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hi guys! welcome back to my channel. if
you are new here– I’m joy and I help photographers grow profitable and
thriving businesses through videos here on YouTube every single week, so if
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out on videos that come out every single week! we are in week 2 of our Instagram
convert your followers into clients series. if you haven’t seen the first
video you do not want to miss out I will link it here. I’ll put it down below- basically just make
sure it’s easy for you to find! but essentially, those first 4 tips are
going to be absolutely foundational for converting your audience on Instagram (even if it’s a small audience) into paying customers so you can start making
more money in your photography business. so go back and watch that and then come
back and watch this video we’ve already talked about building trust posting
consistently having a clear aesthetic making sure that it’s easy for them to
contact you and a clear call-to-action. now I want to talk to you about another
tip that I have which is to have systems and processes in place so that when a
client or prospective client does contact you you’re ready to serve them
and wow them because what’s interesting is if you’re not ready to handle the
influx of inquiries you’re probably not going to be able to serve them in the
way that you’re imagining oh if I had all these clients I would make all this
money it’d be so wonderful I could leave my day job you know so on and so forth
and that’s why I want to challenge you to have your processes your proposals
your contracts your invoices everything ready and laid out not only are you
going to be able to respond to them much quicker because you have all of your
contracts your invoices your templates emails your setup on the back end but
you’re going to look more professional you can probably garner higher prices
you’re just going to be more efficient in general and not have to live on the
computer either if you have all this stuff figured out and saved as templates
now the easiest way I found to do this is to have a CRM so client relationship
management software and the CRM that I love and use is honey book I’ve talked a
lot about honey book you can try it for free for 30 days I think and get 50% off
your first year if you use my link below but I will tell you this is a
game-changer and this is how I’ve become way more efficient they even have an app
where if I get an inquiry when I’m on the go I can just hit yep I’m interested
throw them my response email and they get an instant reply with a brochure and
information and it just makes me look so professional whereas before I had to
write all this stuff out manually or I had to copy and paste my templates and I
was just not as efficient so my biggest tip for you guys is that in order to
really convert these clients that you’ve been growing trust with and nurturing
over on Instagram you have to be ready with systems and processes over on the
back end of your business so that is a huge tip the next tip that I have for
you guys for Instagram and how you can convert that audience is to cultivate a
sense of community so I find that one of the easiest ways to build community is
to use the story features where you can ask questions you can pull your audience
you can have them vote you can show behind the scenes and this really starts
getting them engaged in your stories more than them just watching so lots of
people are gonna just watch but there’s going to be a select few people that
really start to engage with what you’re doing they’re gonna write back they’re
gonna interact and that’s your chance to interact back to create a sense of
community and for them to feel like they actually know you so you’re breaking
down that wall between them feeling like they just follow you and that they
actually know you and that they have a relationship with you and another way to
do this is to save a lot of those stories and things all that content that
you create that you pour a lot of time into into your highlights so save those
highlights so that when people come to your Instagram profile in the future and
they’re finding you for the very first time they’re able to go back and
re-watch a lot of this stuff and see that you do talk with your community you
do respond to your DMS and that you have this back and forth in your highlights
so that’s a really valuable way that you can do that and not lose everything that
you’ve created in your stories after 24 hours the next way I like to convert my
followers to actual clients is to offer something exclusive only to your
Instagram followers we’ve just like we were talking about with building a
community you want them to feel this sense of reward for being a part of your
community where they get this friends and fan
only perk of either a percentage off or a first dibs on your best dates or maybe
it’s a giveaway but basically if you’re offering something where you’re thanking
them for being a part of your Instagram tribe the way to reward them and
potentially convert them into a paying customer lastly I want to say that you
have to take risks and put yourself out there you can’t hide behind your
pictures sometimes you have to show your face
this might mean going live and that could be kind of scary to hear but
you’re not going to get any further doing the same things that you’re
constantly doing and just saying oh I don’t know why my Instagram is not
growing you have to take risks and you have to experiment and try new things
something that worked for someone else might not necessarily work for your
audience your brand your offering on your account
so really it’s ultimately up to you to try some of these things out create
better content post it consistently and most importantly measure those results
see where people are engaging most see what polls or behind the scenes do best
with your audience maybe lifestyle isn’t interesting to
them but they love to see educational posts or maybe they are not interested
in educational posts and they like entertainment posts so you can just
start to experiment and post something one day something the next day and see
which gets the most interaction but the most important thing is really that
you’re testing and you’re trying and you’re recording what you’re doing so
that you can modify and adjust your track as you go so I want to hear from
you what is one tip that you learned in this video series that you’re going to
be implementing on your Instagram feed leave it in the comment section below
and I will see you guys next week bye guys
you you

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