into the sides.
    2. off-the-shoulder: this one is quite simple and extremely cute.
    I'll make those videos top priority and get them up ASAP for you!! can't let that pink floyd shirt go to waste. c;

  2. i went back yesterday and found a tie dye shirt, a rasta peace sign shirt, a taking back sunday shirt, & a from first to last shirt. c; i win

  3. I know I really don't know what to look for at goodwill, but u got a lot of pretty clothes from there!!! Super adorable (^_^)/

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