Gandhi Udyan Bareilly

Gandhi Udyan Bareilly

Good Morning Friends this is Vineet and you are watching youtube channel Vlogger Vineet Today we are at the amusement park of my city Bareilly. And we also know this park as Gandhi Park. Come friends lets go inside and see what type of park is this and what we can see inside it. So friends keep watching this video. Friends as you can see that this is the entrance of this park. and its time to move inside it. so friends as you can see behind me its the main park and it is crowded with peoples mostly in morning and in evening. mostly Joggers and students visit this park so lets move ahead and see as you can see here there are quotations written on these pillars around this park. My friends this is Gandhi Park. its covered with granite flooring and here in the middle of this structure is our national flag and here is the Pillar of King Ashoka. that is printed on Indian Currency. watch this this is Pillar of King Ashoka. and friends as you can see in front is the second entrance gate of this park. this park is well maintained and looks beautiful mostly peoples do their meetings in this park. ok friends lets move ahead ok friends this is the other location of this park as you can see behind me its a jogging path. and these green plants are looking excellent. and this is a place for children swings this is the main gait entrance and they are children swings. watch this……… this area is well maintained and covered with steel railing. Hey friends can you this behind me. there are so many steel frames basically these frames are fix around the plants so that no one can harm the tree or plant. see how beautiful they are So friends as you know that i am in a park and here i meet Mr. Rajan Masy and Akhil Rajpoot and they are playing guitar here. lets take a look …… ” Yoga Shade ” Father of the Nation of India Statue, ” Mahatma Gandhi ” and friends here i meet Mr. Sawan Jaiswal from Herbal Life Company. and he wants to give you information about the company. Hello friends this is Sawan Jaiswal from Herbal Life Company. this company is nearly 38 years old. and is an American Company. Herbal Life has many products like Nutrition Shake In this growing world we know that every thing that we eat is not pure. we are not getting proper minerals and vitamins in our food. Dose this company has product in powder form or liquid form. Yes Herbal Life has a Shake and Protein Powder also. This powder is made of 72 types of Vegetables extract. This is a ready made supplement to get proper minerals, salts and vitamins. And we can maintain our body after consuming this product. So friends what a good knowledge he has given to us. Friends can you see this wall behind me this wall is decorated with different type of stone on it. and it is fixed with cement on this wall. just take a look Ok these rocks are fixed with the help of cement and its looking very beautiful look at this i think its granite stone. and the same design is on the other side. and here in the bottom is a little pond type design. There must be clean water in it but now it is filled with trash. So friends as you see This is a Gandhi Park of Bareilly. and me and my friend Mr. Rajeev visit this park and its time to go back to our home. So friends i hope that you like this video. i will try to continue to make more interesting videos Do not forget to subscribe you tube channel Vlogger Vineet press the bell icon, comment your opinion about this video, and do not forget to share and like this video.

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  1. दोस्तों वीडियोस को लाइक और शेयर ज़रूर करें और कमेंट भी भेजते रहे मैं सभी कमैंट्स के जवाब ज़रूर देता हु.
    आपके लाइक करने से मेरा हौसला बढ़ता है.

  2. भैया मुझ आप से कुछ जानकारी लेनी है कैसे संपर्क कर सकता हु आपसे

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your day with us! Anyways, I've subbed. I make travel videos myself, if you enjoy that kind of thing. Let's stay connected?

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