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I always even as a child had a real sense of injustice when things were happening I saw image one of those graphic abortion images that everybody is so offended that stuck with me our country doesn’t really know what’s happening doesn’t care and it’s the human rights violation of our time and you’re a woman yes you’re not like a woman hater what has surprised me the most is just the amount of messages we get from post abortive women who are wrecked there’s just so many of them so when we speak about this there actually is compassion for women who’ve had abortions because it validates even their pain around it the way that they do it now for the late term is they inject the heart with the poison that will kill the baby first and then they start dilating the cervix this is a very dangerous procedure also now so much of what you just said there is so incredibly offensive it’s so many of these words that they’re honest and they’re shooting but people are not willing to say them yeah which is why you’re working so revolutionary welcome back to the show there are a few topics in Canada as taboo emotional and full of misinformation on the topic of abortion understanding the abortion issue that is today’s topic here’s a quick quiz for you to test your knowledge level abortion is legal up to nine months pregnancy in Canada true or false true an unborn child has human rights when it is reasonably expected to survive outside the mother’s body on its own true or false false a child actually has no rights until it has fully proceeded from the mother’s body regardless of its developmental level the current abortion law was debated and passed in Canada decades ago by parliament true or false false no law on abortion currently exists in Canada the Supreme Court struck down all laws in 1988 and told Parliament to make a new one and they have not yet been able to do it in the absence of a law anything-goes Canada is the only Western nation that has no laws on abortion true or false true most women in Canada who have abortions do so of their own initiative and choice true or false false studies have shown that over half of post-abortive women say that their decision was heavily pressured and in some cases bullied by boyfriends parents and other authority figures most say they would have kept their baby if they simply had had more support are you surprised by some of this well most Canadians actually are that’s why the work of our guest today is so revolutionary Laura Clausen is the founder and director of choice for – which works to dispel myths around abortion in Canada by creating witty short videos one of their most recent videos magical birth canal sent shockwaves through the internet world going viral in just a few days it was also featured on several international news sites Laura is here today to discuss her work and help us all understand exactly where Canada is on this issue so looking forward to today’s conversation so let’s get to it there’s a body inside my body hashtags pregnant I think that now is the perfect time to address my body my choice the problem with this catchy little phrase is that it’s wrong because science I’m gonna get really scientific on you for a second so bear with me my body does not have two heads four arms or 20 toes just saying if I were to get an abortion right now I wouldn’t be aborting my own body I’d be aborting the body inside my body but don’t worry I’m not suggesting that we ditch this little saying altogether let’s not be extreme I’m suggesting that we update it to reflect reality instead of my body my choice what we should be saying is our body is my choice because when you’re pregnant as the larger stronger body it’s totally up to you of happens to the smaller weaker body inside your body because that’s fair that’s what human rights are all about so there you go our bodies my choice it might not sound is nice but at least it’s accurate oh I just got hit but my third foot that did my uterus Media girl meets media girl let’s let’s do this thanks for being in the hot seat today I’ve really been looking forward to this one because you know I personally over the Earth’s have been so alarmed by the misinformation around the issue of abortion and also the inability for us as a nation sometimes to just have a rational conversation about the topic so let’s try to do that okay so choice for to tell us about your organization you’re actually the founder of it is that correct and how did you get started in this vein okay so choice for two is a pro-life Canadian organization that has two main goals the first is to educate the public about the current situation in Canada regarding abortion and also to bring awareness to the value and the humanity of babies inside the womb because Canada doesn’t recognize fetuses as human beings and as a matter of fact I remember a few years ago there was talk about this in Parliament because the current definition of a human in Canada is actually based on a 400 year old definition for such result so this is like how not we’ll heed to have this conversation right we’ve kind of yes yeah you’re not a human being until you have proceeded from your mother’s body that’s what makes you human according to the legal definition yes yes of course so that’s the first goal of choice for – and the second goal is to reach out to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy to connect them with their local resources so that they are able to choose life yeah so it started I mean I guess I always even as a child had kind of a real sense of injustice so when things were happening it just really bothered me and things like the Holocaust I was just really interested in it and just to see how something like that could even take place like how did that happen and then when I was a young child I saw image of like one of those graphic abortion images that everybody is so offended but not everybody but a lot right yeah yeah so I saw one of those and that stuff with me and that stuck with me until I started choice for two because I realized how many babies were being killed and that our country doesn’t really know what’s happening doesn’t care and it’s the human rights violation of our time I think in our country and I think we should be doing something about it yeah and you’re a woman yes you’re not like a woman hater I get called a woman hater a lot but yeah I don’t hate women yeah well it’s so interesting that you say that about how those graphic images actually impacted you because I remember for me there was this video called the silent scream that was like all the rage in the 70s I think it was are the 80s and I remember seeing it and just being so impacted it was actually an ultrasound video of an abortion happening and just being like you know and so but the fact that we’re not willing to even look at those images now or talk about this why do you think people are just so unwilling to go there I think that for a lot a lot of it is that they don’t want to offend women who have had abortions that’s part of why people don’t even want to touch the topic it’s just too much like they just don’t maybe they don’t care I’m not sure they don’t see babies in the womb as being human beings so it’s not even an issue to a lot of people well I want to go back to the women who’ve been impacted by abortion or who’ve had abortions because in my experience most women who have had abortions are pretty wrecked by it at some level yeah and not I’m not gonna say all I’m not gonna you know draw that statement but um you know and I’m finding that women that I meet with are telling me listen we want a voice we want you know where where was my right to know how this was gonna impact me where was my right to know how this was gonna impact my mental health or the suicide stats with women who’ve had abortions so what do you know so when we speak about this there actually is compassion for women who’ve had abortions because it validates even their pain around it which is real yeah that’s not a fallacy is there anything that that’s been my experience have you experienced for sure that’s I think what has surprised me the most about starting choice for two is just amount of messages we get from post abortive women who are wrecked as you say and who are searching for help and that’s another thing that we would we do is we refer women to post abortive counseling organizations there’s just so many of them and they’re told you know our society makes it seem like abortion is the consequence-free choice you know you just go and have this little procedure you’re gonna come out it’s gonna be done you know your life will go back to as it was before and it doesn’t because in reality a woman has chosen to end the life of her own child and that’s a lot of guilts to carry around for the rest of your life mm-hmm and no matter what the headlines say you know maybe not every woman would agree with what you just said there but there’s enough women in Canada that actually do that after they had the abortion procedure they say something like I wish I would have known or I realized that yeah she was a real living you know and even in Canada right now we’re seeing women having abortions at 22 weeks to 20 to 30 weeks or further where a child is fully be viable outside the womb yeah and have you encountered any women that have gone that far yeah yeah it’s just it’s unbelievable what’s going on and people don’t know I remember this story a little while back this woman in Toronto she went to get her abortion and the way that they do it now for the late term is they inject the heart with the poison that will kill the baby first and then they start dilating the cervix so at that point there’s there’s no way to change your mind so she had done that first part and then you’re supposed to come back a day or two later to have the fetus extracted and before so when she came up from having the first part done she went next door to the pregnancy care center that is there and just felt like she’d done something awful and was just talking through with them and they suggested to her that she finished the procedure at the hospital rather than a clinic because this is a very dangerous procedure also and they were saying you shouldn’t actually be doing this type of thing in a clinic so she went to the hospital to have the procedure so if she’d gone to finish it the abortion clinic they would have whisked it away she would have never seen her baby at the hospital she asked them to see and she took a picture of her baby and you know it’s a baby it was you know quite large and she was just destroyed because the abortion clinic had told her you know it’s just a blob it’s not even gonna look like anything and it you know that’s a huge lie right so that’s just one example of that raising now so much of what you just said there is so incredibly offensive you know the word poison injection into their heart you know the life like so many of these words that they’re honest and they’re shooting but people are not willing to say them yeah which is why you’re working so revolutionary because you’re just stirred it up so I want to go right now actually to one of your most recent videos that you’ve put out there called magical birth canal you know those things to send shockwaves through the internet world and then we’re gonna come back and talk about this particular clip right after this human rights you may think you’ve always had yours but you would be wrong so how did you get your human rights from the magical birth canal of course disclaimer birth canal is not the size of an actual birth canal just saying before the baby or fetus is born it is not a human being clearly but as it passes through the birth canal something amazing happens that transforms it into a person with human rights observe not a person not a person not a person coming out the other end in person human rights congratulations you now have value yet say the same for this one so what exactly happens in the birth canal that causes this a magical transformation no one knows but popular scientific theories include fair aliens for pork a mini Big Bang no human rights human right no human rights human rights make sense Thanks magical birthday now science logic magic human rights what if it’s a c-section okay well whether you agree with that video or not it’s funny as well great script is hilarious so not hilarious but you know I mean in terms of production so what was the response that you got after you released that video so yeah we got a lot of response from pro-lifers picking it up and sharing it because they liked it it didn’t get as much hate as our first one did but I think that in your first one being body inside my body yes okay which addressed the whole my body my choice thing which people really had an issue with this one we were just pointing out that you don’t become a human being legally in our country until you have fully exited the birth canal which is true so we just wanted to show how ridiculous that is so a lot of people actually couldn’t even believe that was true and wrote like urine and when you say people Diaz Canadians or worldwide worldwide attention on this one which is really cool but yeah so people didn’t even believe that it was true and they’d write stuff like you’re an idiot how can you believe this and then they’d come back and be like oh like I looked it up and it’s actually true like yeah yeah and so where do you go from here well our next video we’re recording very soon and it is addressing no uterus no say okay so that’s one of the things about the whole abortion debate you know pro-choicers like to say that men can’t even have an opinion on the issue because it’s a women’s rights issue and it’s not it’s a human rights issue so we wanted to put this video just to encourage men to say you know don’t sit down shut up about this this is a human rights issue and you should be standing up for it alongside all of the women that are already yeah and it’s also just validating the fact that this impacts not just women yes men who regret their lost fatherhood I’ve heard men say that as well yeah now I want to double back to something that you said before we went to the clip and that was about the resources that you provide because I’ve heard over and over again that most women say that they would have chosen to keep their babies yeah full term if they just simply had more emotional support but also practical support you know one of our friends Justin Bieber’s mom you know like her story you know like she she didn’t necessarily have emotional support and she talks about that in her book but she had practical support that enabled her to bring Justin to full term and it’s so important you know and so what do you do in that regard can you point us to your website and and I’m talking people will find there okay so choice for to calm it’s choice for T to calm and yeah Canada’s largest database of so the pregnancy care centers the maternity homes the adoption agencies and the post-abortion counseling we have everything on there and and I’ve heard people that work in this field in Canada say that your site is the most comprehensive it’s the best in Canada right now yeah yeah yeah because we went through the reason we made it is because something like that didn’t exist yeah so we made it when a woman becomes pregnant unintentionally and she’s looking for help she goes onto the Internet and the abortion clinics are very good at advertising themselves so if you search for unplanned pregnancy or I’m pregnant now what UPS gonna pop the abortion clinics so we thought hey we need to get in there and show that there are other options and so that’s what we’ve been doing reaching women online Wow in saving lives is amazing that’s so amazing how has the Canadian media been responding to your work in serving women in this way but also the media pieces right zero like the first time you videoed in Canada yeah so waivable yes it’s been on in the States and even in the UK okay and and we’re not talking just Christian media like right mainstream media is picking up what you’re doing yeah but the Canadian context is pretty silent right well what an honor to have really excited so if people want to watch the videos share the videos with their friends again where do they just go to choice for to calm or can they find me on youtube yeah they can find us everywhere so in YouTube Twitter Facebook Instagram that’s amazing amazing Laura now as we begin to close we just got about a minute left here I’m wondering if you have anything from your heart that you would like to say to our leaders in Canada on this issue yeah I mean this is an issue that needs to be addressed it can’t just be pushed down as it has been up until now as you mentioned in 88 they said that they would be revisiting making a law and they have not it’s successful and actually passing yeah it’s ridiculous that abortion is on demand until the moment of birth at taxpayer expense yes is ridiculous and I’d also like to say to women like our society tells women that they’re not strong enough to keep a baby if their situation is not perfect and I would argue that is so not true and I know so many women who’ve risen to the occasion and have actually improved if not saved their own lives by choosing life for their children Wow well Laura thank you so much thank you for resourcing women who are facing and unplanned pregnancies thank you for your work at it exposing the misinformation around this issue and I just want to speak to those of you out there right now that might be facing an unplanned pregnancy or might know of somebody that is you know I’m a mother of two and I want to say it has been the greatest privilege of my life and it’s a hard job it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do but you can do it and if you need help you can feel free to contact us at faith teen TV go-to choice for 2.com there are people all across this nation that would be so happy and honored and eager to help you in your current situation thank you so much Laura for being here with us today hope to have you back can’t wait to see your next video the moment I found out I was pregnant was Wow extremely overwhelming I have never been so scared in my entire life I just felt sick to my stomach like what am I gonna do and I felt really alone and I was really scared of telling my family and I felt ashamed to admit that I was pregnant I’m only 22 and I have dreams and ambitions and I really felt in that moment that all of that was gone so I I contacted my local maternity home and I got an interview to come in and see the home see what it’s about I was angry you know someone who I didn’t even know was telling me you know it’s gonna be okay you could like have this child and I’m on the other end saying no like this wasn’t what I wanted this was not planned this is my body in my choice and I felt that because the situation that I was in the only option was for me to have an abortion and that’s what I was gonna do and I was that was gonna be my choice I had booked my appointment in everything I had it set and this woman kept saying no your million your child has a purpose and a meaning and this baby has a life it’s not just your life it’s this child’s life and those words stuck with me I woke up one day and I felt that what she said was right this child has a purpose and the meaning and I’m pregnant for a reason you know and I didn’t know what the future would hold with this baby but I felt that I couldn’t go forth with having an abortion and terminating my pregnancy and essentially killing this baby that I wouldn’t be able to come to terms with it afterwards so I decided to choose life and keep my child because she’s worth it my baby is worth it you know and aside from what I’m going through or if my boyfriend’s in the picture or not in the picture or whatever it may be that we’re gonna make it and I’m gonna make it this child’s gonna make it my daughter Rodney Grace she has changed my life for the better she is literally the definition of her name she has brought back that piece and the calmness into my life and I would not be Who I am today if I did not keep her when I hold her and I look at her and I think about what could have been and I almost made the choice of not keeping her I just I can’t I’m so thankful that she’s here today and that I chose life if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy I think what’s really important to understand is that your life is not over so the dreams you had or things you want to accomplish you could still have and do but it just may look different and it’s probably gonna be more challenging but it’s worth it make a choice you can both live with choose life hi there my name is Faye teen Grizz esky and I want to share with you about a simple but very powerful initiative so powerful that it has the ability to actually save lives it’s called no not this one Canada but know that this one is is a network where we receive tips from crisis pregnancy centers or individuals across the nation when a woman is considering an abortion these tips come in and then we shoot them out to an amazing committed group of intercessors we shoot them up by email or by text and when these intercessors receive these alerts they then begin to rumble they begin to pray and say no not this one God God would you spare this precious child would you move upon the heart of this mother to choose life instead of death would you cause a support system to be raised up around her so that she would have options towards life instead of being pressured towards death and you know what’s amazing is we have heard so many stories of women who have gone into abortion clinics planning on committing and abortion yet they had a change of heart because somebody was praying for them somebody was lifting up their name before the throne of grace and they walked out of that abortion clinic decided not to abort their baby and have never regretted it and so we want to invite you to be a part of this initiative going forward you can sign up at the justice wall com it’s justice wall dot-com and once you sign up you will immediately begin receiving these alerts as we receive them by email or text please join us in saving lives through this is Jonathan Jonathan is a man Jonathan has no say about what happens to tiny humans before they’re born because Jonathan does not have a uterus just saying just like with any human rights violation if you’re not directly involved then you can’t have an opinion kick slavery for example are you a slave Jonathan are you a slave owner do you think slavery is wrong so obviously when it comes to the treatment of tiny humans in the room unless you have a uterus or you’re a tiny human living in a uterus you can’t have an opinion I know makes sense right this works out well because tiny ceilings in the room can’t voice their opinion they’ll figure it out if you don’t have one of these bad boys girls when it comes to killing tiny humans before they’re born and besides men don’t have anything to do with reproduction through the Faye teen show we’re tackling issues influencing our nation’s future like freedom of conscience racism poverty the debt human trafficking abortion democracy and much more if you missed a show you can watch anytime at f– a teen TV or on youtube we hope to see you there we love Canada that’s why we do this show we love Canada and we want to see it strong for generations to come we can’t do it alone though as a non-profit production this show is made possible by the generous donations of people who care who care about the issues that are shaping canada’s future when you partner you are helping us keep at it not only that but your contribution also helps us mobilize prayer for Canada hosts national equipping events fight for women and children in need and do outreaches to the poor we would be so grateful if you would stand with us by becoming a monthly partner or sending a special gift today every bit makes a huge difference visits 18 TV our call six one three five five two five five seven two when you partner with us not only are you partnering with a television show that is talking to Canadians about important issues from a unique perspective but you are also partnering with national prayer initiatives equipping events assistance and outreaches to the poor rescuing women from the sex trade and child sponsorship in several third world nations thank you so much for your support it really makes a difference

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