Giant Chocolate Egg + Beach + Pregnant

So we’re walking to the beach because it’s Easter and We wanted to get out of the apartment Next time we’re at the beach. Olivia is gonna be here Did you think of that? Oh, that’s true. She is traveling to America in 2 weeks. You guys can see like today the water is really low because of the “Marea” I don’t know how to say it. Tide By that he means that there’s a low tide so the water doesn’t reach all the way up People usually plays soccer at the beach and volleyball You can’t see it but down there there’s like a small little river of dirty polluted water That has poop.. And the first time I I went there I was jumping in the water and he didn’t tell me anything until afterwards You shouldn’t put your feet in there Yeah, so that is enough exercise for today we walked for like thirty minutes which seemed like a lot more. Now we’re just gonna go back home Haha you thought it wouldn’t open. So now we’re just gonna wash our feet we’re gonna go back upstairs, that’s it that is what we’re gonna do for Easter 2019 featuring baby Olivia “Your belly button” Denice is gonna shower here So I’m back to the apartment But I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about how Easter is slightly different than what it is in the u.s They don’t do the egg cracking instead of that. They just gift chocolate to each other So I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys the chocolate that I received. I got like this giant egg So it’s just like a giant chocolate egg with the little chocolates inside and I got this bag But I’m not gonna move because then that ears are gonna flop down. I didn’t really wear makeup Do my hair or anything because we just stayed here. There’s really no reason to do that if we’re at the beach Do you guys know what we have here?

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